The Complete Guide on Instagram Reels- Everything You Need To Know

Instagram Reels is an amazing way to record videos or you can also say that it is a platform that gives you a chance to make your own short video clips on Instagram. You can create short videos of any type that you want and post it in your instagram account or page. You can create funny or entertaining short videos. Not only can you create it but also you can share it with anyone you want to on Instagram. Reels basically invites you to try out its new tools with so many different effects, audios which seems both interesting and amazing. It is a decent way to share your short beautiful videos with your instagram followers.

You can either keep your reels in privacy if you have a private account on Instagram or you can choose an option of Explore so that the wider community can check out your reels. You can reach out to new followers or audiences if you try this Explore option. Remember – To make use of an Explore option your instagram account should be turned on in a Public account. This way you can share your amazing reels to everyone and it will also help you in gaining new followers. So don’t wait and reach out to the global stage or a wider community by creating Instagram reels.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels help you create interesting videos with amazing contents which are fun to try. The reel’s feature is fantastic plus it’s available in more than 50 countries. Quite similar to Tik Tok that was also used in recording short clips; Instagram reels are much like that and there are many tools also which you can use to create your content with good effects etc. Reels are basically short clips which provides you a dedicated space to record your video and add songs to it. You can share it easily on your story, feed or Reels tab on your Instagram profile. The latest update of Instagram app is amazing and helps you easily make reels and share it to your friends. 

Everything Marketers Need to Know About Instagram Reels

With the help of reels you can connect yourself to a wider community on Instagram and this you can make your followers also. There are many reels present which are trending on the reels tab of Instagram so when you keep scrolling you will find new videos that are reels after reels. Once the reel gets finished the next reel automatically comes up and starts playing without even scrolling it. So, autoplay is also a great and amazing option that Instagram provides to its users. Reels can be seen on the reels tab as well as on Explore reels. 

The algorithm of reels is not yet locked and it seems resembling Tik tok. The one you follow or interact yourself with or the location of yours is much likely to have influence on reels. There is a featured label also when you scroll in some reels. If you have a featured reel that is chosen for public reels, you will receive a notification to let you find out the content which is original to entertain you. Therefore you can set any music or audio and make your reels like tik tok. So there is a quite much similarity between the tik tok and the Instagram reels. You can also check out other videos or use other audios to make yours. Just be updated and move on with the trend because trends never go out of style.

Otherwise there is a big music library so you can choose your favorite music from the library also. However, the music feature of Instagram reels might not work in some accounts. There is no need to panic if you don’t have this feature because there’s always some way. You can either record your own original voice and make videos or the other thing that you can do is that you can edit that video from somewhere else. Other than all these music things you also have many different tools available on Instagram for editing your reels. You can trim your videos easily and also you can set a timer plus you can delete any unnecessary video clip, you can easily adjust the speed of your video and also you can put on different effects on your reels. 

Generally you have two options that are firstly you can film your videos then and there or you can choose to upload it from your gallery so it totally depends on you. After making your video clip you can use different tools which are amazing and puts a good effect on your video making it look much more creative than before. You can also select Instagram stickers.

How it Works and how to share reels in an easy plus simple way?

When it comes to sharing reels then you have two options for that which is one that is if you have a private account on Instagram then you can share it to the limited followers only and if you have a public account then you can share it to a wide range of community. Let’s understand it in a little detail-

  • Owner of a Public Account- There is a space dedicated to reel creators in Explore. If you love to create reels then this is an absolutely free space for you to show something creative, interesting and amazing things through reels. You can add hashtags, different effects and you can use different tools. Anyone can watch your reels plus can like comments and even share. So overall to make yourself famous and gain followers then this is a good chance for you that you should not miss.  
  • Owner of a Private account– If you don’t want anyone else expect your followers to watch your instagram reels. Your reels will be in complete privacy and no one can use your voice in their reels. Only the followers you have added will be able to see everything that you post and share on your feed or on your story.

When you are done making your reel then you can share it plus you can also save your reel as a draft. What you have to do is just put a cover pic, add hashtags plus caption or no caption at all and don’t forget to tag friends. Now you can share it and your reels will now start showing on your profile. There is also a reel tab so there also all your reels will be saved and your followers can watch it from there. Although there is an option of Remove reel from the main profile so you can do that too. 

