7+ Best Instagram Mods APK For Android in 2021 {Latest Version Mod}

INSTAGRAM MODS- Today we live in a digital world, full of new technologies and what not! We get daily updates of newly made apps and their advanced features. There are, now a days, many different types of an apps and their Mods are available for users which include various kinds of features that are easy and enjoyable to use, therefore, it’s not a surprise to see different apps on the user’s device today in a world full of new technologies. If we talk about the economy, then it’s because the apps have reached to the next level and making a dollar trillion economy. Due to the growth of the sales of mobile phones, these apps are seen to be emerging as one of the source of the growth sector of economy. We can see apps are becoming a part of one’s Mobile life, and are necessary for different types of uses.

People are downloading apps which seems to be important for them and enjoying the various features present in it. Today there are different kinds of apps with new features. And one of those are Instagram Mods. These are the apps which is quite easy to use with newly formed updated features and proves to be very helpful for the user, which you cannot find on the Official Instagram, So Mods come with different upgraded features. Mods are included in one of those innovations in which Mods have come up with the new and exciting features in it. In fact Instagram Mods are far better or you may say best if compared with other Mods .

It has Various features include in it which an Official Instagram lacks. If you download and install it then after using it you would really appreciate its features because it has cool and different features in it which are fully safe and secured plus exciting to try and use it. So Instagram Mods are different and far better than the Official Instagram. Below I’ve answered almost every reason that why Instagram Mods are best and more popular than compared with Official Instagram. They do have a difference because of such properties and features that one has and other lacks. 

Instagram Mod World

Let me take you to a Mod world. First question that can come to your mind would be, What is Mod? So, The term Mod means Modified, that means any modified version of an app will be called as Modded app. Furthermore, Modded apps are those crack apps which gives you the freedom to access all the newly and advanced features of an app on developer terms and conditions. Or we can also define the term Mod as the updated app in which you can see different updated or upgraded versions and features. Mods are a unique version of the original apps in itself. If you Install a Mod in your Android device then it would be very easy for you to find different things at one place, without any trouble. Mods are specifically being used just because they provide you with the new features that you could not find on the Original App. Mods have different key and updated features from an original app.

Best Instagram Mods APK For Android Latest Version Mods

Instagram Mods are made up in a way that one can have fun while using it with new and updated features that you cannot find in Official Instagram. There are many different types of Instagram Mods with different features and help us enjoy more than simply staring at the photos and videos by not even downloading it. Instagram Mods comes up with newly and exciting features that you won’t find in Official Instagram. Let’s move further for knowing more the Instagram Mods and enjoy it’s features !! Insta Mod Apk~ 

  • The mod is an Updated version of Instagram X.
  • It can surely attract you to download and install them in your device because of so much updated features where you can have the possibility of opening those features that you couldn’t find in an official one.
  • Instagram Mod helps you to download the posts, videos and stories and also you can copy comments and descriptions, share the URLs of contents, translation of the comments and much more.
  • If you want to know more about the Instagram Mods, and looking forward to download and install it into your device then stay with me for the proper guide. In the past, people always wanted to have such different kinds of features from Official Instagram but there was no solution to Instagram issues. But Now we have come across a Mod where Instagram Mods are available to provide every feature that people always wanted to have on Official Instagram. 

What is APK?

APK that is Android Package Manager a.k.a is collectively a collection of different files that are compiled and bundled into one file for the purpose of distribution and installation. These different files can include image, icons, source code, video and audio etc., . 

