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Introduction to Guide on Instagram success

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform first launched in 2010 by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. On launching of the app, it had approximately 1 million downloads in less than a day. Later in the year 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for 1 billion dollars. Here in this article, we are going to share a detailed guide on Instagram success. Hope it helps!

How to Get Started on Instagram?

You have heard your friends talk about a trending meme on Instagram. But unfortunately you have no clue what they are talking about. Or maybe you have been using Instagram for a long time yet your friend who has recently joined Instagram has more followers and more recognition than you. It can be a little frustrating.

How to Be Successful on Instagram in Simple Steps- Insta Mods Apk
Instagram Success guide

If you too want to build an aesthetically pleasing and a verified Instagram account of your own, then you have come to the right place. In this article we will guide you through the different steps to building a successful Instagram profile from scratch.

  • Just Start

It might sound silly but the first thing to get started for Instagram success is to start. Don’t just dwell on the idea of being an Instagram influencer. Download the app; sign up with a catchy username and that’s it. The first step is taken.

  • Add a perceptible profile picture

After a long hustle of being able to crop and fit your profile photo in that small circle, is your profile photo getting grainy and blurred? It is very crucial to know the perfect picture dimension for Instagram. It is 180X180 pixels for your desktop and 110X110 pixels for your phone.

  • Update your profile

Just putting an attractive display picture will not grab attention, a well written, catchy bio will. Instagram allows a 150 characters bio which ensures your bio is precise and appealing. Try to describe yourself or your personality as much as you can in those 150 characters.

If your profile is for business purposes, make sure the bio gives a clear idea about your product to your viewers. You can also add links of your business websites. It will increase your web traffic.

  • Research

No, you will not get your PhD but what you will get is the knowledge of how Instagram works. Look out for people who have a successful Instagram feed. What are the things you have in common? What makes their profile so attractive than yours?

In this generation of everyone being ‘insta famous’ how can you level up a bit and make your profile different than your competition without going off board. As many will suggest you to just scroll through the profiles of other successful Instagram influencers, I will have to stop them right there. You can scroll through others feed for years and still not be able to come up with an appealing feed for yourself.

There are a few elements you need to pick, that will make a big difference to your feed. If you are editing your picture before posting, stick to one particular filter that you will use every time you post. This monotony creates a vibe such as vintage, retro, lo-fi etc. Click clear photos with high resolutions. Write a well thought yet casual captions and add relevant hash tags. Hash tags will categorize your content and make it discoverable. Also, try and avoid writing cheesy quotes as your caption that has nothing to do with your photo.

  • Follow others and get social

It is okay to follow famous people and stay updated with their day to day life. But I hope you don’t forget that there is a very thin possibility that they will follow you back. You better follow people who has same interest as you and who will follow you back. A key element of building audience on Instagram is engaging. The most you engage with your followers, tag their comments or like their photos the more loyal audience will you grow.

How to Get Loyal Following on Instagram?

Instagram has approximately 800 million users, where everyone is trying to build a strong follower base, starting from independent individuals to small and big companies as well. However, we all face one common problem on Instagram that frustrates everyone. Some people will follow you, and when you follow them back they will eventually un-follow you. So to grow loyal and legit followers in organic way you need to follow some basic tips.

  • Use the correct hash tags

Hash tags are used to view related posts. This list is updated regularly and people with same interest can click on the hash tags and view your post and all other related posts. This helps to build a close knitted community of people sharing same interest and content. 

  • Use aesthetic filters

Unless and until you go over board and edit a photo to an extent where it is unrecognizable, a little bit of editing doesn’t hurt. But most importantly you need to learn how to use filters effectively to match your vibes or your mood. A minimalistic and aesthetic Instagram feed is an eye candy for all types of viewers.

  • Engage with your followers

Nothing is better than engaging with your followers. Be friendly, crack a joke as an ice breaker or show your gratitude towards them for their likes on your posts or follow on your profile. This way it builds an emotional equation between you and your followers. Talking to you will make them feel like they know you personally and hence they will appreciate your kindness and acknowledgement.

