Yo Instagram APK (Official) Download Latest Version For Android 2021

Yo Instagram Apk-  Today, almost each and every person uses Instagram, to share and upload their posts, videos and stories. But most of us do not like the present functioning of the basic or official Instagram app much.

I mean everyone wants to change their Instagram themes, download posts and stories and even see profile pictures or DPs of other Instagram users. But this is not possible to do with official Instagram. However, with so many mods of Instagram available today that offers lots of amazing and exciting features, user can easily switch to them to get all the feature which the official Insta lacks in. Out of so many mods, YoInstagram is one of them. In this article, we’ll be talking about Yo Instagram, how to download, features, and more.

What is Yo Instagram Apk?

In basic version of Instagram, users can upload their photos, videos and stories, but it is not possible for them to download anything.

YoInstagram is one of the most popular mod available from where we can download and save anything by using its app. Most important is that it consists of so many amazing features that we can enjoy without any issues. Also, it is available for free of cost too.

Download Latest Version Yo Instagram APK For Android
Yo Instagram APK

Further, YoInstagram APK also provides us regular updates to keep the app work smoothly. It provides us with amazing features every time we’ll update. Using this modded version of Instagram will never harm your android devices. Most importantly, this modded version is 100% safe for android users like other modded versions of Instagram including GB Instagram, Instagram plus, OG Instagram, Instagram followers mod apk and Insta Ultra.

Features of Yo Instagram APK

Some of the major highlights of Yo Instagram are as follows :-

 ☆Download Instagram posts, stories, and videos.

 ☆Copy Instagram comments.

 ☆Copy bio.

 ☆See stories secretly.

 ☆See messages secretly, without replying. 

 ☆Apply different themes. 

 ☆Upload full size images and videos. 

 ☆Zoom in and zoom out photos. 

 ☆Download others user’s DP or profile picture. 

 ☆Forward videos, i.e. directly watch the part you wish to.

Most Important Features  of Yo Instagram

Another best features of YoInstagram are as follows:

Download photos and videos:

You can’t download posts and videos that your friend or any other person has posted from the basic version of Instagram. But by downloading YoInstagram APK, you can easily and simply download particular photo or a video by just simply taping on the download option.

Download Instagram stories:

Main reason for which most of the users are downloading YoInstagram is to save or download stories of other Instagram users. As other uploads posts and videos, it stays on their profile for life time but stories get disappeared after 24 hours. But there are many users who want to download those stories in their phone library to see it anytime they want. And with Yo Instagram, it is completely possible. Not only this, one can also share it with everyone on other social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. You just have to simply open the story of the particular account and click on the download button on the story screen.

View full size profile picture or DP and download :

We all know this very well that we cannot see full size profile pictures or DPs of other users. But don’t be upset, YoInstagram provides us with this amazing feature as well through which we can see full size DP and even download them, no matter you follow them or not. You have to just long tap on the respective profile picture.

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Forwarding IGTVs, Videos &  Stories:

One more most amazing feature of YoInstagram is that now onwards you don’t have to watch full length videos and stories again and again to watch your favourite part in that. With Yo Insta, you can easily forward videos and stories to directly watch the part you want to.

Watch stories and messages secretly:

And here comes another remarkable feature of YoInstagram APK, that it allows you to track someone secretly and does not let them know that you have watched their stories.

Also, same goes in DMs when someone has sent you a messages but you don’t want to reply them. In this case, you can read their messages without letting them know that you have already read the messages. It will be shown as unread to the person who has sent you message.

How It Is Different From Instagram?

In official or basic version of Instagram, users are allowed only to upload photos, videos, and stories, but it is not possible for them to download anything. But with Yo Insta, there is nothing like that. In other words, we can say that YoInstagram comes as a solution to these problems of users.

Also, you can use two Instagram accounts for business and personal activities on the same device which is not possible in official or basic version of Instagram.

There are lots of other remarkable features of YoInstagram which makes it superior in terms of features in comparison to the official Instagram i.e. you can copy comments and bio, watch stories and messages secretly, apply different themes, viewing full size profile pictures and many more, which you all know are not available on official Instagram.

