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InstaUltra apk- In today’s selfie culture, apps like Instagram have been ingrained in our lives. It was launched in 2010 as a free content sharing social media app. Instagram is owned by Facebook with its primary users being adolescents and women. User can follow their friends and families and can easily like, capture and share moments and memories with them and others can respond by its ‘like, comment, follow back, and share’ options. It is like a blank canvas for those who want to express themselves.

Instagram provides a platform to display creativity or market and advertise a brand and to reach people all over the world. Not only you can share pictures, transient stories, short videos but also full ten-minute videos which can be a tutorial, healthcare routine, workout video, anything you will like your followers to see. Also, all the famous personality uses it and gives us a glimpse of their lifestyle. Its wide range of editing and filter features particularly the ones that make the image look classic or black and white, funny boomerangs, hyper-lapse, and gifs add to the fun. Especially amid those uncertain times when we are all locked inside our homes or have nothing to do, it plays a crucial role.

With its ability to keep us entertained and connected to people, it proved to be a good way to kill boredom. It keeps our head straight and allows people to showcase their talent in a popular online platform. One cannot even imagine what the best pass time of people would have been right now if it wasn’t for this app. The only thing that bothers about this app is that it doesn’t allow saving of images, stories, videos, and IGTV videos on devices but this is not an issue anymore with the introduction of InstaUltra.

It is always the case that a user wants more out of these social media apps and hence developer makes MOD or modified versions of these by exploiting their weaknesses. Anyone familiar with social media should know that the MOD version of apps usually contains more features than the normal or original version. One such MOD version of Instagram is InstaUltra apk.

What is InstaUltra apk?

With its mind-boggling growth, Instagram has become one of the most important social-media apps, posing great competition to other apps like Snapchat. However, the app doesn’t allow you to save images and videos on your devices. Sommer Damous from Soula Mods tackled this problem by developing an android application called InstaUltra apk, which is a modified version of the official Instagram app that allows us to download images, stories, videos, and IGTV videos on our devices.

InstaULTRA APK Official Website Latest Version For Android Download

Also, sometimes we see a catching bio or a comment and want to copy it in notes or somewhere else or want to use the same but can’t copy them directly and have to go back again and again but with this app you can copy it directly. Originally it was designed for android devices but it can work on ios devices and PC as well.

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Features of InstaUltra apk

Many features like saving display images have been announced, but they have not come out yet. Some of the features of this app are:

  • You don’t have to download another app to save videos, stories, and images to your storage. You can simply do it in a few clicks in this app only.
  • It gives you the option to copy anyone’s bio. You can also copy comments that you like.
  • Hide status viewing- if you don’t want someone to know that you viewed their story, this feature will not display your name on the watch list.
  • Hide seen status- if you don’t want the person to know that you have seen their message, this feature is the key.
  • Can copy the link in message board
  • There’s a feature that allows playing audio automatically when opened. However in original Instagram it is set to mute and is only played when you tap on it.
  • If someone uploaded an album of images, you can save all the images with a single click.
  • It allows you to zoom into someone’s profile picture which cannot be done in the original Instagram app.
  • It also allows you to download story videos
  • It supports all the devices running on x86 and supports sharing or copying of URL of videos and images.
  • Have attractive features like changing of header, feeds and stories tab
  • Have feature of dark mode
  • Long pressing of the InstaUltra icon on homescreen will take you on Ultra settings
  • You can also hide typing status while typing a message in DMs
App NameInstaULTRA
Android Version4.3+
Total Downloads20M+
App Size50MB+
DeveloperSommer Damous

How is it different from Instagram?

Instagram is an official app that is owned by Facebook whereas InstaUltra is the MOD version of the original app. It has some additional features and hence can be used in place of the original Instagram app. Replacing InstaUltra in place of Instagram can provide a better experience as in addition to all the features from the original app it has special advanced features that can add to the experience. Unlike the official Instagram app it is not available to download from Google Play Store. Also InstaUltra is illegal.

Why should you use InstaUltra apk?

Though scrolling down on Instagram is great but sometimes you come across something you want to download but the app doesn’t allow you to save images, stories, videos, and IGTV videos on your devices. Saving Instagram posts to use offline is a high in demand feature as you never know when something can come in handy. For example, you came across a great video on ‘How to pack when traveling?’ but you aren’t traveling right now and wish to save it for later when you’ll be packing for a vacation or a business tour or you see a good weight loss routine that you want to practice daily but uploader may delete it later to never be found again or several posts you want to use as a reference for your business portal.

Saving images from Instagram can be tiring. First you will have to take a screenshot then crop it or if you want to save a video, you will have to download another app. This problem is resolved by InstaUltra apk. It saves your time and effort as with InstaUltra you can directly save posts without downloading another app. Also someone having a private account is not an issue in this app as it allows you to download images, stories, and videos from private accounts as well.

How to download InstaUltra APK on android?

APK file of InstaUltra is easily available to download from the internet. Though it can be harmful to the device if you install the file from unknown source and so be careful. Here’s the steps on how to install the app on android manually:

Step 1- Download the InstaUltra APK from the link given below:

InstaUltra APK

Step 2- Then go to setting -> security -> unknown sources. Tap on it to enable.

InstaULTRA mods apk unknown sources
Unknown Sources

Step 2- Then go to downloads, you will find InstaUltra file. Directly tap on it and give all the necessary permissions.

Step 3- After that click on install and the app will be installed on your devices

Step 4- Open the app and log in as you do on the official Instagram app

 We, at Instamodsapk, don’t encourage the users for using any type of mods. We have shared this guide about InstaUltra APK just for research and educational purpose. You will be solely responsible for any issues that might occur. Download it at your own discretion as using any mods of Instagram is against the policy of official Instagram.

FAQ’s Related to InstaUltra APK

People might have some questions or queries related to the app, reason being it is not available on Google Play Store. Hence we’ve tried our best to answer the basic frequently asked questions regarding the app that the user need to know the answers of :

Ques: Is InstaUltra safe to use?

Answer: Yes, it is completely safe to use. The security and safety of the user information are protected by the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack) technology of servers. It is completely safe to use on android and ios devices and your account won’t be banned after login.

Ques: Is InstaUltra illegal?

Answer: Yes, it is illegal as it is the mod version of the original. Developers exploit the weaknesses of the original version to develop mod versions.

Ques: Is InstaUltra free?

Answer: Yes, it is free to use and its apk file can easily be downloaded from the internet.

Ques: Does InstaUltra require root access?

Answer: No, root access is not required to install it on your device.

Ques: Why InstaUltra is not on Google Play Store?

Answer: Google Play Store doesn’t allow publishing mod versions of android applications as it is illegal to do so.

Ques: Can you use both apps on the same device?

Answer: No, uninstall the official Instagram app first then use InstaUltra apk.

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Since Instagram doesn’t offer options to save feeds on our devices, developers launched InstaUltra apk. So, InstaUltra apk is the MOD version of Instagram which is the same as the original app with some additional features. Overall, it is a good application. Everyone loves to download Instagram images, stories, videos, and IGTV videos or to zoom in on profile picture, InstaUltra offers us not only that but a lot more. It can be used in place of the official Instagram app. As it is not available on Google Play Store, you will have to download its apk file from the internet. To use this you will have to uninstall the official app from your device before downloading InstaUltra apk. It is illegal to use so do it at your own risk.

Hope you’ve installed the apk without any trouble. If you are still facing any problem regarding its download or anything else related to it, you can ask us via the comment section given below. We will solve your query as soon as possible. You can also download InstaUltra for PC.

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