How to Tag People In Your Instagram Story- Step by Step Instructions 

Instagram stories is an effective way to connect with your followers and audience. It is better than posts because it appears on top of your follower’s feed and is more accessible than a post.

Let’s see some features of Instagram and how you can tag people in them. 

Features of Instagram Stories

  • Edit Instagram stories with effects: Instagram has plenty of effects and filters with which you can use to modify your Instagram story to make them look more unique and appealing. You can customize them by adding Stickers, location, text, time, temperature, etc.
  • Add music to your Instagram Stories:  Instagram has added the ability to add music to your stories with a recent version of Instagram. You can choose your preferred music and customize your story to make it unique and alter it to better connect with your audience/followers. Instagram has signed some deals with multiple major record labels to secure millions of songs with the list being updated daily. 
  • View the people who have watched your story: You can see all the people who have viewed your story by swiping up while viewing your story. This will also let you know which of your followers are active and interested in your profile. 
  • Manage who can view your story: If your account is private only your followers can view your story. You can also choose to show your story to a particular group of followers by adding them to close friends or you can choose to hide your story from individual followers as well.
  • Tag people in your stories.- You can also tag people in your stories. This will provide a better engagement level for your audience and this also allows people that you have tagged in your story to re-share your story in their story. Which helps with promotions and increased audience.

How to tag people in your Instagram story 

According to Instagram “One can easily add approx 10 people in each photo/ video that they share in their story. And if you mention multiple people in a single story, they’ll each get a message from you individually.” 

How Do I Mention Someone in My Story on Instagram- Insta Mods APK

These people will get a notification from Instagram along with a direct message with a preview of the story that they have been tagged in. The preview will not be available after 24 hours. Below we’ve shared the steps on how to tag people in your Instagram story:

Step 1- Select a photo or a video that you want to upload as your story 

Step 2- Now look for the icon to add text to the story. It is in the top right corner and looks like “Aa”.

Step 3- Tap on it and use “@” and type the username of the follower you want to tag 

Step 4- After typing the first few letters Instagram should suggest the full username and you can select it from the suggestion. This tags a person to your story.

So, this is how you can easily tag people in your Instagram story. Hope you’ve liked the article. If you face any difficulty, you can ask us via the comments section below and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.

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