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Instagram Pro- In the 21st Century where the world is going through a phase of major development, people’s life are changing as well on a day to day basis. These changes and development have also resulted into the birth of many applications and Social networking sites and now people are able to connect to their friends and family from any part of the world and that too with just a click. Social networking sites have emerged as an online platform that allows its user to create a public profile and interact with other users on the website.

If we talk about the major social networking sites (SNS), Instagram which is owned by Facebook tops the list.

Instagram is an application which allows its users to share images and videos on the social media. It can be a great platform if a person is willing to share any images, videos or even the real time stories. However, to be exact there are certain norms which provide limitations to the users that have to be followed in order to share photos and videos in this site. One cannot download the images and videos with the help of instagram. 

Instagram is also known to be good with its terms of privacy and security where people can share their pictures and videos but others cannot download it. The only way where people are able to save the image is by taking the screenshot but in order to share that particular picture, cropping is needed which consumes time and decreases the quality of the image as it results into enlargement of the pixels of the respective image. On the other hand, when it comes to the videos, nothing can be done through it.

Here today, we’ll be talking about one of the popular Instagram mod i.e. Instagram Pro. Using this mod of Instagram one can easily get all those features which are missing from the official app including the important, downloading images and videos. Let’s get to know more about Instagram Pro apk.

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What is an Instagram Pro?

Instagram Pro is a modified version to Instagram app. It offers many advantages like downloading pictures, stories, or even copying comments, etc. and that too at no cost at all. In other words, it won’t be wrong to say that Instagram pro is basically an advanced version of Instagram that offers all those features to its users that they lack in official app. For getting this modified version of Instagram, only a simple thing should be done, that involves getting straight into the setting, making some changes and Installing the Instagram Pro apk. Furthermore, it is also safe to use and installing it does not harm your device. One can enjoy remarkable features and have the most out of this app.

Official Instagram Pro APK Download Latest Version Mod For Android

It is an application which enables the hidden stuffs of any user by enabling the settings to get interacted with the targeted audience and provides a whole new level.

It offers the user a large variety of options which provides a real fun experience and give more detail about the post through which people can get more features from the social media platform Instagram.

Features of Instagram Pro

  • It enables the person posting, to view and display the comments on the Instagram.
  • People can get access to the “content preview mode” through the “admin panel”.
  • It is relatively free to get access over it.
  • It provides an opportunity to get the content from any other third-party account.
  • Users can also access over the “pre-configured display” feature style.
  • Instagram Pro also provides flexibility, using which enables the user to freely choose whatever content they like to be displayed over the store.

Beside these features, Instagram Pro also provides preview mode which gives the user an opportunity through which the users can manage the Instagram feed from the admin panel. 

It also provides the feature of “no irrelevant content” which enables the user to view photos way before they are actually shown in the site and keeps the content which are not relevant to be posted, out.

What is the difference between Instagram free feed and pro versions?

The main point of difference which lies between the free version and the pro version of the Instagram are the extra features which are listed below:-

  • It displays where the users have been tagged.
  • It shows the hash tag posts with either single or having multiple tags.
  • It enables the option of viewing the photos directly on the site with the help of a pop-up light box.
  • Videos can also be played directly by using the pop-up light box.
  • Comments on the user’s feed can also be viewed through this.
  • It displays the number of likes and comments related with the respective posts.
  • Instagram stories can also be viewed.
  • For business purpose, it is an excellent source as it creates a shopable feed.
  • Helps in promoting the business profiles.
  • More frequent updates are available as compared to the previous version.
  • Free demo are also available for the same.

Why should people consider using this?

There are various reasons to consider using Instagram Pro, such as-

  • Videos and photos can easily be downloaded by using this application.
  • Ads which usually annoy the user by popping-up everytime are removed.
  • Now users can copy the comments. 
  • Translation of the comments is also possible.
  • Instagram bio can also be copied and translated.
  • Limited audience to see the story is also considered as the user can put restriction on the people viewing the stories that they put or upload.
  • Typing status which is shown while messaging can also be hidden.
  • Photos can also be zoomed by a longer tap.
  • Videos can also be rewind by double tap.
  • Auto-play can also be disabled.

Is it safe to use Instagram Pro?

It is totally safe to use this version of Instagram. It’s widely popular features has made it idol to be used. There is no risk regarding safety purpose as it is just an alternative of the Instagram with more updated features. There is also Instagram Pro Dark mode available for the users. It is also completely safe to use and offers dark version of Instagram to the users.

How to Install?    

Instagram can be quickly and easily installed/ downloaded on android from any third-party websites that provides reliable android APK file for installation on android device.

Steps to Install Instagram Pro –

STEP 1 – Putting the APK file 

Download the Instagram Pro APK file given below. 

Instagram Pro APK

STEP 2 – Installation of the application

After the navigation the downloaded APK file of Instagram Pro can be easily found, just tap on the file to install it. A pop up asking “if it is fine to allow to apps from unknown sources” can be displayed for further the security settings is needed to be adjusted to “install the app from unknown sources.”

STEP 3 – Post installation setup

After the installation of the app it can be opened just like any other online app on the device. Then all you have to do is login to the app by using your Instagram background information like Email and Password or if you don’t have one you can simply sign up for one.

We, at Instamodsapk, don’t encourage anyone to use any type of mods in their device. We have shared this article about Instagram Pro apk to inform and educate the users regarding its features and benefits. You will be solely responsible for any issues that might occur in terms of security and privacy. Even though the app is safe you install, Download it at your own discretion as using any mods of Instagram is against the policy of official Instagram.

What is an APK file?

For the distribution and installation of mobile applications, a package is used for android which is known as APK file. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1 – Can we keep a track of the followers using this application?

Answer: Yes, you can get the notification regarding people who have recently unfollowed you and you can also keep a track of the people whom you follow but they do not follow you.

Question 2 – Can we download Instagram status with the help of Instagram Pro ?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to download Instagram status using Instagram Pro, as the application allows its user to copy and translate the Instagram bio. You can also install Instagram Pro For PC.

Question 3 – Does Instagram ban users who use Instagram Pro ?

Answer: No, as this application is just to provide ease to the user for using the main account. Instagram does not unreasonable to ban user for using Instagram Pro as it is just a modified version of Instagram that provides additional features which are not available on the official Instagram that too with full safety and security protocols.


So, this is all about the best Instamod Instagram Pro, which is a modified version of original Instagram and offers lots of amazing features to the user. For getting this, only a simple thing should be done, i.e, install the app using the method or steps we’ve shared above in the article.  Having so many features in it, the application also ensures full safety of the data for its users.  

Hope you’ve installed the apk and enjoy all the benefits that this amazing app has to offer to its users. If you have any query related to this article or having any issues related to the app or its installation, you can ask us via the comment section given below. We’ll solve it as soon as possible. You can also read about best Instagram story downloading apps.

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