The Best Time To Post On Instagram App In 2021

Best time to post on Instagram

Are you also wondering what’s the best time to post on Instagram and how to attract a larger number of audience? If yes, then here you are exactly where you should be. We should always consider the best time to post on Instagram and for that we have to find out the best time to post on Instagram plus the average best times to post on Instagram. This is what this article is all about. In today’s article we are going to cover the best time to post on Instagram because depending on what time in the day you post, is really going to change how you gain your initial engagements.

The first hour of posting on Instagram will really have an impact on how your posting eventually does. So make sure you post at the right hour. Furthermore this is totally different from account to account. Here you will get to know how to find out exactly when to post contents and what day what time for your account is most suitable. Without further ado let’s talk about all these interesting Instagram things.

Why Should We Consider The Best Time to Post on Instagram

Why Should We Consider The Best Time to Post on Instagram?

The answer to this question of why should we consider the best time to post on Instagram is very simple. By considering the best time to post on Instagram you can know more about your audience time and then you post at the time when audiences are most active, your followers will ultimately increase and your content will get more reach out there. Finding the best time makes your account more good and helps you in increasing followers. It is an important factor to consider while posting stuff. Some people don’t pay much attention to this thing and ultimately they start losing their followers which is of course not good for their account. When you start considering the best time to post on Instagram then traffic is much likely to come by itself. Audience will like this thing and will follow your account. 

There is always a right time to do anything. Whether it’s your day to day life activities or your professional work every single time has one specific time and when you start following everything timely then nothing could beat the smooth flow of your life. Same is with Instagram also! If you want your audience to watch your recent posts and want a good response from them in return then you must find out at what time your audience is most active on Instagram.

And if you are failing to do so then it could lead to less followers on your account. If you know the time when a larger audience comes online on Instagram then you can post at that very time without thinking much. You are more likely to get more and more likes plus it would help you in gaining followers at the same time. For all of this “time” thing you have to be very clear about each and every thing of your audience, if you will not do it in a proper way then it could not work out for you. So the things to consider is- 

  • How we post on Instagram
  • At what time we are posting our contents
  • At what time our audience is most active
  • The demography
  • The location of your audience
  • The country from where your large number of audience belongs etc.

By knowing all these things you can attract a large number of audience to your account plus this simple and interesting thing will make your account gain a large no. of followers. Therefore we should always consider the best time to post on Instagram before posting stuff. This way you can not only make your audience satisfied but also you will start gaining followers to your account. 

How to Find the Best Time to Post on Instagram? 

Finding the best time to post on Instagram is tricky yet simple. Let’s know it in detail- 

  • On your Instagram account, on the top of your page if you press the three lines, there is a thing called Insights. Now let’s know what it actually does and what it means before anything else.
  • When you click on insights, you will see the content option, Activity and an Audience option. 
  • If you click on Audience and scroll all the way down there, you will see the “Followers” written over there. This will tell you when your followers are on Instagram and also you can get to know the timings of your audience.
  • If you go to the “Day” tab, it shows you based on the bluest color which day you should post on. So you can find out the best day plus best time both from here. 

As you could see it depends on your profile. If you have no Insights option into your account whatsoever what you could do is you could post daily and you can choose timing between 12 o’ Clock and 3 o’ clock from analyzing a lot of different accounts that seems to be the best option from what you have seen. However you should know how to actually turn it on. For this follow the following steps given below- 

Step 1- Go to your account that doesn’t have an option of insights and what you are going to do is press the three lines present at the top right side of your page.

Step 2- Now click on the option of settings and then click on the account option from there.

Step 3- Now you will see an option of the business account. 

Step 4- Switch it on.

Step 5- Once you will go through a process of switching to a business account, now it will turn to a business profile. 

So now if you click the three lines again after going back, you will have an Insights option. Obviously you are not going to have anything there right now so you have to give it a little bit of time. Switching to business does not change anything else. It does not gonna change your reach, it does not gonna change how your profile looks; your profile will look exactly the same as before, nothing will change except you will get a little promotion tab and you get that insights tab. So these are two powerful options.

When you go through your insights you could see so many different things, you could see the top locations, the age range, the gender but specifically your “Followers” that is your audience. Hence you can figure it out in a simple and easy way. 

When is The Average Best Time to Post on Instagram?

