What are Instagram Stories & How long can these instagram stories be?

Instagram is one of the most used social media application and it’s feature of stories is very great. Instagram stories allows other follower to have a glimpse of your lives. It is used to make other people feel your emotions, witness a part of your life, which you wanna share. These stories can be either a picture or a video or a post of yours or a relatable meme. Instagram stories is an impressive feature and is quite fun. 

Instagram stories are present on your status for 24 hours so within these 24 hours your followers can experience a part of your life. Instagram users using this facility can share the food that they eat, the place they visit, and also what you experience. This application can also be used for business and providing your business a profile can help to share their brand. Instagram app has 250 million users and everyone on an average uses this application for about 25-35 minutes daily. This application is profitable for small businesses to flourish.

Where do these Instagram stories appear?

The Instagram stories appear close to top in the home pages. The stories are the circular icons that are present one after another. The circular icons have a picture in the middle, the  picture shows whose story it is.

Simply tapping on the circular icons, one can view someone’s story. 

What are Instagram Stories & How long can these instagram stories be

Tapping on the right side the present story can be skipped, tapping on the left will allow you to view the previous story, holding on the screen will pause the story, sliding down the stories will stop and you can get back to scrolling through memes and sliding your finger left or right you can view someone else’s story.

You can even respond to the stories that are posted by clicking on the write a message box below on the screen.

How to post Instagram story?

To post Instagram story one can click on the camera icon on the top left and from there select what they want to post on their social accounts. What they want to post can be either video or a picture or something they write .

The feature to share live video is also helpful, sharing what you are experiencing live to all your followers.

How long can stories be on Instagram?

Insta stories are easy to post and will be available on your profile for 24 hours. When posting a video on your status, independent of the size of the video, the video will break into parts of 15 seconds which will be played one after another. This makes it appear as a single video. 

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