InstaAero APK- Download Latest Version For Android {Updated 2021}

Features !!! Yes, you read it right. InstaAero APK mod has so many interesting features that after installing, downloading and then using it, one word about this Mod app would surely pop-up in your mind and that is its features. Even we could say that it has diverse features having no resemblance with other mod APK apps. So, let’s take a look at this APK Mod entirely, where we will know about its complete definition with its distinct features, FAQS, And Conclusion at the end. 


As we know, the app name is InstaAero and its developer’s name is Hazar Bozkurt. He has hosted this mobile application on its official website. It adds many privacy features and Personalisation to this Instagram app. It basically allows you to do various things from its best features comfortably that are not possible to do in the Official Instagram app. The app gets updated was last updated frequently and Android version requires 4.1+. Talking about its size, then it is of 40 MB. It’s price is totally free. And base is It’s package Name is category is of course our Social Media. 

Now, let’s know the definition of this Instagram Aero Mod Apk~

What is Instagram Aero Mod Apk?

Instagram Aero Mod APK is the Mod Version of an Official Instagram. It is a Mod APK so it has a lots of features that an Official Instagram does not have. And also it offers you Privacy and Personalisation too. 

Download Official InstaAero APK Latest Version For Android

Instagram Aero Mod APK in its features includes different beautiful themes and also provides user interface. It provides you the best features as compared to any other Mods. It’s a very useful and safe Mod than others with tons of features with it. You just have to download it and Install it on your Android device. 

Difference between Official Instagram and InstaAero APK Mod

Official Instagram is a platform to share photos and videos app which does not includes different features which users want. An Official Instagram just only allows the user to post a photo, video, or share a story. And a simple direct Messaging option. It has countable options. And you would not see any kind of theme option or colors option or to hide the messages from others and many other different features that it does not includes. 

Whereas if we talk about an Instagram Aero Mod APK then it’s a lot more than best with advanced and updated feature app. It has all those features that one user could wish for. It provides themes of different types unlike official Instagram. It can show you profile picture of any person that you would like to see with a specialty of providing user the HD image of any user. User can even download the profile pictures. Plus, you can even do fast forward Videos or if you want to rewind it then it could provide you the option for that also. You can hide Read DM, hide View stories, moreover you can even hide typing part also.

Other features such as you can open link from within the Instagram Aero Apk Mod. You can copy Biographies, or copy comments and even you can translate them too. You can start Automatically Videos with Audio. Also, you can disable Navigation features. There’s also Two-line message box in DM option through which you can expand area of the particular message. So, there’s a lots of features like these in Instagram Aero Apk Mod where one can enjoy these interesting features for free. 

Problems in Official Instagram 

If you see clearly Official Instagram has many problems like sometimes time clashing occurs while using Instagram business account due to other activities. You just can’t easily complete up your post and upload. This problem of clashing of time really becomes frustrating. 

  • Now the photos filter and editing option comes. You can only edit your photos in Instagram in a small screen, which is really not an easy task! However, filter option seems to be nice but this small screen photo editing becomes difficult to tackle. 
  • Other problem is to share your same uploaded post to the other sites. Official Instagram allows you only to share your Instagram post on Facebook but not in other sites. For sharing it on other sites you have to make a link of your post which becomes a little complicated. 
  • More than 5 tags and 30 hashtags on comment section is not allowed on Official Instagram And you can’t even post same comment many times. 
  • Next problem of Official Instagram is the poor quality of IGTV live videos. 

So, these were some of the major problems of Official Instagram. 

Instagram Aero Apk Mod Features 

Now, here comes the most interesting part till now and it is about instaero APK Mod Features. Let’s move ahead and know about its interesting features:

  • HD Profile Pictures- Just by Pressing and holding any users profile picture, you could be able to see it in HD quality and also the option of Zoom in and out has been provided for the better experience of its features.
  • Download Profile Pictures- By enlarging the profile picture of any user, plus holding and pressing it, you can download it also.
  • Camera Icon- By enabling the default, you can stop or prevent the videos from turning on automatically. You can do this by holding the top left side icon of the camera.
  • Fast forward rewind Videos- Again by pressing and sliding any video, and sliding any Instagram video you can easily fast forward or rewind your videos.
  • Hide Read DM- You can do this by clicking on the privacy option given on the Instaero Settings. There you will find an option with wriiten “Don’t mark messages as read” option. Just by enabling this option your messages will not show you Seen. You can also change it by pressing o and hold the conversation and then other option of “ Mark as read” option will come. Then simply tap on that.
  • Hide View stories- For enabling this feature, you just have to go to Instaero Settings > Privacy, there one option will show that is “ Don’t tell anyone that you viewed Stories “ click on it then no one would know that you have seen their stories.
  • Hide Typing- Again for hiding your typing you have to go to Instaero Settings and then Privacy. Where one option of “Hide my typing..” will come. Then you can hide your typing.
  • Open links from within the Instaero APK Mod- For enabling this feature, you need to go to settings > General settings, where you would find an option of “enable in-app browser”. By enabling this you don’t have to visit Instagram sites with an additional browser.
  • Copy Biographies- Just by tapping on any users biography you can copy it.
  • Home Icon- You can also open the home page that is specially designed for developers.
  • Copy and Translate comments- By selecting the comment and then touching the Classic copy icon, you can copy the comment. For translation, you need to click the translation option given on the left side.
  • Download with double Tap- You have to go to Instaero Settings > General Settings and there you will find an option of “Download media on double tap”. Enable it and download every media fine whichever you prefer.
  • Disable Navigation Gestures- By enabling this option, the gesture if your finger on the home screen will get disabled. For enabling this, Go to Instaero Settings> General settings, then click on “ Slide Navigation “ option.
  • Two Line message box in DM- This feature can prevent accidental sending of a heart option. For this, Go to Settings > Personalisation Preferences. By enabling this you will be able to expand the area of the message.
  • Automatically Start Videos with Audio- By going in Instaero Settings, you can enable the “ Start Videos directly with sound”. 

Why user should use InstaAero Mod APK?

This app is full of tons of features which one could not find on Official Instagram. One can see HD quality Profile Pictures of any users, Hide or mark as read option usage, one can also open links from this app. Plus many more features which are very interesting plus useful. 

Why Popularity of InstaAero Mod APK is Increasing?

It is because, it has very exciting features and other privacy settings that allows users to change or enable, disable according to their needs. Official Instagram does not provide users with so many different features, that’s the reason that it’s Popularity is Increasing day by day. 

How to download InstaAero on Android?

Follow the steps mentioned below to install InstaAero apk on android:

Step 1- Many applications are available online by this name and similar names. Download the apk file from the link given below. 

InstaAero APK

Step 2- Go to settings and allow applications from unknown sources. 

InstaAero unknown sources
unknown sources

Step 3- When the download is completed, install this application .

Step 4- Use it to get back into your instagram account and enjoy.

We, at Instamodsapk, don’t encourage anyone to use any type of mods in their device. We have shared this article about InstaAero apk to inform and educate the users regarding its features and benefits. You will be solely responsible for any issues that might occur in terms of security and privacy. Even though the app is safe to install, Download it at your own discretion as using any mods of Instagram is against the policy of official Instagram.

Should I recommend InstaAero Mod APK?

By every means, Yes. I would recommend you this app because of its tons of interesting features, that are easy to use. Plus it has every means every single features that one user could wish for. So, it becomes much more interesting to use. So, from my side, please don’t hesitate in downloading and installing this app, because it is fully safe with lots of interesting and beautiful features. Go for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions About InstaAero

Have a look at some of the frequently asked questions about InstaAero:

Ques: Is it safe to use InstaAero Mod APK? 

Answer: Yes, it is perfectly Okay to use Instaero Mod APK, this app is a modified version of an Official Instagram, so no issues with it.

Ques: Is Instaero APK Mod free of Ad? 

Answer: From tons of features, this ad free feature is also included in this app. So Yes, it is Ad- free app.

Ques: Can I use Official Instagram and Instaero APK Mod together at a time? 

Answer: No, It is not possible. 

Final words

This app is safe to use. And it’s more likely a great alternative. An alternative for GB Instagram. It has so many features, Big thanks to the developer! So, enjoy and have fun by using its interesting and cool features.

Hope you’ve installed the apk and enjoy all the benefits that this amazing app has to offer to its users. If you have any query related to this article or having any issues related to the app or its installation, you can ask us via the comment section given below. We’ll solve it as soon as possible. You can also read about best Instagram story downloading apps.

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