What are Instagram Guides: Everything You Need To Know About This

Instagram has launched a new “Guide” feature for sharing curated, scrollable content. It allows the user a simple way to put content together in a single place. This new feature provides the user to share and get helpful recommendations in very easy to digest format. Here we are going to tell you everything about Instagram Guides, how it works and more. Lets’ jump right in!

What are Instagram Guides?

Instagram is always known for offering simpler ways to its users for easily discovering new recommendations, tips and other interesting contents from their favorite brands or publishers. And Instagram Guides is an attempt in providing exactly what people would like to see but in simpler forms. In other words, Guides are basically another brand new way or we can say “feature” for the users to share and consume content on the Instagram. It allows them to get a simple curated flow of different posts that they are interested in, along with commentary. This new feature offers great step-by-step guides, tips and recommendations.

Initially the company launched this feature with a main focus on wellness topics to help users as many people have struggled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To illustrate this feature more accurately, using it a nutritionist could create a simple yet knowledgeable guide “Healthy Morning Breakfast to Make in Under 10 Minutes” or any other suitable guide they want people to know about.

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Guides

Though it is not only limited to wellness but this Guides feature will be expanding to post other types of contents which includes “Products, Place and Post”. Using which, anyone can easily create travel guides, product recommendations, healthy lifestyle steps or any other generic guide very easily. It has a resemblance of blog post as one can include text, photos, videos, and galleries to illustrate the topic. So, no matter if you are a B2B or B2C brand, there’s plenty of ways for you to use this Instagram guides feature as you like to serve the best to your audience on this platform.

Where Can You Find Instagram Guides?

To see this feature you simply have to go in your profile. From your Insta profile, tap + icon that is given on the upper right corner of your profile. Click on it and select “Guide” feature from the “Create New” pop-up. Soon they’ll also start to appear in Explore tab of Instagram. Not just this, anyone can even share the guides to their stories or DM if they want, just like they share certain videos or posts.

How to Create Instagram Guides?

Follow the steps mentioned below to create Instagram Guides:

Step 1- Open your Instagram app and go to your Profile.

Step 2- Tap on the “+” icon available on the top right corner of the page.

Step 3- A list will appear “Create New”, select “Guide”.

Step 4- Simply choose the Guide option. Once you click on it, 3 different Guide format will appear: Place, Product, and Posts.

Step 5- According to the format you choose, you can create Guide for other Instagram users they can look at.

Note: With catchy headlines or commentary, you can use Posts format to create a thread of Instagram posts. Similarly, the Products format can be used to create products that are available in the Insta shop and then promote them as well. And lastly, the Place will let people to share the location based recommendations including city guides to restaurants and cafes.

How Do Instagram Guide Feature Works?

It is very simple to use just like other features that Instagram offers. One can see the posts or videos that the curator has created in the Guides. And if you want to know more about any video or post, you can click on it so you can see the original post. Also, you can share a guide on story and DM if you want others to see it as well.

Who Can Create Instagram Guides?

Anyone can create Instagram guides. Though when the feature was launched, only a few selected group of creators like public figures, organizations, publishers, etc. were allowed to publish content with main focus on wellness and mental health. However, from 17 November 2020 onwards, Instagram has made this feature available to all the Instagram users.


So this is everything about Instagram Guides. Whether you want to create Instagram guide as catalogues for your products, providing healthy tips, travel guide, or anything, you can use this feature in multiple ways to benefit your brand. The feature benefits both the brand/ Person or his followers.

Hope this article helped you in getting insights about Instagram feature Guide. If you still have any query, you can ask us via the comment section given below and we’ll try to solve that query as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can read about best Instagram mods apk. These mods are very popular among the people and offers many benefits that you’ll definitely love.

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