It doesn’t matter that you own a private account or a public one the best thing here is that you can share your reels easily. You can either share it to your story where it will automatically disappear like your normal story after one day. It will neither be saved on your profile grid or your reels tab. Therefore you don’t have to worry about that. You can even share it to anyone you want in direct messaging which is an interesting thing about it. 

Watching Reels

Reels have now become a new trend on Instagram where one can discover different things on instagram and become more creative. It is basically a section which is mainly made for entertaining purposes. There is also a Featured label and one also gets a notification when his or her reels come under the featured label. It is mainly a selected section by instagram of public reels. You can express yourself by making or creating new short clips. You can share your reels which is very easy and your followers can do comments and like on it.

Why Instagram Launched Reels feature? 

It’s of course not a coincidence that so many different apps like these are being launched. You can consider reels as a good response to that app whose popularity grew so much that it came into the list of most downloaded apps and the name of that app was none other than Tik tok. So don’t surprise yourself by the reels feature of Instagram. Instagram has replicated the features that were very popular on Tik Tok and grew attention and much more popularity than tik tok now.

Many similar apps were launched but no one was good enough to take off the tik tok except the reels features of Instagram. It was really a good decision taken by Instagram to add a feature like reels as it’s going to get good exposure in this very app that is Instagram. There are more than a billion users on Instagram and hence adding reels as an updated feature of Instagram was a decent decision and it also got success too.   

How to create Instagram launched reel feature?

Creating Reels

If you want to explore everything about reels in detail then just follow the below given points-

  1. Open your Instagram account and go to the Story section.
  2. Click on the Story section present on the top left corner where you can see your profile too.
  3. Now select Reels from the bottom.
  4. Now you can find various editing tools there only which includes- 
  1. Audio- With the help of the music library you can search for a good song that you like the most. Not only this, you can even record your own original voice just by simply recording it on reels. Other people can also use your audio if you have a public account by going to “ use audio” option for creating reels. Audio part of reels is amazing and gives you a good chance to put on original voices as well as songs from the music library.
  2. Effects- When you open the reels section there you will find so many effects from which you can choose any one or even multiple and apply it on the reels that you are creating on your own. There are so many effects available because half of them are already created by Instagram and half by different creators across the globe which is an interesting thing about this tool.
  3. Timer- Timer is a great option and with the help of this tool you can create reels hands free. What you have to do is just press on the record option and then a countdown will be shown to you that is three, two and one before recording the actual time. So you get a little time to prepare yourself before creating any reel. 
  4. Aligning- Before recording new reel just line up objects from the reel you created before. This will help you in creating moments transitions and much more that makes your reels more interesting and creative.
  5. Speed- You can select any video or even audio to balance its speed. To understand it better think it in this way like you created one reel then you can now choose your own beat and this will help you in making slow motion or Fast motion audios and videos according to your need. 

You can record reels the way you want. If you want to record everything in a series that is only single at a time then you do that or if you want all at one time you can do that too. There’s an option of Progress indicator on the top- side, with the help of which you can make your reels more creative.

How to create Instagram reel?

You can create Instagram reels with three different choices. Yes, you read it right. You have three different choices to create your reels. First is your Home screen of Instagram, second is the Story section of Instagram and third one is the reels tab. 

  1. If you want to access it with the reels tab then click on the camera present on top right side.
  2. If you want to access it with the home screen of Instagram then click on the plus sign available on the right side and later on scroll at the bottom.
  3. For the stories section what you have to do is click on the create mode option present at the bottom side. 
  1. Now with home screen select the audio and set your favorite music. 
  2. Click on the play icon and choose the speed you want to keep on your video.
  3. Tap the circle for 15 seconds or more according to your preference and shuffle between that timing.
  4. After deciding the length of your video, you can also set a timer with the help of the stopwatch icon present there. 
  5. Now choose the countdown or you can change it by tapping the number present next to the countdown option.
  6. You can apply effects by scrolling or put different amazing filters. You can also browse effects.
  7. Now make your video at instant or upload it from your gallery. Similar to the app that is tik tok you can stop or restart your video again and you can even do multiple times recordings.
  8. You can also trim your videos by clicking the back arrow or you can add stickers also present on instagram.
  9. Now you can edit the cover image and choose it from your gallery. 
  10. Now you can share your reel easily on your feed or reel tab or story. Reels tab is where your followers can easily check out your reels and you can also see all your reels or the ones you added to drafts easily.