  • Actively post Instagram stories

Instagram stories have an impressive marketing power. It is short, precise and informative, and attracts viewers to your feed. If you have strategic and creative marketing skills you will be able to use Instagram stories to manipulate people to check your profile out.

  • Know the right time to post

You can schedule your posting time depending on your viewers and where they live or during which part of the day they stay most active so that everyone can see your post when they open the Instagram app.

How to Stand Out on Instagram?

Introduction to Guide on Instagram success- The Best Guide You Need
Instagram Success Guide
  • Know your Audience by interacting with them via Instagram stories; post questions, do polls to understand their interests. Try to be active on Instagram and interactive with your audiences.
  • Posting consistently in regular intervals like one post each day has more probability of success than posting once in a while. The more frequently one posts the more are the chances of getting new followers and likes. The posting frequency determines growth in follower count and engagement rate.
  • Build an aesthetic grid to attract more number of new followers. It is not just visually pleasing but it also conveys your message to the audience, and describes your personality.
  • Take advantage of your captions and keep your profile public so that everyone can see your posts. Writing a quality caption with context and value will help promote your business or individuality and therefore attract more number of people to follow you.

However it is to be noted that no one likes to read paragraphs of boring descriptions. Try to make your captions short, catchy or funny while providing all the necessary information in a precise manner.

  • Be unique, be you

Build your own unique style on Instagram grid so that when your people see your post on their feed they instantly recognize that it is your post.

How Marketers Can Alter Their Strategies on Instagram?

  • Stay updated and well informed about the Instagram algorithm.
  • To stay updated with the trends and hash tags.
  • Asking people to turn on the notification so that they are alarmed whenever you post something on your feed.

What Marketers Need to Know About Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most successful platforms for businesses. Many small and big companies use Instagram to reach out to their target audience and thus have seen success.  There are a few things that all marketers should know before they launch their brand or company on Instagram.

  • Switch to business profile

Even though this seems like a lame point to include but it is the first and foremost important thing all the people who wants to open a business account should follow. This is the first step towards the success of your business. The business account makes it easier for the viewers to understand that the products are for selling purposes. Just by posting aesthetic photographs of products will not make your business look authentic.

  • Use free Instagram tools

The Instagram insights will provide you with a breakdown of the demographic of your audiences, where they are from, what are the actions taken from the respective post, total number of profile visits, age, gender, location etc. This will give you a rough idea and a clear insight about your audiences and the people checking out your feed and the time when they are most active. This will help you to schedule your post in the right time so that your post gets pops up on their feed when they open the app.

  • Post product teasers

Before the launch of any product, the company or brand can post small teasers of the products that they are going to launch for their audiences. A product teaser is usually a small video or an informative poster created to demonstrate the product the company is going to launch officially in a few days. The product teasers should be small, informative yet without giving away many details. Product teasers are all about the hype it creates amongst the customers before the actual launch date of the product so that the suspense and excitement builds and the products receive a humongous sale as soon as it is launched. It attracts interested viewers by alerting them beforehand and thus collecting more number of customers in the process.

  • Create sponsored advertisements

Sponsorship is a paid media strategy that works to support an individual or an organization, financially by a sponsor which is usually a big company. This funding often acts as a catalyst for the success of small businesses in return the sponsors get promoted. So this is a mutual give and take relation where both parties grow hand in hand.

  • Use Instagram stories

Using Instagram stories correctly is highly fruitful for small companies and business owners. The first thing to be able to post successful Instagram stories is to get creative. Add QnAs, polls and swipe features to drive traffic to your feed. Posting stories on a day to day basis and adding mentions can spike up the rate of Instagram reach to your profile.

  • Partner with Instagram influencers

There are a wide variety of Instagram influencers, starting from micro influencers to macro influencers like Kylie Jenner. Approaching the right kind of influencer is very important. With just a few hundred followers if you approach Kylie Jenner I am pretty sure she or her assistant or whoever handles her Instagram account will not even notice your message.

