How to Mute Someone’s Instagram Story Without Letting Them Know?

Mute Someone’s Instagram Story- While using Instagram, we usually come across some to many people who daily posts stories on their instagram stories. Instagram stories is an amazing feature of Instagram and we, love watching people posting several photos or videos in their stories. They stay up there for 24 hours max. But there are few person who post way too much irritating Instagram stories or rubbish and worthless content, which makes us to just skip watching their story. These stories can make one frustrated and irritated due to which the person watching stories can even reluctantly unfollow those accounts. This is so because people hate watching so long and boring stories.

For this reason Instagram came up with a solution by offering a mute option. However mute option can be used for not only muting stories but you can mute both stories and posts if you want. 

So in case you are irritated by any of your friend’s daily stories but don’t want to unfollow them, here’s the option of muting their stories only is the best solution for you. 

Also, if you want to mute story of a particular person, so for doing this there are two possible ways in which you can do this. And we will discuss about both the ways, step by step. Here we go :

How to Mute Someone's Instagram Story Without Letting Them Know


Here’s what and how you have to do to Mute Someone’s Instagram Story:

Step:1 Firstly open the Instagram application login to your account with your username and password.  

Step:2 Once you are logged in, go to the search option and type the name of the person whose story you want to mute.

Step:3 After finding his/her account tap on it and then on your screen you will be able to see two options i.e. “Following” and “Message”.

Step:4 Then just tap on the following option and you will find a new menu on your screen with many options.

Step:5 Find and tap on the “Mute” button. 

Step:6 Then after tapping on the mute option you will get two slider options i.e. stories and posts respectively. 

Step:7 Just simply tick the stories slider and you are done with it.


Here’s another method on what you have to do to Mute Someone’s Instagram Story:

Step:1 By just scrolling the stories of the other users, find the story of that particular person whose story you want to mute.

Step:2 After finding the user, just simply long press on its story icon.

Step:3 After this you will see a menu with two options on your screen i.e. “view profile” and “mute” respectively. 

Step:4 Tap on the mute and you will further get option to “mute story” and “mute story and posts”.

Step:5 So if you want to mute only the stories of that person tap on the “mute story” button and you are done with this.

And it is done. Now using these steps, you can easily mute anyone who is bothering you or whom feeds or notifications you are not liking on the Instagram.

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