How to Clear Instagram Cache The Right Way On Your Device?

How to clear Instagram cache? 

In a world full of developing technology related innovations, today there are apps for almost every niche. The apps are used for various purposes, and each app has its own uses. And as we all know, because of apps, the cache keeps storing things, and as a result, our phones’ storage gets full of them and requires space. Sometimes it is seen that it even makes the phone functions stop or the phone keeps lagging. And if the same thing is happening with your phone as well because of the Instagram cache, then you are definitely at the perfect place where you will get to know about how you can clear your Instagram cache. So, without further ado, let us learn more about it.

The Best Way to Clear Your Instagram Cache

One of the best ways to get the Instagram app cache cleared is the one and only option of Clear cache,” which you can get outside of the Instagram app. Simply put, there is no other exceptional option given to you by the official Instagram app for clearing up the Instagram cache, and that’s why people often get confused about it and keep searching for an option that does not even exist. The Instagram app could add this option in the future, but no one knows the exact time. Till then, I have an idea for you. Yes! You heard it correctly! The idea is simple and straightforward, which you can easily use to clear up your Instagram cache. Let’s talk about it in detail.

How to Clear Instagram Cache The Right Way On Your Device

 A suggestion for removing the Instagram cache

The notion is to clear the app using the settings of your Android phone. In simpler words, you need to follow the below mentioned steps to get your Instagram app cache cleared:

Step 1- Open your phone’s menu and find the Instagram app. 

Step 2- Do not open it. Simply hold on to it and you will be directed to its settings.

Step 3- Now, after scrolling to the end, you will see two different options (one will be for clearing data, and the other one you will get to see will be for clearing cache). 

Step 4- Click on the option to clear the cache. 

Step 5- Your app cache will be cleared. 

Note: Avoid clicking on the option to clear data. The reason for saying this is that if you clear the data, even by mistake, then your login ID and password for the Instagram account will be cleared, and on top of that, if you don’t remember the password for your Instagram account, then you will have to go through a good long process of resetting your password through your Gmail account or your Facebook account. So, if you don’t want to go through this time-consuming process again, don’t clear your data. Instead, simply clear your data, and your cache will be cleared.

Is it important to clear Instagram cache? 

Yes. It is important to clear the cache of Instagram. After clearing the cache, which contains automatically downloaded pictures or posts, your Instagram will keep working smoothly. So it’s better to clear the cache and enjoy the smooth experience already. 


So this was all about clearing the cache of the Instagram app. For the best experience, you should keep clearing the cache on a frequent basis.

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