How to Download Instagram Stories Online?

Each and every single user of Instagram knows that photos and videos that we upload on our Instagram story is visible only for 24 hours. 

So, users often keep complaining that Instagram should provide us a feature of downloading stories as daily they came across many funny or some interesting stories that they want to download and want to post on any of the social media app like Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp but it is not possible for them as Instagram is not working on providing such a feature to its user. 

However if you want to download your story in your phone gallery, it is possible by taping or clicking on the “save” button of each and every single story. Also Instagram automatically saves all the photos and videos of your story in archive column of your profile from where you can see your story anytime and also you can add it into highlights of your profile. But it is not possible in case you want to download the story of some other person. 

As for images you can take screenshots to download the photos in your phone gallery but videos cannot be captured by taking a screenshot. So for this users usually have to download third party application through which they can easily download the stories of their friends and of their favourite stars and celebrities. Moreover there are many such applications are available on Google play store and Apple store but these story saving apps take a lot of space on user’s device. 

So I came up with the solution for you all through which you will be able to download anyone’s story on your device very easily and that too online without installing of any third party app. There are many such websites through which you can download stories online. Some of the very popular and most effective are StoryDownloader, Weynstag, StoriesIG, StorySaver and Zasasa. 

However each of this website works similarly as you just have to simply paste the profile’s URL of a particular person or enter the username. And all the stories that a particular person has posted within 24 hours will be showed to you in front of your screen from where you can download any photo or a video in different qualities on your device. All these online websites are absolutely free and safe to use. Just you have to click or tap on the download button. 

Today I will tell you step by step how to download anyone’s story using one of these sites online without installing any third party app. But one thing more, always keep in mind that never do the misuse of someone’s content. 

How to Download Instagram Stories Online- Step by Step Instructions

How to Download Instagram Stories Online?

So following are the steps through which you will be able to download stories using Zasasa. I have chosen Zasasa as just an example but you can download it from StoryDownloader, Weynstag, StoriesIG or StorySaver. As all websites are exactly same in functioning and working. So without any further delay let’s just dive right into it…

STEP:1 Open the browser of your PC or mobile and visit to the site Zasasa

STEP:2 Once the official website of Zasasa is opened, paste the profile URL of the particular profile whose story you want to download by copying it from it’s profile. You will find the “Copy Profile URL” option by clicking on the three dot icon present on the user’s profile.

STEP:3 Doing this will show you all stories that a particular person has posted within 24 hours in front of your screen. So just find and select the particular story that you want to download by simply scrolling down.

STEP:4 Then you can select the size of the photo or a video according to its quality in which you want to download it. 

STEP:5 Simply download the file then and you are done.


So, this is everything about how to download Instagram stories online. Hope you like this article. If you still have any query related to this post, you can ask us via the comment section given below. We will try to answer as soon as possible. You can also read about the best Instagram mods. These mods are popular worldwide and offers amazing features to its users.

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