How to view Instagram Stories Privately- Step by Step Brief Methods

Instagram by default tells the other person when you view the story of that particular person. But some times for some reasons we want to watch the story of a person secretly without; letting him/her to know that we have watched their story which they’ve posted on Instagram. However, Instagram does not allow you to do so. 

But don’t worry friends, today I will tell you about two best and most effective ways through which you can privately view anybody’s Instagram story using these two methods i.e. you can view someone else’s story by sliding left/right and the other is by downloading a third party app. 

However in first method you will be able to view only a glimpse of that particular story and in second method you can download the story without letting them know and can view it from your gallery. 

How to view Instagram Stories Privately?

I will give you proper guide of viewing someone’s story privately step by step in two brief methods:

How to Watch Someone's Instagram Stories Without Getting them knowing
view Instagram stories privately


STEP 1- Open your Instagram application and find that particular profile’s story which you want to see privately by just scrolling right on the home page.

STEP 2- Then click or tap on the story of a person who is at the right or left of the story you want to see secretly. Remember that the story that you want to view privately should be in between. So just click on the story present on its right or left.

STEP:3 Slightly tap on the story to make it pause and remember not to do long tap. And then swipe or slide in your desired direction i.e. right or left to view the glimpse of story secretly.

Do this step very carefully and slowly as by mistake if you swiped the whole story then the user will get to know that you have watched his/her story.


STEP:1 Download the Story Saver app on your android device or Story Reposter app in case of IPhone. 

STEP:2 Open the application and login with your Instagram’s username and password. 

STEP:3 Logging into the application will show you the all profiles that have posted stories within 24 hours. So scroll down all the profiles. And tap on the profile of the person whose story you want to view privately.

STEP:4 Then find and select the particular story that you want to view secretly. 

Step:5 After this, click on the “save” button and you are done. Now simply go to your phone’s gallery and view that story from there without letting the user to even know about it.

-》You can also view stories privately on your PCs by using online websites like StoryDownloader, Weynstag, StoriesIG, StorySaver, Zasasa and many more. Just simply paste the profile URL of the person whose story you want to view secretly by copying it from the user’s profile. Then download it from there and watch the story secretly.

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