Official Instagram Versus Instagram Mods

Let’s have a look at some of the major differences between Instagram vs the Instagram Mods:

  • In Official Instagram if you want to download Photos and videos, then the Answer is A Big No! You cannot download Photos or videos of your friends. Whereas, If we talk about Instagram Mods then the Answer is Yes. By downloading Instagram APK you can simply and very easily download and save any particular image, video in your media file in a very few second without facing any kind of problem. 
  • In Official Instagram if you want to download Stories that you Ike and wished it to get it saved on your media file then you simply can’t! On contrast, If we talk about Insta Mods then again we come up with the Answer of A Big Yes. It’s truly amazing that in this feature of Insta Mods, we can see the downloading option. Just what we have to do is open up the status and simply click on the download option. 
  • Now let’s talk about the Viewing of Profile Pictures in full size. In an Official Instagram, you can never enlarge the profile picture in full size, even if you are following that person or the person follows back you! But With the Insta Mods feature help we can view a full image of the Profile Pictures. 

Hence, By using Instagram Mods, you can get a benefit of many features that an Official Instagram lacks in itself. 

Problems in Official Instagram 

If we see, then Official Instagram lacks many features that we always wanted to have on it. Like downloading the videos and photos that we like and want to have it saved on our media file so that we can see later on in an easy way. Some stories that we like but cannot download it. 

It seems very disturbing that an app that we use only for photos, videos and stories can’t even download it for later use! Though thanks to the number of Instagram mods that are available online, one can get all those features easily which are missing from the official Instagram.

Instagram Mods common features

What we see first in any app, is its features! So, there are various features that we can use after downloading and installing the Insta Mods. It has exciting features that could excite you to the top level and will help you enjoy and use new features. Some of the common features of the Instagram Mods are given below~ 

  • Downloading Photos and videos- Today, with the help of Mods, you can download any photo or video that you crave to download and watch again. If you have installed Instagram mod on your device then you can easily download the photo or video you like. But you wouldn’t be able to download the same with official Instagram and that’s the main point why Instagram Mods are more useful. 
  • Downloading Stories- This mod helps you in downloading stories that you see on the top most side of the Instagram. If you like any story and wants to download it, then by clicking download option you can download that story in an easier way. 
  • Copying descriptions, Comments, and URLs- There are different types of Instagram Mods present. One of these is GBInstagram Mod, and with its help you can copy any comments that you want. If we talk about descriptions like if you like someone’s bio or description then you can copy and save that description or bio of that person within a very few seconds. Now comes URLs; if you want to share the links of your pictures or videos on Facebook or WhatsApp then this helps you to copy and share the links. 
  • Watching Stories without letting anyone know- In Official Instagram you cannot watch stories secretly, but using this Mod you can do this too with an option there! 
  • No more Rooting- There are many different mods out there that require a rooted device. But it’s not same with Official Instagram! This problem to root device is eliminated from InstaMod. And you can simply download and install this Instagram app on your device in an easier way without facing any technical issues. 
  • Instagram Mod APK theme feature- In this you can change your theme according to your need . There are many different themes available to make the look of your Instagram conversation change. On Contrary, you cannot find any theme related feature on an Official Instagram. 
  • Safety and security- This Modded app is 100% safe to use and it will never cause any kind of harm to your device. 
  • Fixing bugs- Also one of the great feature in which you can fix bugs by yourself just by clicking on the option of fixing bugs which is present there without facing any kind of trouble. 
  • Languages- The Insta Mod app also has an option of languages. It supports various languages that makes it again much better than an Official Instagram. 

Best Instagram Mods And their Features

Now let me take you to the journey of Best Insta Mods with their best features. Here we will know about the different types of Best Mods and their various features. So come up let’s see:

GB Instagram Mod APK

GB Instagram is the best Instagram mod which provides you with new and upgraded features. In this Mod, you can customise the conversation with Various themes, you can download posts and videos plus stories, Also you can Zoom in profile pictures, Share or copy the URL of your any video, image. You can also do translations in any language you want, you can copy comments, you can use multiple accounts on the same Instagram app. It is fully secure and there will be no issues facing it.


Instagram hack APK

This is also known as Instagram Password Finder. By downloading this Mod on your Android device, you can crack passwords and download videos, images and Stories from Instagram account. Moreover, you can also copy URLs of videos and photos to share. It is not possible to download Instagram videos, photos and Stories in the Official Instagram but it is possible with Instahack APK and that too, at free of cost.


