How to unblock sensitive content on Instagram Post and Story?

If we talk about Sensitive contents, then there the foremost thing is – What actually is the sensitive content? And to start with, the Sensitive contents simply consists contents that can be sensitive to many viewers and as a warning the site let the people viewing it know that the things they are seeking can be related to a sensitive content which some of them may not find appropriate to see.

To make the whole concept of feeding and viewing extra comfortable and convenience for each and every individual users ,Instagram, by default flag a content as sensitive which they might find inappropriate by keeping the view in mind that most of the people did not find it proper to look at. In this article, we’ll be sharing how one can easily unblock sensitive content on Instagram post and stories.

The sensitive content contains posts related with the inappropriate photos or videos which can include violence, nudity, violating any law etc.

Besides that Instagram also provides a facility to its users through which they can easily respond to those post which does not find appropriate or stuffs which did not belongs to Instagram getting spread. The users can mark these posts by reporting it through the options given in the ‘Community Guidelines’ of the Instagram.

Now here comes the fact that what should be done in order to see the pictures which are already marked sensitive by the application?

For such things Instagram simply came up with the idea of blurring the images or videos and marking it sensitive so that the users who are just scrolling the feeds and do not want to see these picture could not come across any issue. While on the other hand a person wanting to watch the video or photo can do that. Below we’ve shared the steps on how to unblock sensitive content:

Step 1- The post states a warning that – ‘ This photo contains sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing.’

How to See Sensitive Content on Instagram Post and Story

Step 2- Below that there is an option available which says ‘See Photo’ 

Step 3-  The users can simply click on it and view the photo.

Step 4- And this is it. Now you can easily see the sensitive content on Instagram post and story.

It is a great idea of putting such convenient options as today Instagram is known to be such platform where the most of the youth lies and some of them are even underage which somehow would have been disturbing if they, by mistakes see those kind of contents like accidents, death bodies, blood, murders etc. which is initially not appropriate for their age groups.

Though this Instagram has proved to be a secured platform which has maintained a proper guideline for almost everything.

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