How do I turn on Dark Mode for Instagram in Android & iOS

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networking site that has billions of active users on it. It has lots of features that it offers to the users and one of the feature that people are commonly looking for in the app, is the dark mode. Instagram dark mode has many benefits like it reduces battery consumption, dark mode feels good while using, and also it reduces the exposure to blue light that mainly affects our ability to sleep at night.

In the last few years, many popular apps have rolled out the dark mode on their applications for the users. Messenger, Chrome and Gmail are some of those who’ve enabled dark apps for the users. Even WhatsApp is working on offering the dark mode to the users as seen in their beta version.

Though to have dark mode Insta on your device, you must have Android 10 for android users and iOS 13 for iOS. Here in this article, I’ve shared what you need to do to turn on dark mode for Instagram.

How do I turn on Dark Mode for Instagram in Android & iOS- InstaModsApk


Have a look at few benefits:

  • Reduces battery consumption as it is known that white screen consumes more battery.
  • Good for overall eye health by reducing stress and pressure on our eyes while scrolling feed.
  • With the screen being dark, the screen glare is reduced and therefore, it minimizes flickering and blue light.
  • Lots of people prefer dark mode Instagram over the regular white screen Instagram.
  • Looks attractive than just the boring white screen.

How To Turn On Dark Mode For Android?

The dark mode for Instagram is currently available for android 10 users. Below we’ve shared step by step on how can you enable dark mode on Instagram for android:

Step 1- Go to your Android Phone’s settings.

Step 2- Then Scroll down to “Display” and Tap “Advanced”.

Step 3- From here you can select “Dark” from the device theme menu.

Step 4- Once you’ve enabled then, open Instagram and the “Dark Instagram Mode” will be enabled automatically.

How To Turn On Dark Mode on Instagram For iOS?

To enable dark mode for Instagram on iOS you should have updated your device to the latest version of 13:

Step 1- Download Instagram App from the Apple store.

Step 2- Now Go to “Settings”

Step 3- Select “Display & Brightness”.

Step 4- Here you can turn your Dark Mode on. You can set it to automatically to switch on & off.

And this is it. Here’s how you can easily switch your Instagram to dark mode.


This is all about how you can turn on dark mode on your device. From reducing overall exposure of eyes to blue light to reducing fatigue, Instagram dark mode have many benefits for the users. It makes everything look good and better along with making it easier for the user to scroll the app. So, if you’ve yet not taken the advantage of dark mode then go and switch to it now. I hope you’ve liked the article but if you still have any queries related to the article, you can ask us via the comment section given below. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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