Instagram Reels Talk: The Real Pros & Cons of Instagram Reels

We all know about Instagram reels. Even if we haven’t used it yet, we have seen lots of video reels shared by people on this platform. This new feature lets the user to create short 15 seconds video clip and share them in their profile and stories. While it’s fun to use, it is also important to evaluate more about this app and determine if we should use it. And that is why we’ve come up with this article where we will be majorly discussing about What is Instagram reels and what are the pros and cons of Instagram reels.

So if you haven’t used reels for your brand yet, read this article further to see what it can offer you and how it can benefit you.

What is Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are the brand new way of creating and posting engaging and fun video contents. This feature is available in United States and 50 other countries. It is similar to Tik-tok where users can record and edit videos along with musical background and then share it to their profile. Here you can create video clips of 15 seconds. Despite being criticized for being a copycat of Tiktok, Instagram has managed to get many positive reviews from influencers and brands in a short span of time.

Is Instagram Reels Worth Pursuing- Pros and Cons for Instagram Reels

Now that you know what is Instagram reels, lets come to discuss about the pros and cons of Instagram reels. Based on these, you can decide to explore more about this feature of Instagram. So without further delays, lets’ start right in!

Pros of Instagram Reels

Below we’ve mentioned few of the amazing pros of Instagram reels:

Increase Organic reach- Reels are one of the most amazing rollout of Instagram that showcases on app’s “Discover” page, which simply means you can have more eyeballs for your post. This being said, if you or your brand is creating Instagram reel videos, there’s a great opportunity for both of you to get higher organic reach or engagement for you.

Likes Vs Views- You might have noticed that Instagram usually shows views for their videos but this is not the case with Instagram reel videos. Here you can know the exact number of those people who have liked your post. This can also let you know if your content is well liked by your audience or not. The more the like, the better the content.

Easy to Share- Reels offers great sharing functionality. As a creator, you can share your posts in your grid and story. Also, the viewers can easily share your reels to their stories or with their friends. And since people love watching videos, the chances of them sharing it is also higher.

Offers more Visibility- In case you are not aware then you can use hashtags for your reels too. They offer 2000 character limit, using which you can have space to write good and engaging copy alongside the hashtags, to expand your reach to a wider audience. Since the reels the permanent, your chances of being discovered in hashtag feed are way more than in Stories feed, which allows 10 hashtags at maximum.

Available in multiple locations- When you create reels on Instagram, it appears on the tab next to IGTV on your Instagram profile. The best thing about Instagram reels is that you can even share it on your feed and stories as well. In this way, you can publish your videos on multiple platforms, thus giving more exposure to your reels video.

Same Effects- We all love the filter effects of Instagram stories. Instagram reels too, gives the same effects to record your videos. So for all of those who loves Instagram stories filter, you can now be assured that these effects are also available in Instagram reels.

Fonts, Stickers, Draw- Just like the stories effects being available for reels, one can also have the same fonts, stickers and draw in their reels videos too. Instagram has recently added multiple fonts in the stories which are also available for reels, letting you to create and draw your most loved stickers on it easily.

Cons of Instagram Reels

After knowing about the pros of Instagram reels, have a look at some cons of it:

The Real Pros & Cons of Instagram Reels You Should Know About

Can’t Promote Reels- One of the cons of Instagram reels is that you cannot boost reels post with the paid marketing like you can do with photos and IGTV videos. This is because Instagram wants reels to be in more of organic environment. It might get changed in future but for now this feature is not available in Instagram reels.

Insights- Insights is one of the most important feature of Instagram. But unfortunately, this feature is not yet available for Instagram reels. You cannot check the stats of your reels. The only metrics that are available for reels are the number of likes, comments and views as well. This feature might be available in future but right now we have to wait for it.

Editing options- If we compare reels with Tik-tok then definitely Reels have less editing options, which of course is a cons for reels. So for those people who have switched from Tik-tok to Instagram might not be happy with the editing options of Reels. Not just the editing tools but also the effects are not better than what Tik-tok offers to the users.


So have you used Instagram reels yet? There’s a long way to go for ensuring that Instagram reels have everything that people want. But we are sure with ever changing algorithms of Instagram, they will make their reels feature more powerful and better. Meanwhile, you can use it and keep discovering on more about it because definitely it is a good rollout made by Instagram for its users. So leaving everything behind, I will be suggesting you to go for Instagram reels and see how can you use it for your best interest. Every app has their own pros and cons but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a try. Go on and enjoy making amazing reels today.

Hope you’ve liked this article but if you still have any query related to it, you can ask us via the comment section given below and we will solve your query as soon as possible.

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