How to Add Question Sticker on Instagram Story?

Instagram has emerged as a leading Social Networking site that has been owned by one of the top Social Networking site itself i.e. Facebook

But still there are quite interesting features which gives it a separate identity and a huge fan base.

Such features includes- uploading stories by adding stickers, filters and GIFs, Posting or uploading photos or videos by applying customizable filters and many more.

Here, we will discuss about some one of the basic query on how to add question sticker on Instagram story.

Instagram developers always come up with so many different and creative ideas to make the platform interactive. Each time user updates the app the each time they receives a gift by the creative team of the application that can be in the form of the different options, features or filters and any other editing tool. Once the developers came with the idea of adding stickers and GIFs to the story and that became a trendy stuff to do and now they have added a more creative version of making an interactive session between the users of the platform when it enables the users to put up the story by selecting their choice of photos or videos supported by the latest trendy ‘ask me a question’ sticker.

How to Quickly Add Question Sticker on Instagram Story- InstaModsAPK
add question sticker on instagram
  • The users can easily get the access to the stickers by going to the spot of uploading stories and choosing any photo or video which they want to be posted along with the question sticker.
  • Then what they have to do is, just swipe upward and there will be a lots of sticker options enabled and from there they can choose.
  • While in few cases where it is not there then people can directly search in the search bar while uploading the story.
  •  The question sticker can also be altered or customized by adding or removing some of the words and people can easily reply to it on the Direct Message box of the person uploading the story. 
  • The responses which the person received can also be shared through uploading it in the story.

In addition, People can also add other captions, emoticons, hashtags or GIFs along with the question sticker in order to express themselves in a better way and as like a normal story, users could easily keep a track of the people viewing it for at least 24 hours. But due to the changes made in the application, users can not see the viewers of the story after it disappearing from the story section even though if they add it in the highlights section of their profile. You can also read about best Instagram Mods Apk and How to copy Instagram comments – Latest tricks and hacks.

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