21+ Stunning Instagram Theme Ideas That You Should Instantly Try

Instagram themes- Instagram as a social media application is very useful to put forward your brand and vocalize your views. Instagram themes are necessary for improving the overall impression of your whole Instagram handle. Themes have the power to leave an impression on the user’s follower. This is a great way to make it feel more aesthetic. The few of my favourite themes are explained forward to help you make your account feel more aesthetic. Using correct themes for Instagram is also required because your page often gives a hint about one’s personality and traits. Here are 26 ways to make your Instagram profile interesting.

Best Instagram Theme Ideas For Users

Have a look at some of the best Instagram feed ideas which one can use:

Minimalist Instagram theme

Minimalistic Instagram themes is one of the most simple and elegant theme of all. Minimalism is the use of minimal amount of substances that are necessary, and values the fact less is more, when considered about the Instagram page it refers to using minimalistic posts. This is one of the simplest ways to make you account have an impact on the viewer.

Colour splash Instagram theme

Colour splash Instagram theme is also a very common theme. Using posts that are colourful and makes the whole account pop. This type of theme uses vibrant coloured posts and leaves an impression on the viewers.

Monochrome themes

Monochrome themes are the themes which uses pictures with similar colour pattern . This leaves your handle as subtle and defined. They have a few different types based on colour.

White colour theme

White colour themes is one of the most popular themes on Instagram, the posts in this them comprises of white colour in most of the part of the pictures. Creating this theme is very simple and requires only a few swipes and edits to get the desired theme. This is very simple to use and is sure to leave an impression on the followers.

21+ Best Instagram Theme Ideas For Everyone- Insta Mods Apk

Red colour theme

Red colour theme can also effectively liven up your Instagram profile. This theme requires one to take pictures with red colour stuff and keeping all the rest of the colours to minimal. Preferably white and black background should be used for this theme.

Dark theme

“Where there is light, there is darkness “ similarly when considering about bright coloured theme, we can’t leave behind the effectiveness of a dark coloured theme. The dark coloured theme looks mysterious and makes the user appear interesting. This is also one of my favourite themes that can be used in your profile.

Blue colour theme

The blue colour theme is also a great theme for your profile. Using different shades of blue coloured post on your profile makes it more cooler. Using apps to add blue tones to your pictures,this effect is present in most of the editing applications.

Pink colour theme

Pink colour theme requires posting stuff only in the shades of white and pink. This colour shows the free spirit of a personality also the feminine side of their personality.  This is also very simple to get to practice. Simply adding tones of pink using apps can also prove effective.

21+ irresistible IG Theme Ideas you'll want to copy ASAP

Grayscale theme

This is also one of my favourite themes that can be used by Instagram users to make their profile outshine . This theme requires using pictures from all the scale of grey. This is also an interesting way to keep your profile interesting and hide distraction from your account . This makes your profile to lighten the page, making it a very effective and efficient way to make it Engaging.

Dual coloured themes

Using two bases colours which comprises most of your photos to create contrast in your posts makes the pictures more aesthetic and impressive. The colour should be taken well which have nice contrast to make it effective, some of the themes that I like are mentioned here in this post.

Black And White Themes

One of the most classic and evergreen theme . This theme is soothing to the eyes and can keep the followers stuck for some time over viewing one profile. The contrast in this theme offered by the two colours is just exciting.

Pink and blue dual colour theme

This theme is also quite fine ,the contrast between the two colours is just unique and satisfying to the eyes. Using editing apps for this kind of theme is necessary and can make a picture pop . 

Blue and orange dual colour theme

Using shade of blue closer to turquoise and shade of orange close to teal is sure to make an huge impact on your followers . The contrast offered by the two bright colours just hits your eyes in a different manner. This theme is vey unique and makes the account exciting.

Same filter theme

Posting pictures in your account using same filter can also be very useful to make a person stuck on your profile. This may be similar to monochrome themes for some filters and can make equally good impression. 

No filter theme

No filter theme is not without filter,  it is rather using filter to make the pictures more natural. This is not a very common theme that can be seen on a usual basis but is very effective. This theme shows a person being confident in their appearance and looks and don’t need any filter to hide that fact. 

Landscape theme

Landscape theme is a very useful Instagrammer theme, thisis useful for the photographer to show their skills. It also creates an idea of the person profile to be an outdoorsy man who likes to visit different places and likes to explore.

Floral theme

This is an easy theme to use and is impressive. Posting pictures with floral background is the only necessity for this theme. This is very effective and shows one’s liking  towards floral stuff.

22+ Instagram Feed Themes Ideas For Everyone- Insta Mods Apk

White borders 

Using white borders for your post is a great feature of Instagram. This makes space between the pictures and it appears to be clean . This makes the pictures more interesting. This livens up your profile and makes it fresh.

Mixed white borders

Using different white borders for your post is also another way to lighten and make your profile interesting. The space between the pictures makes it look clean and gives and cool grid like look .

Puzzle grid theme

This theme is often used by people and is quite effective. This requires posting parts of  a photo , when viewing the profile , the whole picture takes shape and is seen this is innovative way to make people to view your profile. 

Nature theme

This theme is most ideal for the landscape photographer to shine with. Posting picture of landscapes gives an impression of daringness and will to explore new places. 

HDR Theme

This theme is a theme posting picture which is highly detailed. The requirement for SLR camera can be countered by using the portrait mode in your device. It required high resolution pictures for better impression and for higher effectiveness.

Geometric feed theme

Geometric feed theme is an interesting way to make your profile interesting and keeping one busy on one’s profile. The requirement for this maybe a little bit of Photoshop or some similar app to deal the required effect . This theme catches everyone’s eyes because of its detailing and the editing skills of the user.

Checkerboards theme

This is a unique way to make your profile impressive. This requires posting of picture and quotes or scribbles alternatively. This keeps the viewer in the impression of the user to be different from the crowd. 

Quotes theme

Incorporating your favourite quotes by famous personality that matches your ideal and believes is another way to make your page compelling. This keeps the viewers stuck to the phone and leave a strong impression on the viewers.


So, with so many Instagram theme to choose from, one can easily select the best one which will suit their agenda. We’ve compiled the best Instagram feed themes to help you find a new theme for your Instagram account that you’ll be happy to share. Hope you like the article. If you have any query related to it, you can ask us via the comment section and we will love to help you.

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