How to Use Instagram Quick Replies in Your Direct Messages

Are you looking for an easy way that provides quick replies to the common questions simply via Instagram Direct Messages? If yes, here in this article we are going to tell you about one of the best features of Instagram “Quick Replies”. Today you are going to discover how can you easily create multiple Instagram quick replies and send them to your audience from Instagram Direct Messages.


If you use Instagram for business then you must know managing comments, replies or all your direct messages takes a lot of time. But thankfully Instagram Quick Replies feature is here to help.

In case you didn’t notice, Instagram has updated his Instagram Direct interface for the business accounts. Using this feature, you can now create quick replies for all those questions, queries or comments that you commonly receive from your audience. In simple words, this quick replies on Instagram is basically like the canned responses that lets you insert an answer with a simple touch. So, are you ready to get more information about Instagram DMs. Well, here we will be sharing everything that you need to know about this amazing feature “Instagram Quick Replies” for business and brands. Lets’ dive in!

What are Instagram Quick Replies?

Instagram Quick Replies are previously drafted messages that you can create to answer the most commonly asked questions, queries or responses. All you have to do is to “Save” message and then next time, instead of typing out the same message again and again, you can just insert “Quick Reply” and its done.

This feature is limited to only business profiles as everyday Instagram user doesn’t need this tool. It is made especially for business and marketers. Also, in case if you get confused it with automated responses like on Fb messenger or an email for certain keywords or phrases, let me tell you that you still need to access and read the messages that is sent to you by audience and after reading, you can select quick replies from your list and then send it to the user.

How Instagram Quick Replies For Business Works?

Below I am sharing the steps on how can you start using this feature step by step:

Step 1- First of all go to your Instagram Page.

Step 2- Simply tap on the top right corner menu icon on “3 horizontal lines” and then click on “Settings” option.

How to Use Instagram's Quick Replies Feature- InstaModsApk

Step 3- Scroll down and you’ll see the option Quick Reply. Click on it.

Step 4- Now tap on “+” icon given in the top right corner of your profile to create a quick reply message.

Step 5- Once you’ve written the message for Quick reply, write a Shortcut or anything that you’ll remember, on the box given above there. Now whenever you will type the shortcut word while replying to any of your audience or customer, your quick reply icon will appear in your message box. Simply tap on it and the message will be there on your device for you to send it to your customer.

Note: In case you don’t know, Instagram allows you to create multiple quick replies for different types of questions that you get from your audience.

Reasons why you should Use Instagram Quick Replies Feature

Well if you are getting repeatedly same query on Instagram asked via Direct messages then this feature can be very beneficial for you. Below I am sharing few points on why you should definitely use Instagram Quick replies feature:

  • Setting up the preformatted draft that answers to the repeatedly asked questions will save you a lot time as you do not have to type the same message every time you get a similar query from your audience.
  • Using this feature can help your team of marketing to stay consistent with their answers when communicating with different audience.
  • As we know, a misplaced word or any incorrect term can have bad effects on your business as it takes years to build something and seconds to destroy it. In the digital world of social media, people will judge you on the basis of your communication and query solving potential mainly. Hence you should be careful and consistent with the words you choose to answer them. So to avoid these mistakes, it is better to have already pre-formatted draft that have already been reviewed by your legal team or seniors.

So, these are few reasons why you must use Instagram Quick replies for business. There are many other reasons as well and most of the reasons are good. Therefore, you should use this feature to save your precious time and benefit your business.

Ways To Use Instagram Quick Feature Reply

Below I am sharing 4 ways for the businesses for using Instagram quick reply feature:

  • One can use this feature to answer the same queries. All you have to do is to create a simple list of pre-written answers to the common questions that your audience asks to you mostly. So instead of typing out the same message to different customers, you can send preformatted draft to them.
  • Other way where you can use this feature is for your Instagram giveaways. When you will run any giveaway contents, you must get many DM query asking who can enter, the last date, rules and more. In this situation, Instagram quick replies can help you as you can easily add your message to the query by typing your shortcut and tapping on the quick reply button.
  • Instagram is used for generated leads and building brand. But it is also great for providing social media customer service. So if you also offer such service, you can go for quick replies feature of Instagram for answering common queries.
  • Another way for using Instagram quick replies feature is for staying engaged with your community of followers. In Instagram people will ask a lot of their queries and responding to their DMs can help you grow your business as well. It might not be a that big deal for you but replying to other users can mean a lot of followers for your page.

With this being said, there are many other ways as well where you can use this feature for your business. All in all, creating quick replies is definitely beneficial for you and it saves a lot of your time as well. So it’s a good deal if we look at it with growing the business perspective.


This is everything about Instagram Quick replies. If we talk about Instagram, it is making every possible thing to make it more reliable and efficient for the businesses so they can easily communicate with their customers. And the Quick Reply feature is one of those options by Instagram that helps you to stay connected and build relationship with them.

Hope this article was useful and you are excited about using this feature for your business. If you still have any query related to this article, you can ask us via the comment section. We will answer you shortly. Meanwhile you can also read about GB Instagram. It is one of the best Insta mods that offers the best features and benefits to the users. 

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