Usually it depends on the activity status of your audiences. However it is seen that people are more likely to come at 9am to 12am at night and in the afternoon the timing could be 12 o’ clock to 3 o’ clock hence this is the average best time to post on Instagram. So depending on these things one could easily get an idea of the best time to post their stuff for the audience on Instagram. Other ways are to check out on the Insights to get a slight idea about your audience. With the help of the insights feature of Instagram you can easily get to know everything about your audience and from there also you can decide the average best time to post on your Instagram page.

When is The Average Best Time to Post on Instagram- Insta Mods Apk

Basically there is a graph of each and everything related to your audience. You can get to know the location through a graph. Their countries are also mentioned there so you can easily figure out the country from where you are getting the most of the traffic. Therefore it’s a great feature to check out the location of the large no. of audiences. When you click on the cities you will be very clear about it that from where your large number of audience is. Hence this way you will know your target market with the help of the “Top location” feature present on the insights of your Instagram page. 

After doing little scrolling you will see a feature of “Age range”. From here you can know which age range audience checks out your posted contents the most. 

Now below the Age Range, there is another thing which is “Gender”. You can get to know the percentage of men and the percentage of women checking your posts and following your account. 

Now the most important feature option comes that is ” Followers ” – from here you can figure out the exact hours and days when the audience most visits your page and are active at what time. 

From all the above things one could easily figure out the average best time to post on Instagram. 

When is The Best Timing To Post on Instagram For Different Brands? 

In order to understand the activity status of your audience the first thing you can do, as we have already discussed above, is check out the Insights and secondly you can analyze the approach of your competitors. 

After analyzing lakhs of pics of different businesses we can now explain the questions that most of us craved for which is what is the best time to post on Instagram? These businesses helped in solving our problem of this question with the help of the data collection of the past three years. From there they discovered at what time the audiences liked and commented on their posts by posting attractive content. The best time to post on Instagram can vary. It could be Thursday plus Saturday too. So you can post your content on these dates. One thing that you should remember and keep in mind is that it will have no benefit if the contents you are posting is useless. So try posting unique and attractive content at a perfect time. Below we’ve shared best times for different brands to post on Instagram.

Travel and Tourism- From the study, the pics posted between 11 o’ clock and 13 o’ clock got good rates of audience engagement. However the very effective rate of engagement was between 9 o’ clock and 10 o’clock. Monday, Tuesday plus Friday too can be considered as the best week days for the industry of Travel and Tourism.  You should avoid posting contents at the end of the week. And also don’t post stuff after 1. The reason behind avoiding these is just because users are busy at this time so posting contents at these specific times might not be a good option plus time.

Media and entertainment- Timing – 12 o’ clock to 3 o’clock. Week- Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Saturday. The rate of higher rates of engagement is seen at 2 o’clock to 3 o’clock for the entertainment and media. Other most effective timing is 12 o’clock to 1 o’clock. This time users get more attracted to the media and entertainment posts. When users relax after dinner they usually search for the content which is entertaining plus inspiring to them. Posting media and entertainment related contents in the morning might not be a good idea. So try to avoid  posting on this time.

Food and Beverage- The best and effective timing for food and beverage related contents is 12 o clock at Thursday, Friday, plus Saturday. The reason behind this is very simple, it is because this is the lunch time so they would be having lunch at this time thus it makes sense. They might be waiting for some unique interesting content about food and beverage so you should not miss this chance at any cost. Including this as your strategy might help you gain followers and larger audience engagements to your posts. 

Retail- If you have an account of Retail related posts then the best days you can post your products can be Thursday, Tuesday. The Popularity of Retail related posts is greater these days. You can also add posts on Friday. Posting exactly at mid-day might be the best option. Just keep in mind that you don’t start posting it at any time like after or before lunch time.

Professional services- Mainly the best time for posting pro services products vary. You can post on three best days that are Wednesday, Tuesday plus Friday. And the timing you can post is either at 9 o’ clock or 10 o’clock. Best time for publishing content in such professional industries is Wednesday and Friday. Although you can also post on Tuesday too. Educational stuff gets more engagement when it is useful for the audience at the time they are getting ready for their working day.

So you could help them in making their productive day more good by posting good content which is useful to them. However if you are posting education stuff at evening or weekends then this might be bad timing plus not a good idea at all. So post your contents at a time which is really useful for both; the audience and you.