Instagram ultra Mod APK

In this Mod, there are different features that includes Supporting of ×86 devices and links in the app. You can start Audio and video both at the same time. You can also save many images at a time with just one click. There’s a feature of Anti Ban also. You can hide read ticks if you want. You can also Hide or View Live video. It also helps you in hiding written messages in DM.


Instagram Plus APK

It allows you to update and fix the Bugs. In this Mods feature, you can turn on the videos sound by default and it can play video sound automatically whenever you watch.


Yo Instagram APK

YoInstagram is one of the most popular mod available from where we can download and save anything by using its app. Most important is that it consists of so many amazing features that we can enjoy without any issues. Also, it is available for free of cost too. It provides us with amazing features every time we’ll update. Using this modded version of Instagram will never harm your android devices.


Instagram Lite APK

It is as the name implies. It is a simpler, slimmed down, less involved version of Instagram. Like most “lite” versions of other apps, Instagram lite is designed to be less resource hungry. Instagram Lite was launched for people who just wanted a few basic functions and avoid features they don’t use. As some times it can get a little overwhelming. The purpose of this was to provide a more simplified, smoother experience for people who desired it.


OG Instagram Mod

In this Instagram Mod you can easily download any photo or any kind of video whichever you like to download. You can also get to know the name of the person who follows you. You can download anyone’s story, And also can view a full image of any person’s Dp or you can call it a profile in a very easy way.

Instagram followers Mod

By downloading this app, you can have random followers by allowing it to do so. But one thing to note is that this all has set a limit to avoid ban of your account. 


There are many more different Insta Mods that one can use and have fun with those exciting features. The Mods are perfectly fine to use and would not cause any trouble to your device. You can rest assured and also it doesn’t require root of your device before downloading and installing it. These Mods are best to use because they have so many different features that other Mods lack in themselves. So, I would like to say that all the Instagram Mods are perfect to use and are safe and secure. They wouldn’t be causing any harm to your device. So, download and install Instagram Mods app without worrying about anything. 

Why Should user use Instagram Mods? 

Insta Mods have different new features that we always wanted to have on Official Instagram. We can simply download the photos and videos without getting into any kind of trouble. One can successfully enjoy the latest and best features of this app. Most importantly, the Instagram Mods apps are totally user friendly and 100% safe and free. It helps in sharing our own profile to the other social media platforms through the links and therefore one can enjoy it’s exciting features without facing any kinds of issues.

By using an Official Instagram you cannot enjoy the features that Instagram Mods have. And If we do the comparison between the Official Instagram and the Instagram Mods then you may find it that Instagram Mods are fun to use and have very updated features that you would love to try and see it again and again. 

Why Popularity of Instagram Mods are Increasing? 

There are many features in the Mods version of an app where one can easily enjoy various features. Not any other mod is offering such amazing features like Insta Mods does. 

In an Official Instagram, we can’t even download images or Videos but using these mods not only we can easily see posts, photos, videos and Stories but can download them as well. The official app lacks in many things. It doesn’t allow us to download Photos or videos or better would be saying that it doesn’t have a feature of downloading anything. 

On Contrast, Insta Mods are becoming popular as they have different exciting features like downloading photos, stories and Videos, also allows to copy link of any photo or video and download it to save on our media file. We can also share those link by the option given there and share it in other platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

A Popularity of any app depends on the features of that app. And as you can see that comparing Official Instagram with the Insta Mods, there’s a huge difference between them. Like Official Instagram as already mentioned lacks many features. In fact it does not include any great feature like Instagram Mods does. On Contrary, Instagram Mods are playing a vital role in developing more and more useful features that are enjoyable and fun to use. 

Should I recommend Mods of Instagram? 

