How To Reset Instagram Password In Simple & Easy Steps?

Do you want to recover a lost Instagram password? Then read the following article.

Many people ask how to reset instagram password. You can easily reset your password on Instagram by following our simple steps that we’ve mentioned in the article below.

Instagram is a very popular online image, video sharing and social networking service that lets its users from all over the world to take pictures and videos, apply amazing digital filters to them, and share them with their friends, family and followers on multiple social networking platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Flickr.

You can download Instagram (for iOS or Android ) for free from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android). But if you’ve forgotten your Instagram login credentials then you may need to reset your account’s password. Forgot my Password feature allows users to set new password their own.

How To Reset Instagram Password In Simple & East Steps

Features of Instagram

Following are the best features of Instagram that every user of Instagram should know about:

  • You can upload photos and videos from your gallery or directly from your camera.
  • You can apply filters to any photo or video to change their look and feel.
  • You can chat with people on Instagram and send them messages and emoticons.
  • You can like, comment and share the updates of other users on your timeline as well as in news feeds of others using hashtags or mentioning them by username etc…
  • You can also share your updates with your followers easily by using Instagram Direct feature.
  • You can follow users to view their updates without needing permission from them.
  • The images and videos shared on the platform are public unless the user chooses otherwise.
  • You can also protect your profile with a password, to make it private which means only people whom you have approved will be able to see it or use other interactive features of Instagram like commenting etc…
  • With its geo-tagging feature you can tag images with information about place where it was taken at that particular time for easy location tracking and recognition by others who subscribe to the same environment. 

How do I reset my password on Instagram?

To reset your password follow the following steps:

Step 1- On your main screen click on ‘Help’ located at the bottom right of the page, then choose “Forgot Password”.

Step 2- Enter username or email address that you use to log into Instagram account. Then press submit. The system will send an email with a link to reset your login credentials.

Step 3- After you have clicked that link in that email then you are returned to this page and are required to enter new password. You can enter any alphanumeric value for new password but choose wisely as it needs to be secured so nobody else can use it later on after they found access to your account. Also you can decide about checking your email address when someone else tries to log into your Instagram account from here.

Step 4- Finally click the ‘Continue’ button and then follow these steps: “Please enter a new password”, “Confirm password”, “Choose a username” and “Submit”.

You have completed process of resetting your password on Instagram successfully! Now, go back to login page and sign in with a new identity which you have just created by following our simple steps. You will be able to use all features of an account after successful login. If you need any further help regarding this issue then open chat window from right side upper corner of page or post comments below for specific recommendations


All in all, resetting Instagram password is not so complicated and it will take you just a few minutes. And we hope that everything will be clear after reading this article. If you have any questions or suggestions about how to reset instagram password, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. We will solve your queries as soon as possible.

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