How to Download Instagram Stories on PC {Easy Methods to Save Story}

Instagram is a great social media application with lots of features that are available to us. This is one of the most used application with over 250 million downloads. Instagram can also be used for reasons other than enjoyment. This can also be used as the fertiliser for the growth of new upcoming businesses, make a name for their brand, a place for entrepreneur to reach out to people and similar reasons. 

This is not only an application for chatting, it also allows one to post stories and photos and videos. The story feature, which was adopted from snapchat was a great hit and was loved by everyone. The story feature allows users to post pictures and videos of themselves on their status, which remains there for 24 hours, After 24 hours it automatically gets removed from your status. The videos posted can be of any length, but it gets fragmented into a number of fragments each of 15 seconds. 

The stories can only be seen for 24 hours but can be seen forever, if one downloads it. Read forward to know how to download these stories. This would be a useful way to store videos or photos that one likes for later use. So read forward for the steps on how to download the stories on pc. 

How to Download Instagram Stories on PC {Easy Methods to Save Story}
Download Instagram stories on pc

How to download stories on PC?

Downloading the stories of a few people is very easy and comprises only a few simple steps. To download Instagram stories on pc first you need to visit a few websites on your device, either of the websites we’ve mentioned below will do the trick:


This is an easy to use and simple application for downloading stories from Instagram. Only requirement for using this application to download stories is the username. After putting in the username, of whose story you want to download, with this you will get the profile and a few stories. After this you can select the stories that you like and want to download and can download it.


Unlike the previous tool this requires the profile URL of the person, whose story you want to download. Finding profile URL is quite easy, all one needs to do is visit profile and you will get the profile URL on your browser. Just copying the Url and putting it into the url bar will help you. This will fetch all the stories of that user and you can select what you like. 


So, this is all about how one can download Instagram stories on Pc. Using the above mentioned two sites, one can easily download any story they want without any problem. Hope you like the article. If you still have any query related to the article, you can ask us via the comment section given below. We’ll answer you shortly. Meanwhile, you can also read about the best Instagram mods. These mods are quite popular and offers great features and benefits as compared to the official app.

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