I have downloaded Instagram Mod in my device and enjoying it’s cool features a lot. Plus it is very safe and secure to use. One can easily download Photos and Videos without facing any trouble. It has very cool features like different kinds of themes are available while doing conversation without getting into trouble. You can also save the photos or videos that you like and want to see later. It also has an option of link to share it with different platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. Also we can play the sounds of any video by default just by clicking on the option available there. And most importantly you don’t have to root your device before installing it like you have to do when you download and install some different Mods. But in Insta Mods, this feature is also in itself a great part of it, where you can download and install it without rooting your device.

So, no root is required while downloading and installing the Insta Mods app. You can also copy someone’s bio or description if you like it in a very simple way just by simply clicking into it and then the option comes to save it. It is perfectly okay to download and install it in your Android device. After downloading, you don’t even have to root it, because developers have eliminated this part by working on it. You just have to download and install it and get ready to try new key features which would surely be enjoyable for you. Because of these features today Instagram Mods are becoming much more popular then as compared to Official Instagram that lacks these exciting features. So everyone today is preferring Insta Mods over the Official Instagram. I suggest you all to download it and have fun with Insta Mods new exciting features. 

We, at Instamodsapk, don’t encourage anyone to use any type of mods in their device. We have shared this article about Instagram Mods APk to inform and educate the users regarding its features and benefits. You will be solely responsible for any issues that might occur in terms of security and privacy. Even though the app is safe to install, Download it at your own discretion as using any mods of Instagram is against the policy of official Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about Instagram mods are as follows:

Ques: Do we have to root device before installing the Insta Mods? 

Answer: No. You can simply install it without rooting. Developers have eliminated this trouble by working on it. You may find rooting of the devices while downloading and installing the other Mods, but Insta Mods are free from this trouble of root. It’s easy to use. So don’t wait and download it without worrying. 

Ques: What is GB Insta? Is it safe? 

Answer: GB Insta apk is best in itself. Thus, this app is reliable to use and it’s safe also. In this App you can get latest Insta features and updates, along with some new improvements. GB Insta doesn’t require rooting. You can simply download and install it on your device and enjoy it’s cool features. 

Ques: How do you Mod Instagram? 

Answer: After the downloading of the Insta Mod APK file, just go to your device settings> Security. Then click on the unknown sources option and You then just have to enable it and then return back to the download folder and start the installation of Insta Mod APK by clicking on it. 

Ques: What can Instagram Plus do? 

Answer: Instagram Plus is a mod that helps you in managing multiple accounts at a time. With the help of Instagram Plus plus mod we can download Photos and videos like other Instagram Mods and also can share the link if any photo or video to different platforms where it helps us getting followers. Also we can listen audio and video both sounds at a time. 

Ques: What is the best Insta Mod? 

Answer: You can go for the Instagram Xtreme Mod app of the Instagram. It has various features that one can use which would prove very useful to them. And otherwise all the Insta Mods are very useful because every Mods have different features and are enjoyable to use. 

Ques: What can you do with Instagram Plus? 

Answer: You can access advanced features of Insta by installing Instagram Plus App. You can share direct links of any video or photo to anyone or even in different platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. Also many more features are there like you can view full sized profile picture of any person, Follow indicator etc., 

Ques: Why is Insta so popular? 

Answer: Today people want to see the visuals. It seems exciting to everyone and much more enjoyable. Thus, the visual things nowadays are more preferred than written words or audible cues. This is why people like to see photos and videos and now stories also because it makes people enjoy more and they have fun using Insta. It includes features like uploading Stories, uploading photos and videos and also Direct message plus Live option in which we can join many people together and have fun. So, as compared to any other social media platforms, Instagram is more popular and preferable by audience. 

Final words

So this is my review for Insta Mods. Hope it’s useful for you all. These mods are fun to use and features are really exciting to use. And at last I would also like to suggest you to download it and have fun. Hope you’ve liked the article and enjoy all the benefits that these amazing mods has to offer to its users. Share it with your friends and family and enjoy all the features that these mods offers at absolutely no price at all.

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