How to share and upload longer videos on Instagram?

When it comes to the most popular applications, Instagram tops the list. It is something that allows the users to get access over the numerous options and multiple features that it provides. Owned by one of the most leading Social Networking Site Facebook itself, Instagram has become the first choice of every millennials out there.

Well, as the saying goes- ‘Everything comes with limitations’. It is same in the case of Instagram which provides tons of facilities to the users that includes adding stories, applying filters on the posts before uploading it, adding stickers and GIFs in the story, customizing filters and effects and saving it for the future use and many more.

On the other hand while uploading videos, it limits the users to upload a videos that are relatively longer and the time limits for each type of video is set (for example – if a person wants to upload the video on their story, there the time limit is different and if they want to post it, there the time limit of a particular video is different as well) whereas the longer videos are tend to be uploaded on the IGTV that stands for the Instagram tv which is a feature given by Instagram to its user so that people can easily see the videos of their choice that are relatively longer.

How Can I Upload Longer Videos on Instagram in Simple Steps
Share longer videos on Instagram

How to upload and share longer videos on Instagram?

Here, are the steps that will help the users to upload their videos on IGTV –

STEP 1– Open your Instagram ID and go to the + icon located in the bottom section.

STEP 2 – Select a video according to your preference and remember the fact that only the videos that are more than 60 sec can be shared in IGTV, else a video less than that can be shared as a normal post.

STEP 3 – After selecting the video and putting captions related to it, tap the option as Add to series and if it is your first time of creating it then you have to put a name for the series that you are about to create.

Other than that, you can also just upload the video in the feeds by cropping the video and dividing it into separate parts with the help of your phone gallery or by using any third party application. After this you just have to select the video with the help of ‘select multiple’ options one by one and by adding filters and captions, you are ready to go.

So, using the method shared above one can easily upload longer videos on Instagram.

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