The Best Instagram Tools That Every Marketer Should Have To Grow More

Best Instagram tools (for followers, likes and sales)

Social Media- Two simple words, but contains a vast world within. With the growth in technology and the world, there is an increase in the growth of social media as well. There are various social media platforms used by millions of people worldwide. One of such platforms is Instagram – one of the most famous social media platforms.

People use Instagram for various purposes. Some may use it for fun (posting glimpses of their life), some may use it for making friends (or connecting with friends), and some for business purposes (promoting themselves, their business, or perhaps their products) and whatnot. The uses of Instagram are never-ending.

Using Instagram is easy, however, maintaining it is quite difficult. You may think that uploading pictures/videos and stories in Instagram will do your work of gaining followers, likes and increment in sales. However, it is not true in most cases. Thus, a question may arise in your mind, as for, how to manage our Instagram handle? 

Well, if you do it properly, maintaining an Instagram handle effectively is possible. To do that, you will have to ensure that you are uploading good photos/videos and stories as well that can keep your followers interested in you. Moreover, an Instagram handle having good photos/videos might also attract some new followers and get extra likes on your posts as well. It may thus help you to increase your engagement rates which might be quite beneficial for your business. 

Instagram tools for enhancing posts- InstaModsApk

Maintaining a schedule for your account and its activities is important as well. If you post irregularly or not come in contact with your followers in time, it may lead to a loss of your existing followers and in this way, there will be no scope for new followers, which in turn will lead to decrement to you Instagram handle, your followers, likes and even your business as a whole.

For doing the above mentioned stuff, you will need some Instagram tools that are made for handling your Instagram account efficiently. The articles consists of information regarding the tools for making your Instagram (and your business through it) better than before. Thus, you can rest assured and read the article for gaining knowledge about various Instagram tools for making your posts better, managing your Instagram business, managing your schedule in Instagram and whatnot. In such a way, you can become an Instagram pro in no time and increase your flowers, likes and even sales if you are doing business through Instagram.

Why You Should Use Instagram Tools?

Using Instagram tools are a great way of promoting your Instagram account and business. Using Instagram tools may result in the growth of your engagement rate as more people will interact with your account. It is all because Instagram tools can help to enhance your account by using various methods for managing your account. There are different types of Instagram tools for different purposes. Some Instagram tools can help your account look better to attract more followers, some tools can help you to promote your account so that your followers and sales may increase and some tools can help you to schedule your Instagram activities and analyse your Instagram account. All these are quite essential especially when you are taking your business to Instagram.

You can use Instagram tools to enhance pictures and videos that you post on Instagram. It can thus make your account more attractive so that you can get more likes and followers and recognition by people as well.

Thus, Instagram tools might come in handy a lot whether it is to promoting your account for fun or promoting your business on Instagram. Such tools are helpful for gaining likes, follows and even sales on Instagram easily and quickly.

Instagram Tools For Enhancing Posts

While showcasing your business through your Instagram accounts, you need to focus on maintaining a healthy account. Only then you will be able to achieve success. But, how can you maintain a healthy Instagram account? Well, for that purpose, your posts needs to be appealing to your customers. To do that, you can use some Instagram tools that can help you to enhance your Instagram posts. For your convenience, some of the tools are listed below:

Instagram tools for promotional purposes- InstaModsApk

  • Quik

Quik is an incredible application for editing purposes. GoPro developed Quik so that users can gain benefits of having a video editor and player with incredible features. You can thus film various contents for your Instagram uploads through Quik. Moreover, you can also import videos on it easily as even that is not a problem for you here.

It has incredible features, some of which include- detecting faces in images, videos and clips, making automatic cuts in video clips, cropping contents manually, and even adding music to such contents.

Available on: iOS/ Android.

  • Rookie Cam

When uploading pictures on your Instagram, you need to make sure that those pictures are worth posting. Thus, you can add filters to the pictures or videos that you are posting on Instagram with the help of a tool, Rookie Cam. It is an incredible tool that can make your ordinary camera more advanced so that your pictures and videos are epic. It can thus help you to attract more audience to your account.

Rookie cam has incredible features which include- adding filters, effects, creating collages, editing pictures/videos and whatnot. It is an all-in-one app for editing and enhancing your photos/videos and creating collages.

