7 Instagram Content Strategy To Create Content Plan for Your Brand

If are you looking for successful Instagram content strategy then you are at the right place. Read further to know the amazing tips for your Instagram marketing strategy.

Successful Instagram Content Strategy

There are so many ways one can find success on Instagram. Some of the methods that are known includes regular Instagram scrolling, randomly liking photos or videos, posting picture portrait daily or on alternate days. However, no matter how good these methods are but they are not going to give you the result that you are looking to build you a brand name for your Instagram page.

To stand out in Instagram over your competitors, your marketing team needs to create a deliberate content plan for your brand that will bring results for you specific to your business. As we all know Content is King. This becomes very important for you to create a plan when you want to build an active community for your brand and see great results.

7 Best Instagram Content Practices To Create Content Plan for Your Brand

There are few things to include in your content strategy which I am going to talk about below:

When to Post and How Often

The first content strategy for Instagram is to make sure that your brand have a regular scheduling to stay relevant and providing your potential searchers with what they are looking for. But keep in mind to not bombard your followers with too many post at the same time. And therefore it is important for your brand to keep an eye to figure out what time works best for you. To know this, you need to post at different intervals of time and observe the best time based on the results accordingly.

After you know what time and day works best for you, create a shared calendar and keep track of what you want to post, at what time, day and when it will go out to your page.


If you’ve observed Instagram properly then you must have seen that every brand have their own theme of content to keep their page interesting for their followers. Having a theme based page helps in achieving different goals. Also to keep your page engaging along with a nice theme, you should include contests, stories, polls, giveaways etc. to increase awareness and attract new followers.

Modify your Style

How do you like to be seen by your followers? Will using emojis in your caption look good? Is it important for your brand to have specific grammer guidelines or writing pattern? What type of hastags you should be using? What content your audience will like? What images/ videos you should post to increase your brand awareness? And so much more. Ask these questions to yourself and then create a particular style for your brand that will not only benefit your business but also cover every ways which will make your brand distinct and consistent.

Creating an Instagram Content Strategy- Insta Mods Apk

Content Engagement

Everything will feel waste if your page doesn’t have required engagement and therefore it is important to make a proper guideline for your brand, that’ll include how your brand is going to interact with other brands, followers and potential clients. In short, how you will like and comment on other people’s page and how will you handle the incoming messages and comments on your brand.

Your engagement rate on your page is something you can’t cut short and take for granted. It needs a personal touch and therefore it is advised to not try to automate your engagement. It will not work.

Create Instagram Marketing Content

If you are a big brand already then you might have your own content creation team who are strategizing, creating, posting, engaging, and measuring results for you. But if you’ve just started out, you will not have all these resources at your disposal. This is why small business should choose an approach for their content marketing on Instagram. As a small business you will have less opportunity to succeed with your already established competitors but definitely have more options than them to explore and try out new methods or strategies.

So if you want to increase your brand awareness, build followers for your brand with high engagement rate, etc. then you’ll need a different approach that’ll promote your services, products and business in general.  So my advice to you would be to daily spend time brainstorming new ideas, putting them into practicality, creating the content, posting at your peak time when your potential audience is active, using high quality images, video, sound, etc. Most importantly, ask yourself what it will help you achieve and give your 100% to it.

Tools to help you create Instagram content

There are many paid and free tools available where you can get quality images, video clips and a lot more relevant things that you need to engage your audience for your brand. Few of the tools that you may want to try are:

  • Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay to get free photos.
  • Shutterstock and Getty Images for paid photos and video clips.
  • Canva for image editing. It has free and paid plans. Choose as per your requirements.

Get creative with your Instagram content

Another thing to keep in mind while making Instagram content strategy is to add some creativity to stay relevant. Post new pictures, add different filters, add unique videos and post it right away with your branded hashtags and at the time when your audience is active. Instagram is a very big platform used by millions of people throughout the world. You always are surrounded by plenty of opportunities but before getting that one opportunity, you need to explore so many other previously set examples and new ones made by you.

Using all your ideas and strategy, you will definitely stand out and make a brand of yourself.


So this is it. Hope you’ve gained some knowledge and ideas on how to strategize your Instagram content marketing. Having an Instagram content strategy will do wonders for you and your brand, while helping you to stay apart from your competitors. Make strategy, write it down on excel, and measure the stats of you doing better every single day. These are some of the best ways to do something amazing and to get to the next step where you want to be.

If you still have any query, you can ask us via the comment section given below and we’ll try to help you out in every possible ways. Meanwhile you can also read about best Instagram mods that provides better features as compared to the official one.

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