If you are starting out and are new to business then reach out to micro influencers with a few thousand followers. Gradually with time you can collaborate with others who are interested.

  • Create an interactive hash tag

Hash tag is the new fad. It is not just limited within Instagram. It is in fact used widely by all social media platform. The power of a hash tag is unimaginable. It brings people with same interests together. Thus it helps in the growth of small businesses. Knowing to use the correct hash tag is also a very crucial part.

For an explosive growth on Instagram, you need to research a bit. Look what your competitors are using as their hash tags. Copy them in your phone’s notepad so that you don’t lose it and to go looking for it every time you decide to post something on Instagram. It is always advisable to use 11 to 30 hash tags approximately on each of your post.

  • Post at the correct time

According to some researches it has been noted that the ideal time to generate our post is 11am to 3pm CDT on weekdays since it is the time range when your target audience will be having lunch and mostly will be using their phone. However on weekends 11am CDT is ideal as this is when people tend to be at brunches or with friends.

Scheduling your post according to your target audiences at the peak time when most of them are scrolling through their feed is ideal to have an explosive growth on your Instagram account. However the above time stamps do not stand true for all. It depends on your target audience and when they are most active. So try to figure that out first.

  • Track the right metrices

On each post Instagram provides individual metrices. In order to get Instagram success you have to track the following metrices :-

  • Reach
  • Sales
  • Saves
  • Engagement Rate
  • Instagram Stories Views
  • Best Time To Post
  • Growth
  • Traffic

How to Network with Instagram Direct?

Instagram direct is the direct messaging facility offered by Instagram so that you can share messages, images or the videos to the other person or in a group and it stays only in between you and no one else can see the content you send the other person and vice versa.

Intagram direct message keeps your previous conversations and acts like regular messaging applications. Networking with Instagram direct can be a game changer for social media marketing as it works effectively and efficiently.

Instagram direct ensures you to develop a grass root level of connection with your viewers, followers or customers. It enables you to connect with the influencers you idealize and want to work with. Getting feedback from interested people will help you to understand what they like and dislike about your products or posts. You can thus work on elements to improve your Instagram feed. You need to actively find new followers and build a connection with them for your growth and engagement.

Getting creative with your convincing skills can generate interests in people’s minds and thus persuade them to check your Instagram profile out.

Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses

  • The first step should be to switch your profile on Instagram from private to a business profile to make it look authentic and professional.
  • Using free Instagram tools to get utmost result and profit.
  • Product teasers can create hype amongst the customers and also attract more number of people to check your product out.
  • Creating sponsored advertisements can help your business go through the roof.
  • Using Instagram stories can help you reach out to a wide range of customers with varied needs and expectations.

How to Expand Instagram Hashtags to Expand Reach?

Instagram hash tags are crucial in the process of increasing the number of your audiences. It does not only expose you to a more large number of people but it helps to expose your content to the people who have same interest as you. It is one of the most essential ways of building online community. The person will have your post appear in their feed even without following you and vice versa.

There are different types of famous and widely used Instagram hash tags. Instagram breaks hash tags down into nine distinct categories. They are:-

  • Product or service hashtags: These are basic keywords to describe your product or service, like #bags or #painting
  • Niche hashtags: These get a little more specific than product as it shows where you fit in the context of your business industry, like #blogger or #fashionblogger
  • Industry Instagram community hashtags: We know communities exist on Instagram, and these hashtags helps you exactly finding and joining them. Think #couplesofinstagram or #buyersofinstgram
  • Special event or seasonal hashtags: These hashtags can refer to the real holidays or seasons, like #winterdays, or they can also be used for the  National [Thing] Day holidays, like #independenceday or #internationalwomenday
  • Location hashtags: These are other categories of hashtags which targets geo-tag users of your Instagram post, it is also a great idea to include those hashtag that refers to your location, like #wowmanali or #londonfun
  • Daily hashtags: We have plenty of hashtags on daily basis, from #Mondayvibes right through to #SundaymeansFunday. We have a whole list of regular daily hashtags for you to choose from. You can use daily hashtags as an easy source of hashtags to add to your posts.
  • Relevant phrase hashtags: Another one in the list is Relevant phrase hashtags. These hashtags basically combine certain hashtags like service hashtags, niche hashtags, and industry hashtags. Basically, they’re simple phrases that people use on Instagram to connect to their already existing communities in a slightly easy and insider way, like #amworking or #shewhotravels
  • Acronym hashtags: This perhaps is the best-known hashtags. Like #TBT for Throwback Thursday. Other popular acronym hashtags include #OOTD for outfit of the day, #LOL for laugh out loud, and #YOLO for you only live once.
  • Emoji hashtags: Last one in the list is Emoji hashtags. These can include the basic emojis on their own, like #;), or words or phrases with emojis attached, like #working????.

