The Best Instagram Hashtag Guide You Need- How to Use Insta Hashtags

Instagram Hashtag Guide

Social media is a famous concept nowadays. You cannot deny the utility of Social media in the current digital world. People around the world use such social media means for a variety of reasons. Now, whether you want to connect with the world, enhance your business, showcase your skills, or want entertainment, social media can provide you with everything. One of such social media applications is Instagram.

Now when it comes to social media, one of the most popular platform is Instagram. People use Instagram to share their experiences or anything they do with the world and follow others to connect with them. People all around the world are using Instagram nowadays whether it be common people or celebrities. Many people use it to follow their idols, some use it to improve their business And many more reasons. Instagram is a social media application where you can post stuff, upload stories, videos, contact with others, follow people and many more. You can gain followers and follow others to maintain a healthy social balance.

Apart from this stuff, people also use Instagram for business purposes. As Instagram has a large number of users, it is easy to promote your business through it. Moreover, there are different categories for different content on Instagram so that people with any liking or preference can use Instagram to their fullest and look for the content that they are the fondest of.

If you are an Instagram user, you would already know that gaining followers can be quite difficult. Why do you need followers? Well, followers are a vital part of your Instagram handle. Only having more followers will define your popularity on Instagram. If you own a business account on Instagram, having more followers will obviously be a perk for you. It is because the more followers you have the more advantage of business you will gain. How can popularity be gain? How will you increase your engagement rate? Well, one of the best options is by using Instagram Hashtag. It is because posts or stories through Instagram Hashtag can be seen by a large number of audience. Instagram hashtag is necessary for a variety of reasons like increasing engagement rate, putting your posts and stories category-wise., etc.

The Best Instagram Hashtag Guide You Need- How to Use Insta Hashtags

Moreover there are many other things that tells us why Instagram Hashtags are important for your account. You can check information about your competitors using Instagram Hashtag and check out their ways of doing business and promotion or you can create awareness about your business through Instagram Hashtags. You can also create campaigns using Instagram Hashtags which in turn will increase your visibility. Moreover, you need Instagram Hashtags to create social and political awareness as well. Gaining popularity in your local areas is also possible through Instagram Hashtag as you can add Hashtags of areas around you.

Now, you would want to know that how can you become an Instagram professional using Instagram Hashtags? Well, it is not as difficult as it seems. You can check out your insights to see which Hashtag turns out to be the most effective for you, you can add hashtags to your Instagram stories as well, you don’t need to add irrelevant hashtags, add hashtags that are related to your content, and whatnot. Let’s get into the details of Instagram Hashtag further in the article.

What is Instagram Hashtag?

Now, you must be thinking that what is Instagram hashtag? Well, Instagram Hashtag is a combination of words, numbers, emojis, signs that has the symbol ‘#’ before them. Before the symbol ‘#’ you can add any text you want related to your content that you will find online. For example- if you are uploading a picture of food and you want people to see it by searching for food, then you can add the symbol ‘#’ with the word ‘food’ altogether as #food. The same is with other contents.

Instagram Hashtags are used mostly to categorise the contents so that people can discover what they want in seconds. You can now search for the category of contents that you want to see with Instagram Hashtags. Instagram Hashtags are labels used widely so that people can gain information regarding a specific content easily thus giving you a way to explore your favourite content.

Instagram Hashtags are clickable. Which means that anyone can click on the hashtags which will lead the viewers to a page filled with IG posts using that same Instagram Hashtag. Thus, you can see more contents of the hashtags that you are using without any hassle. Moreover, Instagram Hashtags are searchable which means that you can search for specific contents using Instagram Hashtags. You can search for any Instagram Hashtags effectively. Not only can you search for content, but you can even create hashtags and use it for yourself.

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It can thus be said that Instagram Hashtag is a pound symbol after which you can add keywords and phrases. You can search or create Instagram Hashtags for specific contents so that your engagement rate can increase effectively. Not only that, Instagram Hashtags can be followed as well so that you can get your desired contents on your Newsfeed directly without having to search for the same. Who would have thought that Instagram Hashtags could become a topic for discussion?