Available on: iOS/Android.

  • Ask Lisa

Now, even after editing pictures and videos to post on your Instagram account, you can still get confused as for which picture or video is the best one to upload. Well, no worries regarding that as well. Ask Lisa is such an incredible tool through which you can compare pictures and then decide which one to post.

It uses an AI photo recognition software to decide which picture is the best out of the ones that you have selected. You can select photos up to 5 and then Ask Lisa will decide which one you can post.

Available on: iOS and Android.

  • GIPHY Cam

Why only post videos and pictures when you have to opportunity to post GIFs as well? Nowadays, Gifs are in trend and can attract viewers, thus you can post Gifs on your account so that you can get more views, likes and even followers if they love your Gifs.

GIPHY Cam has an easy function where you can directly record gifs on the app and enhance those gifs in the app itself. You can edit the gifs that you create, and add effects to it as well.

Available on: iOS/Android.

Instagram Tools For Promotional Purposes

Now, for the success of your business, you need to promote it as well so that more people can know about your business more. But how is it possible? Well, here comes Instagram tools that you can use for promotional purposes. Such tools can help you to advertise and make your business more active. Some of the tools for promotional purposes are as follows:

  • FourSixty

You need some means to promote your business on Instagram. You cannot solely depend on your posts or stories for such purposes. Thus, FourSixty comes to the rescue. It is an incredible Instagram tools through which you can help your customers in getting benefits of your business more. 

FourSixty is such a tool through which you will be able to turn your Instagram account into a proper business account. It means that you can make your Instagram into galleries of your business or shoppable galleries. Now, it will be a benefit for you if your business is related to clothing, accessories, jewelleries and whatnot.

Available on: All Platforms

  • Facebook for Business

One of the most incredible advantages for you is the integration of Facebook and Instagram. Now, with this integration, you can even use Facebook for Instagram promotional purposes. It means that through Facebook Power editor, you will be able to create Facebook ads and turn them into Instagram ads. Moreover, you can even filter those ads as per your needs and audience. It is one of the best applications that you can use for promoting your business on Instagram through ads.

Available on: All platforms

  • Shorby

Now, to promote your business, driving traffic is a necessary aspect. There are various tools that you can use to do that. One of such tools is Shorby. Through Shorby, you can create a link profile that can benefit you in various ways. With such a link profile, you will be able to drive traffic to your business or website and even your account.

Instagram Tools For Instagram Analytics

Now, after all the efforts that you put in creating your Instagram business account and managing it, you would want efficient results. But, how will you be able to see if your efforts are paying off or not? Well, there are tools for analytics through which you can analyse your account, its engagements rates, whether it is growing or not, and all such aspects. Some of the analytics tools for Instagram are as follows:

  • Sprout Social

Sprout Social is such a tool that can come in handy a lot for various reasons. It contains incredible content scheduling and publishing tools that will be of benefit for you. Moreover, analysing your Instagram account is effectively possible through Sprout Social. You can now perform in-depth Instagram analytics with the help of Sprout Social and even manage your account effectively with it. You can thus track your Instagram posts, engagement rates, and a detailed report regarding the same. 

Moreover, you can also monitor hashtags and comments which you can use to your benefits and even compare your success rates to that of your rivals.

Available on: Web, iOS and Android

  • Iconosquare

Another analytics tool for Instagram is Iconosquare. It is a great way to manage and analyse your Instagram account efficiently. You can now check out your content’s performance on Instagram and whether your efforts are paying off or not through Iconosquare.

It has incredible features through which you can compare your performance with your competitors, track your engagement data and rates related to followers and likes, get your audience’s statistics, and analyse how your posts and stories are putting into effect.

Available on: Android, iOS, and web.

  • SocialRank

Like Iconosquare, SocialRank is also an analytics tool for Instagram that you can use easily. Thus, you don’t have to worry about not knowing your performance on Instagram.  You can now keep an eye on the data related to your account and followers through SocialRank. It is one of the best Instagram analytics tools that you can get your hands on nowadays. 

It has incredible features through which you will be able to track your account’s progress and even control your followers. Thus, you will be able to know who is following and whether you are following them back or not. You can even check out your account’s influence through SocialRank. It is a perfect tools for increasing your followers.

