The Complete Guide On How to Use Instagram for Customer Service

It’s no wonder that Instagram is one of the most used social media platform. Since it has over 1 billion active users worldwide, almost every brand are trying their best and jumping on the bandwagon to use this amazing social media platform “Instagram” for their businesses. It has become such a powerful platform for marketing that over 26 million brands and over 3 million advertisers are on this platform only. Be it big or small, all the companies are showing off their products here only to increase their brand awareness & for attracting new customers. All in all, we can say that it is not only a powerful but also a profitable marketing place for business. But we can’t deny that dealing with the customer inquires is just as important and yet the difficult task for many businesses. That is why, today we are going to talk in detail about Instagram for customer service so you can offer the best services to your customers.


For so many businesses and brands that sells their services or products to their customers, Instagram has no doubt became the main channel through which they are interacting with their customers. With having over 1 billion active users from all over the world, Instagram has become more like a virtual window shop through which a brand can reach to their potential customers easily.

However being present on this platform merely is not gonna give you the best of everything. To make Instagram a profitable platform for your brand, you must provide the best customer experience to your customers by offering them the instant support and even guiding them about the purchase.

The Complete Guide On How to Use Instagram for Customer Service

In case, you don’t know then let me tell that you that there are lots of companies who are finalizing their transactions through Instagram for customer service and that is through the Instagram tool known as “Instagram Direct”. It is an instant messaging tool offered by the Instagram, using which the business solves the query of their customers online on Instagram. So lets’ start right in to know how to give the best service to your customers on Instagram!

What Your Potential Customers Want When They Follow Your Brand?

Below I’ve mentioned few points on what customer want when they follow your brand:

Communicate- It is seen that 80% of instagrammers follow, if not more, then at least one business profile on this platform. And when they follow, they want to communicate with the brand and want to know more about their services and products.

Complain & Experience- A study showed that 55% of instagrammers wants to get response from the brand and around 70% of the instagrammers share their experiences about the brand to inform other potential customers.

Social Media Service- Around 43% of people that are of age between 18-29 use social media platform to get service related needs.

So reading these above points, one can say that using Instagram for a brand isn’t just an option these days but it’s a necessity. Therefore, it is very important for the businesses to be actively available here and manage their customer service request with ease. And to make it easy, Instagram provides the brands with Instagram Direct feature. This feature is for solving customers query. Here in this article, I am going to share everything related to Instagram Direct, so you can know what is it and how to use it for customer service.

What is Instagram Direct & How Can You Use It For Customer Support?

Instagram Direct is a feature of Instagram that allows the users to chat and contact people and companies. If you have a business that majorly deals in selling or offering some goods or services, the first and one of the important things that you need to do is to start offering customer support on your profile and switch your account to business profile to get extra functionalities.

By switching to business profile, you will get lots of extra features that will not only provide you the opportunity to promote your posts but also lets you complete your company profile with lots of information including address, email, contact information, timings, and description of the business.

Switching to business account will make your audience know that your Instagram profile is dedicated to your business only and this is not a personal account. And once anyone follows you, he will be able to send you a direct message so he can get in touch with the business and receive the required assistance. In case someone sends you message without following you then his message will be shown in message requests which you must accept before starting the conversation with him.

Tips To Improve Customer Service on Instagram

Below you’ll discover few important tips that’ll help you to improve your customer service on Instagram:

Add Your Contact Information To Your Instagram Bio

Be it anyone customers, clients or any normal person, they will lose interest in a business if their questions are not properly answered or ignored. And that is why, a brand needs to make sure that they provide their contact information clearly on their Instagram bio to make it easy for the customer to reach out to you in times of need.

It’s very important to provide proper information because most of the customers online wants to get answers on the same platform where they ask the questions. With Instagram business profile, you can add all those required information that will make it easy for the user to come to you with their queries. 

Feature Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Solutions in Your Instagram Highlights

Not every customer likes to contact the brand to get the answer of their query as they prefer to find solution by themselves. That is why many people likes to provide self-service options in their Instagram account. One of many options is to create a Highlight of your Instagram story for FAQs. Since the stories have a short span of 24 hours only, Instagram allows you to feature that or any of your favorite story to your profile using its highlight feature.