Why do you need Hashtag in Instagram Post?

After getting to know what exactly Instagram Hashtag is, you would also want to know its uses as for why is it necessary. Why are Instagram Hashtags a crucial part of Instagram? And why would you need it on your posts? 

The main reason to use Instagram Hashtags is that it helps in increasing your engagement rates as your posts are visible to more audience by using Instagram Hashtags. People use it to promote their business as well. Instagram Hashtags also lets you gain information and knowledge about your competition in the content you are uploading so that you can enhance your techniques. You can also increase the awareness about your business using Instagram Hashtag so it can be a vital part of Instagram marketing. You can also use Instagram Hashtags to promote your business as it can assign you with larger audience. Moreover, creating social and political awareness is now easier through Instagram Hashtags. Below you can see a detailed version of why you need Instagram hashtags for your posts:

Increased Engagement rate

High engagement rate is a must for running a successful Instagram account or business. Now, the question is how can you increase the engagement rate? Well, it is an easy task if you know how to use Instagram Hashtags. It has been proved that the Instagram posts that contains hashtags tend to have an increased engagement rate than those which doesn’t have hashtags. Thus hashtag is a necessary part of Instagram posts.

Increasing visibility

You can use Instagram Hashtags to increase the visibility of your Instagram posts. It means that you can let others see your posts and get access to it without any efforts. The greater the visibility of your account is, the successful your Instagram handle cab turn out to be. Thus you will need Instagram Hashtags to increase the awareness and visibility of your Instagram handle or business.

Business Promotion

You can even promote your business using hashtags. Now, when you add certain hashtags that are related to your content on the same, you can get more audience (those who check out the hashtags that you have added in your posts) easily. Now, when your audience increases, you can add details of your business that can thus help in your business promotion.


Instagram Hashtags not only helps in increasing your visibility, but you can also get information about your competitors of the same field. Now, you should know about your competition, how they increase their business through hashtags, how do they advertise and whatnot. How will you know this? Well, you can easily do this through Instagram Hashtags. As you already know, knowledge about your competitors is necessary for improving your business.

Social/Political awareness

Now, you can create awareness through running different campaigns using hashtags. You can create social or political awareness easily with hashtags. You can create hashtags for either social or political movements and thus increase awareness about such movements through those hashtags.

Creating local popularity

You can add hashtags of local places or areas around you in your Instagram posts or stories. With this, you can increase your popularity among the locals or individuals around you. This in turn can prove to be quite beneficial for you. 

Ways/ Tips to become Instagram pro

Now, you surely would want to become an Instagram professional. But is it an easy task? If you want to become an Instagram Pro, you need to show the best of you. But how will you do that? Well, hashtags can also come in handy in the road to becoming an Instagram pro. Here are some ways/tips for you to follow to become an Instagram Pro using hashtags feature.

  • Get Information

Firstly, you need to get information about the hashtags. Yes you read it right. Without knowing about the hashtags you cannot use it effectively. Moreover, you should also know which hashtag will be best suited for your contents. You need to do a proper research on what hashtags you should use in your posts and stories.  

There are many online tools (Ingrammer, All Hashtag, etc.) through which you can check out which hashtag is popular and which hashtag should you use. You can also search for hashtags on Instagram itself. Moreover, if you search for hashtags on Instagram, you will be able to see related hashtags as well. Also, get information about your rivals and how they advertise can help you to improve your techniques as well.

  • Use effective hashtags 

Some people think that the more hashtags you use then better it is. But it is not true at all. You can’t just keep adding hashtags without thinking whether it will come to use or not. This is why, if you want to become an Instagram Pro, you should understand the concept of quality over quantity. It means, you should only add those hashtags which are effective and useful in place of adding any hashtag you get to see. As you already know, the hashtag limit for Instagram posts is 30. Now, you should not focus on putting 30 hashtags, you should in place add effective and necessary hashtags even if they are only 15 or less in number. You should always add relevant hashtags to your posts and stories.

