Instagram Plus APK (Official) Download Latest Version For Android 2021

Instagram Plus Apk – Instagram is one of the best social media application for chatting. This app has a lot of features that allows you to share media and have fun. By creating your profile on this application, you can keep in touch with the people who have drifted away. It also allows one to create their own page for sharing views and promotion of their brand. Instagram plus is a modified version of the application discussed above with additional features that are present in the original app.

The settings section of this app has lots of surprises. This application is also safe and is therefore more desirable than the official instagram app. Though it is not usable for iphone and can be used only by Android of version above 4.0. This is also an app presently available to the public which is not the same as the instagram app but has just the same features and is as useful as the other one.

What is Instagram plus?

Instagram plus is one of the best modified version of the official Instagram application. This application is not present on Play Store for use because Play Store doesn’t allow modified versions of apps on it as it is against its privacy policy. This application has additional features in comparison to the original application and downloading it is only possible after deleting the official instagram app. It is an interesting alternative app that offers amazing features in comparison to the official instagram app. It is also quite stable and is a viable alternative for any normal user of this popular social media platform. File size for this application is also small that is just 26MB .

Latest Version Instagram Plus APK Official Download For Android instaMods

Features of Instagram plus

The app provides you with the feature to download picture and videos into your devices. It originally had the feature to zoom into pictures and videos to get detailed information of the media. This idea was later adopted by the official instagram. It also has a different and surprising privacy settings. This app allows you to make use of many languages and translate from one to another depending on one’s liking. The theme colour in this app for your stories can be decided by you. This application has great additional features in respect to the official application that is available on the Play Store. It is safe and this along with its additional features makes it preferable over instagram.

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How is it different from the original application?

This is a very frequently asked question when one is suggested to use this app. This question is understandable and tackling this question is required. This application at first glance does not appear to have much difference but when one familiarize themselves with this app, they then realise the difference. As explained earlier the different features of this app is more advanced and more easily understandable. Instagram plus is a better version of the instagram. The difference between the two can be explained very easily, let’s say Instagram is a vanila ice cream and plus is chocolate syrup drizzled on top of it. This app allows you to download pictures and videos which is one of the few things which makes it superior to Instagram.

Why should one use Instagram Plus?

This question also strikes the mind of people who use Instagram normally. “Why to shift from the original application to this new modified version of the original application?” and “ I am pretty happy with my old version of this application , I don’t need the other application” are also common thoughts that can strike one’s head. These questions can be tackled easily by just trying this application and understanding it’s benefit over the original.

How to download it in android in steps?

After knowing its features and other benefits that it offers to the users. Now is the time to provide you with the link of app. Below we’ve shared the links and steps of how you can install Instagram Plus on android:

Step 1- Uninstall the Instagram application from your android device.

Step 2- Download the Instagram plus apk in your android device from the link given below.

Instagram Plus APK

Step 3- Go to Android settings, select settings -> security -> enable unknown sources.

Step 4- Now install the Instagram plus application that you just downloaded from the downloads.

Step 5- Open the Instagram plus application and login your through your Instagram password or create a new one.  

And, this is it. You might have successfully installed the app on your android device. Now you can enjoy the different features present on this app.

Disclaimer- We, at Instamodsapk, don’t encourage the users for using any type of mods. We have shared this guide about Instagram Plus just for research and educational purpose. You will be solely responsible for any issues that might occur. Download it at your own discretion as using any mods of Instagram is against the policy of official Instagram.

Instagram plus is safe to use?

Instagram plus is safe to use which means it does not harm your device. The chats that were present in instagram app will also remain in the Instagram plus app, so there is no need to stop yourself from using this app. This app is more user friendly and it allows you to download live streams, photos, videos and stories into the gallery. Many instagram users after shifting to this app were very happy because of its benefits.

What makes Instagram plus better ?

What makes Instagram Plus better than official Instagram. Have a look:

  • Facebook Login : The user can simply login to Instagram plus with their respective Fb account.
  • Follow Indicator : This mod version of insta can make the user see if someone is following them in his page or not(Follows You).
  • Profile Pictures : Using this mod, lets the user to view full profile picture size simply by making long click on it.
  • Hide View Stories : One can even hide their name when they see someone’s Insta story (Go To “Plus Settings” -> ”Privacy”)
  • Auto Start : Another feature that makes it best is that one can also enable auto start videos with sound in dashboard (Go To “Plus Settings” -> ”Other”)
  • Video Player : The user can play Instagram videos in even their favorite video player by making few changes (Click on “Plus Options” -> ”Preview”)
  • Share : It lets one to share Direct URL for videos or photos to anyone they want, The URL will include the photo or video only without Instagram page (Click on “Plus Options” -> ”Share Image/Video URL”)
  • Copy : Instagram Plus also allows one to copy comments or friends BIO from anywhere you want on Instagram ( Just make long click on the text to copy it).
  • Translate : You can translate any comment you want to your language.
  • Links : The user has this ability to click on any link they want and open it in the browser in the modded version of Instagram.
  • Zoom : You can also see someone’s picture by zooming it, which is usually not available in official Instagram.
  • Themes : You can choose between more than 1000+ themes and also you can create your own theme and choose the colours you like.
  • This app cannot be used when instagram app is already present in the device, so to use this app one needs to get rid of the other app.
  • This app is only for Android users and dose not work in iphones.
  • You can login into this app using your Facebook ID.

Will I recommend and use this application?

Yes , I recently download the app and am very happy with it. The different features that are offered are also easy to use and also come in handy. I would like to recommend the app for the features it provides. Everyone will be benefited from this app. People who edits picture in free time or as a job are definitely benefited from these different features. Also, people who own pages on the original app can also be benefited by shifting to this app.

Most common doubts related to the app solved

There could be some doubts related to the app which we’ve tried to solve. Have a look:

Ques: Is it Safe to use?

Answer: Yes! This app is absolutely safe to use.

Ques: Can iPhone users install Instagram Plus?

Answer: No! The iPhone users cannot install this app on their device.

Ques: Will I be banned from Instagram for using Instagram Plus?

Answer: Now! This is anti-ban so one won’t be banned for shifting from instagram to Instagram plus.

Ques: Can I use both official Instagram and Instagram Plus in the same device?

Answer: One can’t use both instagram and instagram plus in the same phone.

Ques: Is OG Insta and Instagram Plus same?

Answer: The apps OGinsta and instagram plus have almost same features other than the difference in name.

Ques: Can I use Instagram Plus using FB account?

Answer: You can login using Facebook account.

Ques: Can I use 2 Instagram Plus Accounts?

Answer: You can use two Instagram accounts using Instagram Plus.

Ques: Can I download pictures and videos using the app?

Answer: Yes, You can download pictures and videos using this app.

Should one try Instagram plus? 

The app Instagram plus is user friendly and is a step above Instagram. It has unique feature allowing one to download pictures and videos. It has better functionality and features. These facts have allowed the people to prefer Instagram plus over instagram. This app can only be used by Android and is not available for iPhone. this is very safe and is literally a step better than the original app. The chats will be present in this application even when the other app is uninstalled. This is a must try app for the people who use Instagram on a daily basis. Trying instagram plus is a must for people who are on instagram and if they feel this app in some way to be inferior to the previous app can shift back to it.

Hope you’ve installed the app easily on your device. If you are still facing any difficulty related to the app, you can ask us via the comment section. We will try to solve that as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can share this with your friends and family as well to let them enjoy so many features which are not available in official Instagram. Also download Instagram plus for PC.

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