Customer Service on Instagram- The Best & Complete Guide You Ever Need

Here what you actually need to do is to gather your multiple FAQ stories into a simple highlight album that your audience can look for their convenience. These Instagram highlights that appear below the profile makes it easy for the visitors or followers to look for the solutions to their problems.

Instagram Quick Replies For Instagram Direct Messages

When customers reach out to any brand regarding some service/ product, they usually have similar questions like many of the other customers. At this time, instead of typing the same answer over and over again, you can simply set up the Quick Replies for the most commonly asked questions.

So once you know about the most asked questions of your customers, create a list of quick replies for those questions. This way you’ll be saving a lot more of your time and can invest it in some other work as well. Then whenever you get the same query, you can reply within few second. Here’s how you can setup Quick Replies for Instagram Direct messages.

Reply to Customer Inquiries Faster

Imagine ordering something from your favorite brand but due to some reasons, you have to exchange/ return the product and so you decided to message them on Instagram with your query but not getting the response fast. How will you feel? Will you be okay if they don’t respond despite you messaging them for multiple time. Well, this might make you think that their service is not good and you decide not to buy their product again or in other case, you can even decide to mail them on their support mail. Though this could be quite hectic as well as annoying. But at the same time, if you DM some other brand you bought the product from and they reply instantly. How will you feel? Opposite of how you felt earlier right? So I am here telling you is to keep answering to your customer inquiries faster to maintain the image of your brand positively in the eyes of your customer.

In short, one of the best ways to provide the best customer support to your followers is by making interactions with them faster and easier. It can help you build loyal followers and also by replying quicker to the inquiries, you can also gather the feedback about your service from your customers much faster.

Be Brief

While replying your customers, remember you have limited space to respond to him on Instagram. People don’t like to be confronted with long texts message whether as a comment, DM or any other way. So try to keep your response to the point, and as short as possible with the relevant answers that satisfy their question. In short, it is always advisable to keep things short, neat and sweet while interacting with the users on Instagram for customer support.

Manage Comments Transparently

Always remember that transparency is the most important component to customer satisfaction and that is why when your business responds to comments on Instagram, make sure it is transparent in all forms. This helps in building customers trust in your brand.

Being more open about the services or products you offer is a proven way of serving well to both your potential or existing clients. So to provide better customer service, its’ important to show empathy to your customers and answer everything to them properly and professionally.

Critical Support Conversations To A Private Channel

Sometimes the dissatisfied customers share about their bad experience in comments section so they can get quick support from other dissatisfied customers as well. Most of the companies or brands responds to these comments so they can avoid any potential damage that might happen to their brand reputation.

How to Use Instagram for Customer Service- InstaModsApk

And whenever you decide to reply a dissatisfied customer, you should try to take that conversation to a private channel, means in your DM for the resolution. Because for you to resolve his queries, they might need to provide their personal information like (email, phone number, address, etc.), and its’ critical to protect their data so the best thing is to take this conversation in a private channel and resolve it as soon as possible.

Make it Personal

Last but the not least point in how to use Instagram for customer service is this. Everyone looks for quick response when they ask something on social media but at the same time, many people prefer to get more of a personal type of response rather getting a formal response with the high-end difficult to understand words. So every time when you decide to answer your customer (existing or potential), make sure they feel as if they are getting the answer from a person and not a robot.


So this is all about how to use Instagram for customer service in the best way possible. We all know that the idea of customer service is not new and everyone has been doing it from a long time. But today the world has changed and things have become more advanced in terms of technology. People prefer to read reviews online before buying any product and looks for the brand that offers the best customer support as well. That is why most of the businesses are using this platform actively and trying their best to provide all the services that the customer wants from them.

It is not that Instagram is the only way for the customers to get support in case they need but if you are a business who is present on Instagram, you should be ready to answer and handle your customer inquiries here.

Hope you’ve understand this article and get the most out of it. Now go ahead and work on building the best brand of your business along with providing excellent customer services. But if you still have any questions regarding this topic then you can ask us through the comment section given below. We will try to answer it as soon as possible.

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