How to copy Instagram comments – Latest tricks and hacks

How to copy Instagram comments – Latest tricks and hacks: An Instagram user come across many attractive comments and captions in his daily life and he/she also wants to copy that caption to use it on their Instagram account or at  some other social media app. But we know that this feature is not available on Instagram as Instagram does not allow one to copy comments or captions from it in the mobile device.

So the question arises here is “Can We Copy Instagram Comments ?” And the answer is absolutely yes. You can copy Instagram – comments, captions and bio.

There are many ways by which you can copy Instagram comments. And in this article we will talk about the best ways through which you can easily copy any comment or a caption you would like on your Instagram account not only on your Android devices or IOS devices but also on your laptops or PCs and can paste it where ever you want to use it.

Best Ways To Copy Instagram Comments

Three best methods through which we can copy comments and captions on Instagram are:

  • Using the web browser – Google Chrome or Safari. 
  • Downloading the modded version of Instagram – GB Instagram, YoInstagram, OGInsta or Instagram Plus.
  • Using the specific apps – Universal Copy.

Methods Of Copying Instagram Comments

Have a look at 3 methods in details on how to copy Instagram comments, bio and more:

How to copy Instagram comments - Latest tricks and hacks


Copying Instagram Comments Using Web Browser 

On Instagram App in our devices we cannot tap or long press on the comments to copy it on our clipboard.

So with the help of this method mentioned below we can easily copy comments, captions and bio on Instagram App through our Android or IOS devices without using a third party app by simply using a web browser i.e. Google Chrome or Safari. 

Copying The Instagram Comments From Your Android or IOS Devices

Step:1 Select the Instagram post from which you want to copy comment or caption.

Step: 2 Tap on the “Three Dot” option present above the post along with the username.

Step: 3 Click on the “Copy Link” option.

Step: 4 Now open any of the web browser i.e. Google Chrome or Safari and paste the copied link of that Instagram post.

Step: 5 The post will open in the front of your screen and then simply copy the comment or caption by taping and selecting it with your fingers. 

Step: 6 Paste the copied comment where ever you want to use it.

Copying The Instagram Comments From Your Computer 

Step:1 Open the Instagram on your PC. You can download the app or you can search it on browser.

Step:2 Find the post from which you want to copy the comment .

Step:3 Then select the caption or comment with the help of your mouse and copy it.

Step:4 Paste the copied comment where ever you want to use it like MS-Word or Notepad.

This is the most easiest and most commonly used method by Instagram users for copying Instagram bio, captions and comments. It is the simplest method and no other method could be this much easy and effective. Here you don’t have to download and install any third party app in this method. And it is 100% safe as well.


Using Instagram Mods 

With the help of Instagram mods we can easily copy comments and captions from someone’s post and can post anywhere.

There are many Instagram mods available for both platforms IOS as well as android such as YoInstagram, GB Instagram, OGInsta or Instagram Plus. But these applications are not available on Google play store or Apple store. We have to download it from our browsers in the APK format.

So by following these simple steps you can easily download Instagram mods and can copy your favourite comments :

Step:1 Uninstall the official Instagram app from your device and also allow unknown sources from settings to get the app installed.

Step:2 Now download any of the mod version of Instagram with the help provided links.

Step:3 Click on the APK file to install the app and provide all permissions.

Step:4  Now go to the Modded app of Instagram and simply sign in with your username and password.

Step:5 Tap or long press on the comment you want to copy and click on the COPY option.

Step: 6 Paste the copied comment where ever you want to use it. 

GB Instagram


Instagram Plus 

These are the best Instagram mods to copy comments. And moreover these APK mods provides you many other amazing features that you will love to use for sure. These are free apps available on both android devices and also on IPhone and are totally safe to install and use.


Using the specific apps for copying Instagram comments 

We can also copy bios, comments & captions on Instagram with the help of specific applications available on play store especially to copy these comments . The application we will talk about here is the “Universal Copy” App. This is the best app for copying Instagram comments available on Google Play Store and it is totally secure to use.

Download and Install Universal Copy App on your device from play store. You should definitely install this app and should give all access and permissions on your phone as it is 100% safe.

So, without any further delay I will tell you step by step how to install and use the Universal Copy App so that from now onwards you can easily copy best Instagram captions and comments quickly.

Step 1-  Install the Universal Copy App on your device first from Google play store. 

Step 2- Allow the app all permissions and access to your device for best use. It will ask for storage, screen recording and few more permissions.

Step 3- When you are done with this then open the app to launch. Then a notification from Universal Copy will automatically come on the notification panel of your phone to ease the copy process, so that you don’t need to open the app again and again. Which will always be there till you have this app on your device.

Step 4- Now open your Instagram app and find the post from where you want to copy comment or caption.

Step 5- Swipe down your Notification panel & tap on the Universal Copy notification to access the Copy mode.

Step 6- Tap or long press on the comment or caption that you want to copy. Now with the help of your fingers select the part that you want to copy. Click on the Copy button present on the right side of the screen.

Step 7- Paste the copied comment where ever you want to use it.

IPhone users can also copy comments on Instagram?

Yes, IOS or IPhone users can also copy comments, bios and captions on Instagram by copying URL and pasting it on the web browser. Also they can download Instagram APK mods. These are free to install and absolutely safe to use. Moreover they can also install the app discussed in this article.


In this article we got to know about the three best methods to copy the comments and captions from Instagram, which are copying comments using a web browser, using Instagram mods and at last with the help of any third party app like Universal Copy app. Moreover these methods are 100% safe. So from now onwards you will be able to copy your favourite content from someone’s post very easily. You all have also noticed that these methods are very easy to use. No other method can be more effective than what we discussed here. Also, tell your friends about these amazing tricks and effective hacks. So that they can also take advantage of this amazing feature of copying the Instagram comments. Also ReadHow to Get Successful On Instagram | The Best Instagram Success Guide

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