How to Amplify Instagram Influencer Campaigns with Ads

Amplify Instagram Influencer campaigns with ads

Are you collaborating with an Instagram influencer? Well working with Instagram influencers might be one of the best ways to promote your business. Sponsored Instagram posts or stories made for you by Instagram influencer’s helps in getting out of the box and amplify your Instagram which in turn amplifies your business as well. Instagram influencer campaign can be quite beneficial for you. It is because their already existing followers can put all their trust on you. Moreover, you reach an audience will be more than it normally is and your awareness will increase as well. It will also benefit your future opportunities as well? This is one of the best ways that you can start your business.

All this is a great way for your promotion but is it enough? Well, when it comes to Instagram influencer campaigns, everything regarding the promotion of your brand or business is in the hands of the influencers. You won’t be able to select what to post, edit the text, or even write anything. This can be annoying sometimes. For this purpose, you will need to take things on your hands. But how will you do that? Well it is pretty simple, you can use ads. 

Ads are the best way through which you can amplify your Instagram.  As ads can reach those audience as well who are not your followers which means that new audience will get to know you.

How to Amplify Your Instagram Influencer Campaign With Ads

Now, when you get to know that ads are the best way to amplify your Instagram influencer campaigns a question may arise on your mind. How to amplify your Instagram influencer campaigns with ads? Since you are working with Instagram influencers on your campaigns, want to amplify the same. Often people may think that it is easier said than done. But that is not the case here. Amplifying your Instagram influencer campaigns with ads are pretty easy if you know the way. No worries if you don’t know how to do that because this article will cover all the aspects that you need to know regarding amplification of Instagram influencer campaigns with ads.

Why do you use ads for amplifying Instagram influencer campaigns?

Now you must be thinking what the role of ads in this matter is. How will ads amplify or Instagram influencer campaigns. Well Ads can help a lot regarding this matter. Ads Are the most reliable ways of amplifying Instagram influencer campaigns. There are variety of reasons why ads will benefit you a lot which are as follows:

Reach of audience

The reach of audience is not that much if you post anything or even through Instagram influencer campaigns. Ads are those through which you can increase the reach of your content. Through ads, you can easily reach those audience who were not even following or with those who you don’t have any engagement. Reaching a known audience and wide range of audience is easier with the help of using ads.

Facebook ads integration

Facebook ads the best way of promoting business. There are variety of options through which you can customize and personalize the ads for your campaigns. Moreover it has a variety of formats and capabilities through with you can create any type of ad you want. Now you would be thinking what it has to do with Instagram ads. Well Instagram ads are integrated with Facebook ads so that whatever you do with Facebook ads you can do on Instagram ads as well. This can benefit you a lot in creating customized campaign or add as per your choice.

Instagram influencer campaigns alone cannot always be enough

There are times when Instagram influencer campaigns cannot meet your expectations. Even if they have a large number of followers, how do you know if their engagement rate is good or not. It’s not always that if they have a large number of followers, you will be benefited. This is the reason why you should use ads for such campaigns. Because no matter who your influencer is, ads will benefit you and live up to your expectations.

How to choose the best influencer for your campaigns?

One of the best way to amplifying your business or brand is through Instagram. And how can you do that on Instagram? Well, you can take the help of Instagram influencer campaigns, it is one of the most reliable ways to promote your account or brand or business. But for that purpose, you cannot just rely on any Instagram influencers that you see. There are certain aspects that you have to keep in before choosing an influencer. 

Your objectives

The first thing that you need to ensure is your objectives for amplifying your account. You should ensure whether you want it to increase awareness regarding your brand or your account, for selling your product, or just to increase the followers on your account. Once you know these objectives, you can select that influencer who is perfect for set specific objectives.


The Instagram influencers needs to be of the similar interest as that of what you are going to promote. There should be similarity between you and the Instagram influencers that you choose. Otherwise how will it benefit you if their audience like something else and what you are doing? So first ensure that you and Instagram influencer business or brand has common interests or at least it aligns.

Engagement of audience

You can see Instagram influencers having a large number of followers. But reality can be deceptive sometimes. You will be thinking how? Well don’t you think that the follower’s rate can be manipulated? Of course it can be. Even if it is not manipulated, not all the followers will be genuine. You can check the followers and post like ratio of the account. You can check out the comments of the influencer’s accounts. If you observe properly you will get to know how many of engagers are genuine and how many are not.