Non- Profit- Best timing for charity brand posts is Tuesday at 4 o’ clock or at 10 o’ clock. Usually at this time users interaction is higher so to attract the users you should try posting at this time. It was seen through a study in 2018, that the very effective timing was 10 o’ clock. Therefore you should post on Friday, Thursday and Wednesday in order to attract users to your contents. Other days might be the bad option and of course not a good idea. So avoid those days.

Non retail E-commerce- Thursday can be seen as the most effective day for E- commerce brand contents. The timing at which you can post is 9 o’ clock and 4 o’ clock respectively. You would notice on your own that in the evening your content gets most likes plus comments. And if you are posting contents during working days or hours your post might not attract a large number of users. So avoid posting on non working hours.

Pharmaceuticals and Health care- The best timing for Pharmaceutical and Health brands is at 9 o’ clock on Sunday plus Wednesday. Fitness related contents get more attention in the morning and audiences also likes to interact with fitness related contents at morning hours. So it is the best idea if you are posting your content at 9 o’ clock in the morning on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. The thing you should avoid is posting contents in the evening because it’s not a good idea to post these stuff in the evening as it might not get traffic at this time.

Personal care- The best timing for personal care brands content is 1 o clock, 2 o’ clock and 3 o’ clock respectively. Best days to post content can be Thursday following Friday. Most effective day to post your content is Wednesday plus Tuesday. If you are posting your contents in the morning then you won’t be able to attract a large number of audience so try to avoid this thing. Whether it’s weekends or it’s morning, you should stop posting contents on these hours. 

Technology- The best days to post Technologies brands can be both Monday and Tuesday. And the perfect timing for posting such content is at 2 o’ clock. Posting at evening might not prove an effective strategy for your brand contents so try to avoid posting on this time.

Education- The best timing for posting Education brands contents is at 4 o’ clock and 5 o’ clock. And the best days to post are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. In all of the three days you can post your educational content but Thursday proves to be more effective and gets interaction with larger audiences because it is a weekday and students will automatically get attracted to your contents on this day. Posting early morning might not be a good idea, hence avoid that. 

Instagram Timing Best Practices 

Instagram timing best practices are as follows- 

  • Tuesday and Wednesday- 9 o’ clock, 1 o’ clock.
  • Thursday and Friday- 12 o’ clock , 3 o’ clock.
  • Tuesday- 4 o’ clock, 10 o’ clock.
  • Wednesday- 9 o’ clock morning.
  • Thursday- 4 o’ clock evening and 9 o’ clock night.
  • Thursday and Sunday- 9 o’ clock.

The Best Time To Post on Instagram For Everyone

The studies and research helps us in understanding everything better and so if we talk about the best time to post on Instagram for everyone it will depend on how you are handling your Insta account, the strategy that you are using to get interaction from a large number of audience, etc. Few tips related to the best time to post on the Instagram for everyone are as follows- 

How to Find the Best Time to Post on Instagram

  1. Target audiences- Checking out the insights of your Instagram page might be the best idea. Not only it will show the activity status of your audiences but also it will show the exact timing of all age groups audiences. You can use this strategy by checking out the time at which most of the audience are active so that you can post your contents accordingly.
  2. Changement- You should always check the activity of audiences twice and each day because there’s not any fixed time of the users habit so constantly checking your schedule you can do much better. Plus other than this you can also assume timing by testing recommendations etc. The content should be effective because only finding the perfect time isn’t gonna help you as nobody likes useless posts so creating good quality contents and at perfect time will help increase your niche and target market.
  3. Content Optimization- Content optimization is also important. You need to create good contents which are of good quality, visuals should be good, hashtag selection should be perfect etc. These things will help you in content optimization through this also you can get good interaction from your audiences.


Now here you go. Now you know the correct information, strategy , planning, ideas and much more. You have also gain the information about the statistics and analytics of your Instagram account. Now you can reach to more people with your amazing contents and can also determine a perfect timing to post with the help of a great feature present on Instagram that we have already read about which is Insights.

With a correct assumption also based on your hypothesis you can post your contents. You also do need to make sure about the days you are posting contents because that’s also necessary when it comes to knowing the daily habit of your target audience. So go ahead and try all these valid ideas to your Instagram page and make it more interactive plus gain followers too.

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