How to Watch Instagram Stories on Computer- 5 Simple Steps

Some people use their laptops very much just like they uses their mobile phones. And carry their laptops along with them, everywhere they go like office or while traveling in metro. So for relaxing their minds and to lower the stress and burden of their work they use their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp in between their work on their laptops only.

So if you are one of them and don’t know how to watch Instagram stories on your PCs. Then today I will guide you properly step by step in brief that how you can view stories of others through your laptops or computers.

Using Instagram on laptops and computers provides us many of the features that we also use on Instagram application of our mobile phones. Viewing stories is also one of them. Viewing Instagram Stories on your laptops or computers is very much similar to that of viewing it on mobile application. 

The main difference is that when we open Instagram on our mobile, all the stories are shown to us at the top of our homepage but on your laptops and computers you will find stories on the right side when you will login to you Instagram account.

Simple Steps to Watch Instagram Stories In Computer- InstaModsAPK

How to watch Instagram stories on computer?

Following are the steps through which you can easily watch anyone’s Instagram story using your computer or laptop:

STEP:1 Open the web browser of your computer or a laptop and visit the official website of Instagram.

STEP:2 On the homepage of your Instagram account, you will find the column of stories on the right side, under your profile picture.

STEP:3 To watch the story of a particular person you can scroll down the bar using the mouse. And then find that user with the help of it’s username and profile photo.

STEP:4 Once you find the user just click on it and you will be able to view his/her story. Also if you want to watch all the stories in a row, then you can click on the “watch all” option present at the top of the story box.

Step:5 After clicking on “Watch All” option, each and every story will start playing automatically in a row one after another. So to stop watching the stories you can click on the cross button i.e. X which will be present at the top right corner of the story screen. Clicking on X button will leave the story page. 

So, using these steps you can easily watch Instagram stories on your computer/ PC and Laptops.

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