How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts with Switching?

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts- Instagram is a great social media application with lots of features that are available in it. This is one of the most used application with over 250 million downloads. Instagram can also be used for reasons other than enjoyment. This can also work as the fertiliser for the growth of new upcoming businesses, make a name for their brand, a place for entrepreneur to reach out to people and similar reasons.

Instagram added a feature in 2016, that allowed people to manage more than one account from one Instagram app. This was very useful for everyone who wanted to use another business account or a pet account. This was a great step taken by Instagram and this is one of the reasons why everyone loves it. Managing two accounts can be a little frustrating but is very simple task to do. This can allow one to use one account for fun purpose whereas the other accounts for other purposes. In this article, we’ll be sharing how to manage multiple Instagram accounts with switching.

Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts Made Easy- Use these Simple Steps
Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

How to create another account?

Steps to create another account is very simple-

Step 1- Open your Instagram account and go to profile.

Step 2- Tap the menu button and then tap on setting option.

Step 3- Tap on the option add account and select sign in for creating another account.

Step 4- Sign up into account using either email, phone or Facebook.

Step 5- Now fill in the details after email confirmation.

Step 6- Enjoy all the features offered by the application.

Don’t use Facebook if your primary account is linked to Facebook. Similarly, don’t link email that is linked to another account.

How to add another existing account?

Adding another account is simpler and easier than creating a new account. The steps 1 and 2 of above is the same for this.

Step 3- Tap on the option add account a day select log in option.

Step 4- Log in to the second account using username or email

Step 5- Enjoy all the features provided by this app

How to move to account?

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1- Simply go your profile and click on the username.

Step 2- This will open a box listing all the account that have been added to the device. Select the account that you want to use.

Step 3- The account will be switched and enjoy .

One device can use up to 5 accounts at a time in single device, but users frequently have the problem making them forget the passwords and usually unable to switch between accounts. So, this is it. Now you can simply manage multiple instagram account in single device.

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