Instagram Live: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Live

Are you thinking about adding Instagram live video to your stories but don’t know how to do it correctly? If yes then you are at the right place. Here I am going to tell you about everything related to Instagram live. This article includes important information on Instagram live feature like what is Instagram live, why should you use it, how can you set up Instagram live, how to create great Instagram live content for you and your business that can benefit you and so much related contents. So lets’ dive in for more detail about it.

What is Instagram Live?

Everyone who uses Instagram must have known about Instagram live. Even if they haven’t used it yet, they must know how it functions and what people do in it. But still if there’s anyone who still don’t know what Instagram Story Live is, I’m gonna tell them what exactly it is. Instagram Live is one of many features of Instagram that works within Instagram stories and allows its users to broadcast live videos anytime they want. This live can be seen by their followers and if their account is public then anyone can see it by clicking on the icon of their story.

Why Should You Use Instagram Live- Insta Mods Apk

The live story are usually shown at the top of the feed along with an icon saying, “Live”. To view the live story, one has to click on that icon. It is similar to the story post but one can see how many people are watching the live, their comments, etc. One can even request the person who is broadcasting the live story to add them in their live. Using the live feature, one can know that the person or business is live and other instagrammers can watch it in real-time.

Why Should You Use Instagram Live?

According to the stats, more than 500 million people uses Instagram every day. On an average every person spends 30 minutes daily on this single platform which are lots of eyeballs. Not only this, Instagram also have over 1 billion active monthly users. Ultimately, it’s a great opportunity for businesses to be on Instagram and take advantage of this platform to benefit their business in the best ways possible.

Talking about Instagram live feature and why you should use it, is because when you add a story it appears at the top of all your followers feed for 24 hours. And when you go live, so your story not only stays on top of your followers feed but they also get a notification message saying, “Abc started a live video. Watch it before it ends.”

Anyone who wants to be with you in the live can join you. Everyone likes to see people or their favorite brand coming live so they can ask questions and see what announcement the business is going to make, etc. All in all, most of your followers will want to see your live as it disappears after you end your broadcast. And them joining in your live can do wonders for you or your business as people can engage with you in real time. On a bright side, you don’t get so many people joining or engaging with your brand in real but here is no limit of how many people can join you and know more about you or your brand.

How to Set up an Instagram Live Account?

Now that we know what is Instagram live and why should you use Instagram stories live, we will see how can you set up an Instagram live account in easy steps:

Step 1- Tap on your Story Profile Photo with a + sign next to it. It is present at the top of your Instagram feed. In case you don’t see that + icon, simply tap on the camera icon given at the top of your Instagram feed.

Step 2- Now you will see 4 different options including Live, Reel, Boomerang and Story. Then use your fingers and simply slide over to Live option to start broadcasting.

Step 3- Once you’ve selected the option, a screen will appear with Live at the bottom and setting options at the top of it. Before going live, check your settings wheel to make sure every setting is in the order as you want.

Step 4- Then after configuring whom you want to show your Instagram story and other settings, Tap on the icon Start Live Video and it’ll start. Once it starts, all your followers will be notified about it.

Remember that your live video will be lost after you end the broadcast. But Instagram gives you the option to share it with your followers after it ends. But if you want to record your broadcast then you’ll need screen recording software for your device. Also if the camera angle is wrong, you can also flip your camera to the right side so people can see what you want to show them.

How to Manage Your Instagram Live?

When you are live on the Instagram live, it will be good if you know some key settings that can make your live smooth. While you are live, at the bottom of the screen you can see the number of people who have joined you in the live and number of viewers as well. You can also commence conversation if you want by starting and replying to comments. The benefit of doing this is that your audience will feel engaged by commenting.

You can even see who is leaving the live, what they are commenting, etc. Also, you can close the comment with a simple tap on the three dots at the bottom right.

How to Set up an Instagram Live Account- Insta Mods Apk

Not just this, you can also know how long you’ve been broadcasting by taping on the Live button that is given at the top left of the screen of your device. And to know who’s watching your broadcast, click on the number of viewers that is present to the right of the Live button. Live also allows you to make someone out of your live story. All you have to do is to simply tap X next to his or her name and he’ll be out of your live.

How To End The Broadcast?

After successfully doing the live session with your followers, you can end it simply by taping at the top-right corner of your screen. Once you’ve ended it, you can see the analytics of that live video which is the number of viewers. You can see this stats for once as Instagram shows no data from live video after it is ended. So if you want you take screenshot of your live which later on you can share on your Instagram story post.

Few Instagram Live Story Ideas

Below we are sharing few Instagram live story ideas so you can prepare for your next stream. Have a look:

Collaborate with Industry influencer

What’s a better way of engaging your followers on your live session than collaborating with an industry influencer who is popular among people. These are the people that your followers are well aware of, so collaborating with them will benefit your brand, increase engagement rate, more number of followers can be gained and more and more people will recognize your business.

All you have to do is to go live using the steps mentioned above. And once you are live, you can add anyone as a guest to your live session. The video will appear with yours on a split screen.

Go Live at Some Event

Everyone loves events as they are not only informational but you get to learn and explore more about the field you are specialized in. With so many minded like people under one roof, people pay high prices to be part of some popular events. So if you are going to any event, it will be very good for you to go live from that event. No matter if the event is yours or hosting by someone else, you can go live and can get high rate of engagement.

Top 5 Instagram Live Story Ideas For Your Next Live Streaming

No matter what the purpose of event is, maybe your company is getting an award, maybe you are at some conference where the panel wants to know what their audience want, or maybe you are raising a fund or charity for someone, it’s a good idea to stream such important or informational events on live story with your followers. It will build up their trust and loyalty towards you, knowing you are present actively and providing them services in real-time through their profile.

Host some Tutorial or Workshop

One of the best ways to use Instagram live is by hosting tutorials or workshop for your audience. Trust me people love to see tutorials or workshop as it lets them learn something new. Once you’ll go live in your tutorial session, lots of people will pour in with variety of questions, some will love it and let their friends or family know about it if its good or many more opportunities.

When you stream on Instagram, you get great opportunity of answering people. This will make them trust you more and will build your online reputation.


The best known way to increase engagement rate is through an Q&A live session. Going live and answering people’s query will be very beneficial for your business, provided you have thoughtful leaders who can tackle the questions of audience. All you have to do is to simply hop on Instagram live and let your audience know that you’re doing a live Q&A session for them.

Other few Instagram ideas could be:

  • Interview your co-worker/ Review from your customers
  • Talk to a customer and know what they are expecting from you and if you’ve fulfilled their expectations.
  • Launching new product or making some big announcement
  • Celebrating a major milestone your company and employees have achieved
  • A live chat session about the major changes taking place in your business, field or so forth.


So this is everything about Instagram Live story. After reading this article, one can understand that Instagram live is trending and one of the best features of Instagram that can benefit you in many possible ways.

Hope you liked this article and got some important insights about it. Do share your views about this article in the comment section given below. If you still have any doubt, don’t hesitate to ask us. Meanwhile you can also read about the best Instagram mods apk. These apk apps are best ones in the market and offers more features than the official app.

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