How to Use Instagram Reels For Business?

When it comes to growing your business you start searching for several ways and ideas to work upon but have you ever thought about building community with the help of this amazing feature of Instagram Reels? If yes, then it’s great, if no then you should definitely try this way out and it will definitely help you grow your business and reach out to people all across the globe.

The Complete Guide on Instagram Reels- Everything You Need To Know

You can share snippets in a very creative way through reels to your audience. It’s what is called business with great ideas and fun. Instagram reels proves to be a very likeable space for creators as well as brands to make waves. Many brand owners and business owners found this way to be very much more useful than other ways. In a very less time with an engaging and creative content you can grow a good community for your brand or business. 

The strategy of creating reels for the brand and business is very useful. If you are simply using Instagram for business then why not try it out with the help of reels too. So without further ado let’s get in to it-

Instagram Reels for Business

  1. The content that you are going to create for your business or brand should be authentic as well as it should resonate too with the people on Instagram. Very few people could have thought about the story section that how useful it is but now with the new feature that is reels one could easily predict that it is so very useful whether its for business or anything else. It has so many effects plus is designed in a way that it’s not just fun to use but it’s fast too. You can make good content in a very fast and easy way. With the help of reels you get a good opportunity for growing your business and strengthen the audience relationships with your business or brand. One can get so many new customers and new audiences and it’s really going to help you strengthen your business and grow plus outreach to more and more people on instagram.
  2. You can grow your business by creating contents related to educational purposes. You can teach the tips or show them to learn new things with the help of the Instagram reels. Also, you can add recipes on the reels and add captions with good hashtags.
  3. Instagram reels will help your brand or business in driving awareness plus sales. You can do the showcasing of your products with the help of the instagram reels feature. Even if anyone likes it they can also shop from there only which is of course a good starting for any brand or business.

How to post reels content to Instagram reels feed or your stories?

  1. Click on the story section of your Instagram account.
  2. At the bottom side click on reels feature.
  3. Now click on tools to add effects and aligns on and use it for your recording.
  4. Tap and start recording by holding the record button.
  5. Now once you complete making your video clip you can draw something over there or you can add stickers.

How to delete Instagram reel video or remove it from the grid? 

You can delete your instagram reels very easily just by clicking on the three lines present there. The option of delete will show up there. Now you can delete your Instagram reel. However if you want to remove it from the grid of profile then you have to first go to the traditional grid and delete it from there. Once you delete it from the traditional grid, the profile grid will automatically get deleted from there. Although there is also an option of Hide on Instagram so you can do that too. 

Instagram Reels For Business- What Marketers Need to Know

What to keep in mind with Instagram reels?

  1. There is a timing which is limited to making reels on Instagram that is of 15 seconds which is the same as tik tok. 
  2. Only if you have a public account on instagram then only you can share it on explore and use that option because its not available for private accounts. You will start getting several followers and your reels will be seen by a wider community on Instagram. 
  3. Other users can use your original voice recorded audio to create their own reels. 
  4. If you use an Explore option then the reels will be there till the time you delete it by yourself but in stories it will disappear after one day. 
  5. You can make a draft of your reels and save them and later on you can add cover pic, hashtags etc and also you can tag your friends. 

Some other things to keep in mind

  1. It’s better to use a tripod if you want to shoot a professional video.
  2. Background should be good.
  3. Use the Explore option to make it reach more people.
  4. Put different effects and filters to make an interesting and creative reel.
  5. Original audio is much better than copying others as it will help you stand out from so many different users. 

What’s the feature of Instagram reels?

  1. Create your own video clips.
  2. Try new filters and different effects.
  3. Make funny entertaining videos.
  4. Use the Explore option to make your reel outreach to a wider community.
  5. Add stories, use reels tab or use profile and traditional grids.
  6. Use reels for business purposes.
  7. Helps in creating your brand image if you are using it for business purposes. 


Here’s the time to sum up. Hope it’s clear to you in how many different ways you can make use of reels and gain followers and fans. Instagram reels have different features, tools which you can use to make your reels more creative and amazing. So try out the reels feature of Instagram now and help yourself discover a wider community present on the instagram. But if you still have any query, you can ask us via the comment section given below. We will be happy to help.

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