How to Create Instagram Story Effects in 4 Simple Steps?

Being one of the most widely famous app for sharing photos and videos rapidly, Instagram has surely gained immense popularity among the millennials and Someday or the other, the developers of the app keep coming up with different sorts of updates like keeping the story, viewers restrictions, adding close friends and the options of adding filters and more.

With the most recent updates the developers changed the whole concept of editing the photos by remembering all the 14 editing tool options which was used for editing the photographs and now they have eliminated it successfully with the addition to the filter options which also provides convenience and ease to the users and enables custom made filters through which the users are able to increase or decrease the amount of effect of the particular filter which they are choosing by adjusting the levels denoted by numbers. Other than filters, adjusting of some other effects such as hue, temperature, texture, contrast, exposure, shadows etc. are also available. 

The new update has also created a feature like customizing the filters by adjusting different elements and saving them to be used in future. This can be easily done with an option called ‘Create Filter’ where the users can combine and adjust all the features of the stuffs that they want to add in the picture or post and if it comes perfectly, they can use this combination or customized filter again in the future posts. This option of ‘Create Filter’ also enables the users to choose and keep a name for their filter so that they can easily detect them while using it in future.

For the further addition, the users can also customize the tab where all the filters are located and through this they can easily keep the most prefer filters at first and remove the unwanted one or just keep them in the last so that while posting they do not have to search all across the tab to choose the filter matching their mod or preference at that point of time. Other than that if a person wants to keep the photo as it is and does not want editing then there is a normal option in the filter option which is the default option where all the photos are put in the starting while editing, they can just select that option and click on the share option to upload it as it is.

How to Create Fun Instagram Story Effects in 4 Simple Steps
Create Instagram Story Effects

Instagram also provides an option where the user can edit the photo and save it for posting or uploading it in the future. 

While on the other hand if we talk about editing the photos that are put in stories, then the things are quite similar to what is done while posting the normal feeds. All the filters option available while swiping left or right and the user can choose from it.

Steps For Adding Filters

Step 1- Choose a photo or video which you want to post

Step 2- Scroll through the scale where the filters are located

Step 3- Click twice on the filter in order to increase or decrease the effect of the filter

Step 4- If not then you can even customize your own filters as mentioned above.

So this is it, we’ve discussed about the steps on how to create Instagram story effects that arises while using the app for uploading the stuffs.

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