Why you should rely on Instagram influencers for your campaigns?

There are certain reasons for which you can rely on Instagram influencers for your campaigns. Through Instagram influencers you can get the benefit to amplify your campaigns.

How to Choose The Best Influencer For Your Campaigns

Increase Awareness

You can increase the awareness regarding your Instagram ID Instagram influencer campaigns. As Instagram influencers have a large number of audiences your awareness is more likely to increase. With the help of their campaigns, a large number of audience get to see your work which you cannot actually get if you don’t get the help of Instagram influencers. Thus for increasing awareness of your content, you need the help of Instagram influencers Campaigns.

Affordable yet reliable

Instagram influencers pretty much affordable if you ask. You don’t have to pay a large sum of money to get help from Instagram influencers. But of course it may depend on them as well. The payment of influencers depends on different factors. They may have fixed fees or may alter the fees regarding various aspects which includes engagement rate and the reach of the account. If you are a beginner, you should start with micro Instagram influencer accounts as they are more affordable than that of large instagram influencers.

Increasing engagement rate

The rate of engagement on your accounts can increase with the help of Instagram influencers. If the engagers of that account likes the stuff they see about your account, then they will definitely check out your account and your campaigns. This in turn would increase the engagement rate of your account or business.

How to amplify your Instagram influencer campaign using ads?

This is one of these Frequently Asked Questions nowadays regarding brands and business. People often want to amplify their business Instagram influencer campaign. But what is the role of ads in it and what is the way to use ads for it?

Following are the ways through which you can amplify your Instagram influencer with ads

Using Facebook ads

You can easily create ads to amplify or Instagram influencer campaigns with the help of Facebook ads as they have more customization options. This is why it will be the best way to use ads.

Custom audience

Before creating an ad, you need to ensure the audience who would be able to see the ad. This thing can be done by your influencer. But before that how will you ensure which type of audience you would need. Well, even if your influencer has a large number of followers, you cannot create ad on the follower basis. You need those audience who engage regularly with the influencer which includes those who have messaged your influencers regularly, those who have liked the post or saved it frequently, and those who usually comment on the influencers post and visit their page on Regularly. You can select all these things from Facebook ads.

Creating custom audience

You can ask your influencer to do this for you.

  • Open Facebook ads manager.
  • Click on create audience.
  • Select custom audience from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on Instagram account from the options.
  • Add people to your audience – you can select everyone who engage with your professional account and then select the days.
  • Then you can save it.

Getting your custom audience 

You can then ask your influencer to give you the custom audience

  • Open Facebook ads manager.
  • Select custom audience that they created.
  • Click on the share button.
  • Share with an ad account owned by another business.
  • Enter the account ID where it needs to be shared.

Create Instagram ads

After you have done all this, you can use the custom audience that the influencer gave you to create ads. You can now select on the reach options during creating campaign. Once you do that you can select from a variety of options regarding what type of audience you want. You can select the age group of your audience, their gender, their interest and what not. This way you will get to reach exactly that ordeals which you need to amplify your campaigns. In this order, not only will your ads reach certain audience, it will also reach those who frequently engage with your influencers. Letting your ads reach those loyal viewers or audience will more likely be beneficial for you.


It can thus be said that’s one of the best ways to amplify your Instagram influence campaign is by using ads. You can use ads for any of your campaigns purposes. Whether you want to increase your followers, increase the awareness of your brand or business, or sell any products that you want, all this can be done if you take some help of ads. People nowadays wants to amplify their campaigns and their business so that they can reach success. And the road to success in Instagram influencer campaigns is ads. Obviously Instagram influencer campaigns would already help you but ads may help as well.

People often get confused as for how can ad help. Well it is simple, ads helps in creating awareness regarding you or your business. Instagram ads can be personalized and customized as per your requirements, you can choose your audience and mostly those who engage with similar matters as yours.

Not only does it help you but Instagram influencer campaigns also helps you to amplify your business or brand. But what is more is that the combination of Instagram influencer campaigns and ads are marvelous. These two together can take you to the top.

Thus, amplifying your Instagram influencer campaign with ads is pretty easy. Hope this article helps you in choosing the best influencer. Feel free to ask if you have any query. Meanwhile, you can also read about best Instagram mods for you that offers more features in comparison to official app.

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