How to Unmute Someone’s Instagram Story on Your Device Forever

We all know there are many options for different features. And On Instagram , there are various tools for various features of Instagram. If we talk about unmute someone’s Instagram story than we should also how to mute the story first. Both muting and unmuting are very simple. 

Section of stories is found at the top of your Instagram homepage. You can’t see Instagram stories appearing in your feeds of your Instagram. 

Stories of the Instagram are present on the top of the Instagram page and in these stories you can post any of your photo or video of short timings. Sometimes, we don’t want to see that specific persons story, and wish to mute it, but if we don’t know how to mute it then we simply can’t. Reasons could differ like some stories you don’t prefer to see or you don’t like to click on that story by mistake also. Sometimes you feel irritating by seeing the story that you don’t want to see. So, as already stated, reasons of every person’s life could differ as to why one don’t want to see some specific persons story.

However, to overcome this trouble, Instagram has updated it’s features, where you could do both the things, like you can mute someone’s story that you always find uninteresting and annoying to watch, and also when your mind changes and you again want to see that particular story that you had muted previously, then there’s the option provided that is unmute option. 

How to Unmute Someone's Instagram Story on Your Device Forever

How to Unmute Someone’s Instagram story?

So, let’s see the steps that are very simple for unmuting someone’s story~

Step 1- What you have to do is just go to the top feed on your home page of your Instagram.

Step 2- There you will see many stories with colourful circles.

Step 3- That specific person whom you want to mute , just hold on the profile picture, and there one option of mute will come, just click on it and your story of that particular person will be muted.

Step 4- For unmuting you have to do the same.

Step 5- You will find the muted stories at the end of the section of stories that are at the top of the feed.

Step 6- You would no longer see those colourful circles around muted stories. And these stories will not play automatically when updated.

Step 7-  You just have to hold that story again as same as you did for muting stories.

Step 8- There you will get an option of unmuting story.

Step 9- Just simply tap on that, and again you would now be able to watch their stories.

So, Mute and unmute of the stories are a very simple process. 

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