How to add and share Spotify to Instagram stories?

Spotify is an application that allows people to listen music anytime and anywhere. No matter where you are at the current point of time, you can easily get the access to a wide variety of songs regardless of the genre of the songs and that too for free. Without even costing a single penny people can easily get a numerous of options to ease the usage as the option that the app provides, includes marking a song favorite and creating your own list of the most preferred songs. With Spotify, people can also download some of the music within the app so that if they are facing any sort of interrupted internet, they can easily get access over the pre downloaded sounds available in the download section of the application.

With the expansion of time and increasing market value, the app has been teamed up with several other social networking sites that are widely popular and most frequently used by the people. It is a great marketing strategy for the promotion of the application and Instagram being the top most famous social networking sites which always want to initiate new ideas for the ease of its users has collaborated with Spotify and enables the users to use the songs as their status through the app itself. This has eliminated the old age process where the users had to take screenshots of the songs in order to put that as their Instagram status.

How to add and share Spotify to Instagram stories with sound- InstaModsAPK
Add Spotify to Instagram stories

How to add and share Spotify to Instagram stories?

Below are the step by step guides to put Spotify songs as Instagram story within seconds –

STEP 1 – Open the Spotify app in the phone

STEP 2 – Play the song which you want to put as your Instagram status

STEP 3 – Look for the three dot icon (…) on the upper right hand corner of the app and select the icon once you get it.

STEP 4 – A list showing different options will pop up, from there select the ‘share’ option

STEP 5 – Then yet again a list will pop up and from there tap on the ‘Instagram stories’. From there your Instagram story option will get open with the respective song on the screen.

STEP 6 – Now all you have to do is to tap on the ‘send to’ option and then as usual a list of friends and an icon showing ‘Your story’ will appear and from there you have to finally select ‘share’.

And this is it. Using the steps mentioned above you can easily add and share spotify to Instagram stories.

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