How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Stories with Instagram Layout?

Instagram always tries to keep its users happy by giving them with amazing updates. Usually when users want to share multiple photos on their story, they simply add all the photos on their Instagram stories individually on different screens. Due to which the story becomes too long and people get bore very soon and do not watch the full story till end.

Also if some users want to add their multiple photos on Instagram Story, they usually have to download a third party app to make the collage or something like that. 

But now Instagram has introduced this amazing feature of adding or sharing of multiple photos on a single screen. It came up with the name Layout. And using this Layout feature one can add up to six photos in a single frame. 

This amazing feature has made the users very much happy as from now onwards they don’t require any third party app for making collage and sharing their multiple photos. It also saves the time of viewers as they are not supposed to watch each and every photo individually on the story from now onwards. 

But in case you are not familiar with this layout feature of Instagram or about how to use this, then do not worry any more as you are at right place now. Because today I will tell you step by step that how you can add multiple photos by applying this layout feature of Instagram. 

How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Stories - Insta Mods APK

How to add multiple photos to Instagram stories with Instagram layout ?

So let’s start now :

Step 1: Firstly open the Instagram application login to your account with your username and password.  

Step 2: After logging into your Instagram account. On it’s home page you will find a small icon of a camera at the top of your home page on the left hand side where “INSTAGRAM” is written. So tap on that camera icon or you can tap on the circular icon of your profile picture with + sign or simply swipe right on the home page of your Instagram account. 

Step 3: By doing this you will be able to add a story on your Instagram account and then by sliding through various story types i.e. normal, layout, rewind, boomerang, create, live and many others, select the “Layout” story option.

Step:4 Select the layout in which you would like to add your multiple photos. It is a kind of collage in which you can add up to six photos.

Step:5 Click your new photos to add them in the layout grid or you can simply select your favourite photos from the gallery to add in the layout grid by taping on each grid.

Step:6 And that’s it. Now share it with your friends and do upload it on your Instagram story.

So this is how one can simple add multiple photos to their Instagram story in simple steps.

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