But the only point in which YoInstagram lacks behind from official Instagram is that it is not available on Google play store. But on the other hand official Instagram can be found every where.

Why Should You Use YoInstagram Apk ?

YoInstagram is one of the most popular and best Instagram mod available with lots of latest and amazing features. It provides its users with tons of exciting features that official Instagram lacks in providing to them. The main purpose of YoInstagram is to letting the users to download videos, photos, stories and even profile pictures.

And the other reason is that it allows you to use two Instagram accounts on a same device and that too at the same time. Last but not the least, the most important reason for which you should use YoInstagram is that there is no need to root your device to download and install this APK. So, It is totally safe and secure for your android device.

How To Install Yo Instagram Apk on Android?

YoInstagram APK is so easy to download and install. There is no special method to do so. The only thing that you should keep in your mind is that you have to uninstall the basic version of Instagram app first from your android device.

After that you will be able to download and use this YoInstagram APK like other normal apps in your phone. Just follow these simple steps :-

Step 1- Firstly, uninstall the official Instagram app from your android device and allow unknown sources from settings to install the app. This is required so you can easily install apk files without any problem. 

Step 2- Now, you can directly download YoInstagram latest version from the link mentioned below.

YoInstagram APK

Step 3- Open the folder where you have saved the APK file. Tap on the APK and provide all permissions to access device data and don’t be scared it is 100% safe. Then the installation process will start automatically.

Step 4- And at last, go to the YoInstagram app and simply sign in with your username and password as you do with official Instagram.

Latest version of YoInstagram APK

Now, you are completely done with the installation of YoInstagram Apk and that too in just few minutes. Now enjoy all the latest and amazing features of this app.

Is Yo Instagram Safe To Use ?

This is the most important and commonly asked question regarding installation of this app. The users usually face this insecurity before installing YoInstagram APK. But let me tell you, this app is user-friendly and 100% safe and free to use and download.

It is just a modded version of the official Instagram, provided extra and some amazing features. So don’t worry there are so many users who have been using this APK from a long time and have never faced any issue or difficulties regarding its use.

We, at Instamodsapk, don’t encourage anyone to use any type of mods in their device. We have shared this article about Yo Instagram apk to inform and educate the users regarding its features and benefits. You will be solely responsible for any issues that might occur in terms of security and privacy. Even though the app is safe you install, Download it at your own discretion as using any mods of Instagram is against the policy of official Instagram.

FAQs Related to Yo Instagram

Some basic FAQs related to Yo Instagram apk are as follows:

Ques: Does using this YoInstagram will restrict my account?

Answer: Though it’s true that Instagram keep checking and ban on the people who uses the cracked version. But YoInstagram is designed with an anti-ban feature which makes sure that your account will be never restricted or banned.

Ques: Why YoInstagram is not available on Google play store?

Answer: It is true that Yo Instagram is not available on Google Play Store. There are some rules and guidelines set by Google for all the apps who want to get registered on Google play store. But some of the rules set by Google are not fulfilled by the YoInstagram APK and this is the only reason that YoInstagram is not available on Google play store.

Ques: Which mod of Instagram app is best for users ?

Answer: YoInstagram is truly the best version as this modded version of Instagram has many amazing and remarkable features that users don’t get on any other Instagram APK.


Overall YoInstagram APK is one of the most popular and amazing modded version of Instagram. It consists of all that interesting updates and features that every Instagram user requires, but basic version or official Instagram does not allow them to use.

The main purpose of the YoInstagram APK is to give ease in downloading photos, videos, stories and even profile pictures of other Instagram users. This app also allows us to apply different themes. Moreover, there is no need to root your device to download and install this APK. So, it is totally safe and secure for your android device.

Hope you’ve installed the apk and enjoy all the benefits that this amazing app has to offer to its users. If you have any query related to this article or having any issues related to the app or its installation, you can ask us about the same via the comment section below. We’ll solve it as soon as possible. You can also install Yo Instagram for PC.

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