  • Awario

Lastly, one of the best tools for analysing and monitoring your Instagram account is Awario. Using such a tool can help you grow your business more and maintain your account more efficiently.

It has excellent features which includes – tracking mentions, monitoring your competitors, keywords/hashtags tracking and getting information from email.

Moreover, you can grow your business efficiently directly through the application and find more opportunities for the same purpose. Apart from that, you can also connect to new influencers through Awario tool.

Instagram Tools For Instagram Management

Managing your Instagram efficiently is one of the best ways to mark your presence over the internet. Now, thinking about posting and even listing out the things that you will be posting is not as difficult as scheduling the times for posting is as some reasons may arise and you may not be able to post. Thus, for that purpose, you can use scheduling and managing tools for Instagram. Some of the tools for Instagram management are as follows:

Why you should use Instagram tools- InstaModsApk

  • Hootsuite

Managing your Instagram account can be quite tough considering the rate of success you want to achieve. Thus, the best way to do so is using a tool for such purposes. Now, when talking about such tools, Hootsuite comes to mind. It is one of the most efficient social media management tools that you can get nowadays.

It has incredible features through which you can grow your business incredibly on Instagram. Some of its features include – scheduling Instagram posts in advance so you don’t have to worry about posting it on time, and getting notification about the posting times.

Available on: iOS, Android, and Web.

  • Sked

Another scheduling tool for Instagram is Sked. You can use it to your heart’s content effectively to manage your Instagram account. It is more than just an ordinary scheduling tool. It contains more features such as – photo editing, scheduling based on web browsers, uploading more photos at once through scheduling and whatnot.

Through its scheduling features, managing your Instagram account is much easier and you will not have to remind yourself every now and then to post stuff on your account. You are also able to edit and enhance your pictures in Sked before uploading then which makes it a two-in-one tool for managing your Instagram account.

Available on: iOS/Android/Web

  • Buffer

Another scheduling and account managing tool that you can rely on is Buffer. It is a social media scheduling tool that you can use for other social media accounts as well. You can use it from both mobile and computer/PC effortlessly with its incredible user-interface. You can thus begin preparing your posts from any platforms you want and it will be posted on your account easily. 

Apart from scheduling posts, you are also able to schedule Instagram stories, make your business grow, and even get analysis data on your account with Buffer. It is an all-in-one tool that is ought to come in handy for the growth of your account as a whole.

Available on: All Platforms.

  • Sendible

Sendible is one of the best Instagram management tools that you can use effectively without any delays. You can also use it for managing your other social media accounts easily. It offers you the opportunity to schedule videos and images to your Instagram account without any hassle.

It has incredible features which include- scheduling post’s times, add posts to queue for posting at different times, recycling posts, drag/drop posts from a calendar and includes a report builder as well.


Overall, getting likes, followers and sales growth on Instagram is quite easy but a proper maintenance is necessary for such purpose. Also, you need patience, you cannot expect your account to grow incredibly overnight. 

Instagram is an incredible platform to showcase your business and can even provide you with excellent engagement rate if your account is attractive. One more thing is that you need to be consistent with your account and your posts. You should also focus on your performance, compare your past’s and present’s performance, performance between you and your rivals, check statistics and data of your account, check engagement rate, see which posts are more effective and plan accordingly. 

Although you can do all that within the Instagram itself, but you can use Instagram tools for better results. Instagram tools can come in handy for a variety of reasons. First, Instagram tools helps you to maintain your account properly and schedule times for posting, second, it helps you to keep track of your account, thirdly, it helps you to promote your business and many more.

To say it more directly, Instagram tools can help you to increase your followers, likes, sales and even audience. It has a greater feature especially if you are new to your business. There are different types of Instagram tools for the growth of your Instagram handle. There are tools for promotional purposes, tools for managing your account, tools for enhancing your posts and even tools for analyzing your Instagram data/account.

Thus, if you are looking for a way, as for, how to grow your Instagram or Instagram Business? Then you are at the right place. This article consists of almost all the aspects you need to keep in mind and tools to use for the increment of your Instagram followers, likes and sales.

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