On Instagram you can use a maximum of 30 hashtags for a single post and up to 10 hash tags on stories.

How to Drive Traffic on your Intagram Post?

Instagram Marketing Tips to Get Success On Instagram
Instagram success guide
  • Posting consistently will help you gather more likes and followers. A study has shown evidences that people who post at least once a day has more number of likes and followers on the basis of their posts.
  • Research effective hash tags for the best outcome.
  • Sharing user generated content also help to drive traffic on your Instagram post for Instagram success.
  • Collaborating with other people with same interest or someone who is willing to promote you will also help your profile to grow.
  • Posting on the right time in accordance to your target audience will also help boost up your follower counts as well as get you more like.

Best Tools For Instagram Success

1) Crowdfire – Crowdfire is a social media management tool that allows users to manage multiple profiles on one platform.

2) Hootsuite – The user interface of the app takes the form of a dashboard, and supports the integration of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube networks

3) Woobox– Woobox is a community mobilization app. Allows you to use sweepstakes, contests, polls, and more on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Vine. You can then easily track the performance of your competition on the Woobox interface.

4) Magic Social– Depending on your targeting goals and interests, Magic Social will start performing your Instagram actions. Magic Social has helped thousands of customers successfully grow their followers, increase their engagement, and build their brand on social media.

5) Combin– Combin is an Instagram success tool that offers smart search capabilities – follow-up, likes and comments – and ranks within the limits of daily Instagram action.

Best Tips to Advertise on Instagram

  1. Using Instagram new Zoom feature
  2. Promoting your best content
  3. To improve your targeting
  4. To personalize your advertisements
  5. Promoting your content with videos

Why Instagram is the Best Platform?

We have number of popular social media platforms out there so why not left Instagram? That’s because, Instagram is known as the best social media platform for providing higher engagement or ability as a product to connect with the potential clients or followers. Obviously, it is easier and more attractive to younger generations than other social media platforms.

Instagram can go beyond the obvious. In addition to showing your followers compelling images you can create a social media profile that highlights your product’s goal and objectives, showcasing your products and capture leads and sales. Instagram may seem small but it is a powerful tool that your business should be using for anything! Perhaps the biggest reason Instagram is the leading social media is the opportunity for potential customers to get to know your product physically. Facebook has re-used its efforts to connect with friends and family. Big Twitter accounts for politicians, artists, comedians and news organizations. However, on Instagram brands can access their followers’ feeds with content that mimics the type of post users they already see in their followers. Businesses that invest in high quality ecosystems, paid relationships or targeted ads will excel on Instagram.


It’s important to identify and analyze your additional digital program and decide whether Instagram is right for your audience or not. From there, it’s time to plan. Instagram also jumps on board to help advertisers. Check out their Instagram success Business blog.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you in the planning stages, but always push yourself to be competent and think differently. Desire to create compelling content and refuse to accept the belief that what others have done in the past should be repeated. Stick to create your own way & use this platform to actively engage and connect with your audience. So, this is all about guide to Instagram success. Meanwhile you can also read about best Instagram mods that offers amazing features as compared to the official app. You can use these mods for your secondary Instagram account.

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