  • Inspiration from competitors

The world is full of competition now. Whatever you are doing, you will have competitors for the same field. But don’t think it’s a disadvantage for you. And why is that? Well, you can take advantage of your competitors without doing any harm to them. You can do this by checking on them a few times. You can check how they post, what they post and the types of hashtags they use for such purposes. With this, you can gain inspiration which can help you to become an Instagram pro.

  • Create your own hashtags

Not only are you able to use various hashtags already available, but you can also create hashtags of your own. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways of becoming an Instagram pro. You can now create a campaign using your own hashtags to increase the engagement of your handle. You can get as creative as you want so that others can join your campaign and use your hashtags. In such a way, your road to becoming an Instagram pro will become shorter.

  • Look for trending hashtags

Now, if you are using a hashtag that was trending months ago, it will be of no advantage. What you need to do here is look for hashtags that people are using nowadays. You need to use hashtags that are trendy so that you can connect with others and engage with new partners effectively. Now, if you create a campaign, others will join or vice-versa. In this way, you can connect with each other effectively which in turn may come in handy to improve your Instagram account or business.

  • Focus on your audience’s interests

Your audience will not always like what you like. When researching for hashtags, you should keep in mind the preferences of your audiences and work in accordance with that. You can use hashtags that are popular among users and trendy. Moreover, your hashtags should contain keywords that may catch the attention of your audience.

  • Engage with others daily

Becoming an Instagram pro is not a day’s work. You will have to keep working harder every day and thus you will see results bit-by-bit every day. But to do that, you have to engage with the audience every day. You can use daily hashtags to connect with your audience. Moreover, you can use hashtags have the names of weekdays to show what you were doing that day. For example- #SundaySpecial. 

Best practices for Instagram hashtag

As you already know, Instagram Hashtag plays a vital role in improving your Instagram account. You can connect with one another and improve your business using Instagram hashtags. Who would have thought that a mere integration of symbol and keywords could turn out to be this important for business and success? 

You can now increase your popularity, engagement rate, increase awareness and your visibility and whatnot through Instagram Hashtags.

Now, you must be thinking as for how you can use Instagram hashtags effectively. Well, no worries! Here you can get to know about some of the Instagram Hashtag best Practices. You can now get to know what can use Instagram hashtags effectively without any hassle.

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As Instagram has included a feature through which users can follow hashtags, your posts will more likely be visible to numerous people if you use hashtags on the posts or stories. Since the hashtags are clickable, users can view different posts of the same hashtags. So some of the practices you need to keep in mind before using Instagram hashtag are as follows:

  • Add relevant hashtags

Adding irrelevant hashtags can be one of the biggest mistakes while using Instagram hashtags. Now, if you add a hashtag to your content that is totally off the topic, it will not be a good thing to do. So, you need to be specific about your hashtags and add only those which are necessary. This can give hand in increasing your popularity through posts and stories. Thus, adding relevant hashtag is a best practice to become a pro.

  • Use less Hashtags

As already stated in this article, you shouldn’t overuse hashtags. Just because you can add 30 hashtags, it doesn’t mean you should. Now, you must be thinking that the more hashtags you add, the more audience will see then why not use maximum hashtags. Well, it is because not all the hashtags will work out to be good for you. You can test your posts by adding different numbers of hashtags different times and see which one works the best for you. Then you can check which post of yours got interacted the most. This way you can use those numbers of hashtags that got you the most likes and interactions.

  • Keep an eye on hashtag related to your content

Posting your content with a specific number of hashtags is good but not enough. You also need to see what others are posting using the hashtags that you also use. To do that, you will have to follow the hashtags that you use for you contents. This way, you can keep an eye on what others are posting which in turn will help you to improve yourself and post better and more related content.

  • Spy on competitors

Spying on your competitors sometimes will do them no harm. You can just check out their posts and see what hashtags they are using. Also, you can get knowledge about what your competitors of the same field do and what hashtags they use so that you can do the same to improve your business. You can thus create your own strategy by getting inspiration from your competitors.

