How to Add Polls on Instagram- Step by Step Instructions For Adding Polls

First let’s know about the meaning of Poll. You might have heard about the elections voting, there polling is done and votes are cast. Polling is done for getting the information of the no. of votes. However, if we talk about Instagram polls, then it is also known for collection of votes about some certain topics. It is like doing a survey and then getting results. Or also you can ask different types of questions and put on your stories of your Instagram by creating a poll. Your followers can only do vote, not other than your followers if your Instagram is switched to private mode. But if your Instagram account is set to public access then other people who are not following you, can also do vote if they see your story. It’s just a matter of Privacy. 

For what purpose polls are use

The purpose of poll features is to know about your followers opinions or views about something, it may be related to any topic in whichever you want to know the opinions of your followers. Polling is also done for building a good relationship with your customer followers on your account, if your Instagram account is related to some business and it’s a good way to handle your account because it creates a bonding between you and your customers. 

For business purpose, Instagram stories poll stickers plays a great role. By putting pole stickers of some products, you would be able to get to know about your customers Preferences of any product, and by this you could get a feedback. By asking questions through polling stickers, you can easily engage your customers in giving feedbacks of the products. And one thing that makes it more interesting is sharing the results of the poll. Audiences would like to see the results so don’t forget to share it too. 

How to Use Polls in Instagram Stories- Step by Step Methods

Now, let’s know that how to create or add this amazing poll feature on your Instagram. 

How to Add Polls on Instagram?

Let’s come straight to the point to get an information for adding polls. First you have to upload a photo or a video, only after then you can add poll. So, knowing further in steps would be better, simple and easy to understand.

Step 1- Update your Instagram.

Step 2- Now, you have to go to stories section that is present on the top most side of your Instagram.

Step 3- Now, tap on the arrow type sign present in the feed ( Top Right ).

Step 4-  After adding any photo or video on your story, Swipe up. You will see polls there beside the sticker of hashtag.

Step 5-  Now, after tapping on polls, you have to write your question whatever you want to ask.

Step 6-  There is also an edit option for polls when you click on it.

Step 7-  Now you can post your poll story. 

You can also know more about interactive Instagram polls by checking in Instagram Help Center. 

So this is it. Using the steps mentioned above one can easily create and add polls on their Instagram account.

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