How to share someone else’s story on your Instagram story in easy steps?

Instagram is a great platform for all the people to come together, chat and share their views and likings. This is one of the most used application that are presently available for mobile phone. The app is very well functional and provides a good platform for new businesses. This application is available for most of the operating systems and is free of cost. Rather than searching and adding all of the friends, you can quickly add friend by connecting the account with that of your Facebook account. The app is very easy to use and allows you to add story in your account. In this story one can tag their mates who are along with him or whom he wants to tag in their status.

Someone posted something on their story and if you are tagged in it and want to repost that on your status but don’t know how? Well, this task is quite easy, but there is one necessary condition that is required. To share someone else’s story on your Instagram story firstly you should be tagged in it. Sharing someone else’s story on your Instagram story is quite beneficial for the people who want to share their experiences and also for the people like me who are lazy, and don’t post stuff, just repost it.

Reposting instagram story makes it easier to fill your feed with great content. Instagram is a great social media platform for all the small scale business, entrepreneur and social media influencers to show their brand to the world. This social platform is one of the most used platform and hence is very suitable for every one. Reposting stuff on their story by these people, can help them grow and develop.

How do I share someone's post from feed to my Instagram story

How to share someone else’s story on your Instagram story?

Here’s how you can share someone else’s story on your Instagram story in simple steps:

Step 1- When someone mentions you in their story, they use @ your Instagram profile name to tag you in it , you receive a notification of being tagged.

Step 2- When you will open the notification, the pop up appears that provide you the allowance to repost their story on your own story. Clicking on that pop up will automatically open you with the add to your story page. 

Step 3- Using this page you can edit and throw in some sticker (if you want) and then post it on your status.

Step 4- When you post this on your status, your friend will also get a notification of you reposting stuff.

And this is it. Using the steps above one can easily share someone else’s story on their Instagram story. You can also read What are Instagram Stories & How long can these instagram stories be?

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