Tools that helps in analysing hashtag performance

Since you know how you can use Instagram hashtags for you benefits, it is a good start for you. You can apply everything you have read here to your Instagram and see how far you will get with this. But now, how will you know if it is taking effect or not. You would want to know whether your hard work is paying off or it was just a waste of time. Well, now you can analyse the performance of your Instagram hashtags to see the results of your hard work.

Well, you can easily get knowledge about the performance of your Instagram hashtag by analysing it. But how can you do that? Well, there are many tools that can help you to do that. Hash tagging in Instagram can become easier if you use hashtag analysing tools. Some of the tools that may help you to analyse hashtag performance are as follows:

  • Instagram Insights

The in-built tool of Instagram, ‘Insights’ is one of the most common and reliable means to analyse the performance of hashtags. It is simple and you may already know how to use it. It contains analytics of your account for your convenience. You can now check out how far your added hashtags have took your posts. Even you can check how much interactions you got due to Instagram hashtags. You only need to go to the insights tab of your Instagram account and then activity-content-audience. With this, you can easily check out the analytics of your Instagram hashtags which can thus show you the performance of such hashtags.

  • Sprout Social

To analyse the performance of Instagram Hashtags, you can use one of the best social media management tool, Sprout Social. You can now get Instagram report through Sprout Social easily and the results will be accurate. It analyses the performance of hashtags thoroughly as it can show you the lists of your most used hashtags and your most engaged hashtags as well. With this, you can use most engaged hashtags for your betterment. It is one of the best ways for your growth.

  • Simply Measured

Another tool that you can use to analyse the performance of Instagram Hashtags is Simply Measured. It offers analytics and reports of your Instagram hashtags. It means that you can even analyse hashtags individually so that you can get to know which one is the best suited for you. You can then compare those hashtags so see which one is better. From the charts tab of Simple Measured, you can get to know about your most engaging moments, most engaged instagrammers who use you hashtags as well etc.

  • Iconosquare

Iconosquare is one of the best analysing tools that you can ever get your hands on. It is an Instagram management platform that can easily help you to analyse the performance of the Instagram hashtags that you have been using. You can now get detailed analytics using this simple tool. You can now check out about the hashtag engagement and which hashtags are being a contributing factor to your business with this tool.

There are many more tools for analysing the performance of Instagram hashtags but for now, you can use any of the above-mentioned tools for your convenience.


Instagram is one of the most reliable social media platform which you can also use for business purposes. There are many ways to gain popularity and awareness regarding your account or business on Instagram. One of the best ways to do that is by using Instagram Hashtags. Hashtags can be used to categorize your content and make it visible to a larger audience which means that those who don’t follow you will also be able to see your posts. Instagram Hashtags are not just used for these purposes. You can also use Instagram Hashtags to increase your engagement rate, awareness, promote your business, and keep an eye on competitors and whatnot. You can even gain popularity if you use Instagram hashtags properly. They are useful in loads of way.

Moreover, you should keep in mind to only use hashtags that are relevant to the content that you are uploading. This means that you cannot add off-topic hashtags just because you can. Moreover, you can add a maximum of 30 hashtags on your posts but you shouldn’t. First you need to check how many hashtags will work out for you by trying different numbers of hashtags different times. You can also get inspiration from your competitors so that you can improve your strategies of becoming a pro. If you do all these things, you will be able to become a pro in no time.

Now, when you have done all these stuff, you would want to know whether it is working out or not. How will you check this? Well, as stated in the article, you can use various tools for analysing the performance of Instagram hashtags. Thus, you will be able to get details about which hashtags are best for you, which hashtags you are using the most and which hashtags has the most engagement rates in no time.

Hope this article was useful for you and you get to learn something out of it. Meanwhile, you can also read about GB Instagram. It is one of the best Instagram mods that offers amazing features and benefits to the users as compared to the official app.

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